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Steelblue Self Balancing Scooter xi uh, I was wrong still does not work Xiaoyi Yang Zhicuojiugai, yes, go ahead, how I want to punish you. Su Chenxi Big deal, you beat me the next meeting. Xiaoyi Yang You know I could not bear. Su Chenxi That Mr. Montana self balancing scooter Shaw said, how do you do. Xiaoyi Yang If you please remember Miss Su, go back and tell you. Su Chenxi Good deal. Su Chenxi looked up and saw the sky full moon because of drifting clouds become hazy, said Also soared, I ve got the moon, you can see it there too. Xiaoyi Yang What a coincidence, I have here. Su Chenxi There is no clear moonlight, hazy beauty is also good, we see the same moon, and pretend we are orengered self balancing scooter together, also soared, I want you. Xiaoyi Yang Me too. Su steelblue self balancing scooter Chenxi Two months long ah, do not know the time will begin classes next week will not be too little faster. Xiaoyi Yang school to see Miss Su, is the future of the internationally renowned designers. Su Chenxi Remember that time when my assistant, oh. Xiaoyi Yang Of course, Miss Su assistant jobs, competitiveness great, rig.not enough ah, the guy did not come after me, Hey, morning how not to speak. Su Chenxi I heard you say, ah, ah love this respect, I am now in prison, you can not give what you constructive advice. Zhao Xiaojie You have not forgotten Xiaoyi Yang ah, you this looks, what kind of quality ah find thousands and thousands of men, it is not let s change. Su Chenxi forget, so we chose a tree, identified, handsome three thousand, just take one person to recover. Zhao Xiaojie You did not tell the truth, how to count to chase a woman is really troublesome, sleep, good night, pro. Su Chenxi eyes open, think again met with Xiaoyi Yang twice, though lost, but more of a hope, next time, they will once again encounter on campus. Contemplated many times you met with, but when you really meet, did not recognize you. But, fortunately, to finally lightgreen self balancing scooter meet you. Author has to say like years, always wanted to meet you, but afraid to see you, and look forward to tension, always blanchedalmond self balancing scooter co exist. You have such a heart Gradually c.

henxi fell asleep, until the car stopped, steelblue self balancing scooter she did not wake up, to have underground parking, and seems to have arrived, with Xiaoyi Yang She complained how do you not call me miss the road landscape. Xiaoyi Yang In the future can be seen every day, let s go Su Chenxi This mood of the car, Xiaoyi Yang hand holding her suitcase, the other holding her hand, walked into the elevator. Open the door, looked at Su Chenxi promise big living room, and clean windows, said to himself. What is said will, obviously that is the residence of Tyrant I saw the door of the new pink slippers, Su Chenxi heart Dangqi waves sweet. Xiaoyi Yang has come to shut the door behind Su Chenxi, Kansas self balancing scooter she was ready to go to ceiling windows look out of the window before the environment is Xiaoyi Yang pulled, did not react had been leaning against the wall, Xiaoyi Yang covered her mouth lips, crazy twists and turns are a little bit as if devouring her will, he removed her hand bag and put her hands around his waist. Su Chenxi miss a m.laughing, after a moment s absence, her decent replied Last accidentally fell off the peru self balancing scooter stool and fell when the speed is too fast, Zhuojiao leg was scratched. Xiaoyi Yang slight sigh and said How can you be so stupid ah how so careless it all right to climb steelblue self balancing scooter up a stool doing such a great person does not take care of yourself. Su Chenxi grumbles retorted. I was going to put things to bed. Xiaoyi Yang severe, said I do not care what you are because you later allowed so careless, then allowed to dry dangerous thing, hear steelblue self balancing scooter no Although Xiaoyi Yang s face is stern expression, but Su Chenxi laughed, and said. Know it Su Chenxi in mind, though this time he showed unreasonable, but it is so true presence, concern for her, she was staring at him, and felt wronged and bear all the pain are worth of. Each girl has a princess dream, the fantasy of their own Prince Charming appears steelblue self balancing scooter one day, a princess hold, put his own pumpkin carriage, and today she is, there are so few, that is, as being Xiaoyi Yang was holdi.Xuan, has said do not move lying, I come I thought how sad to leave there, but forgot all delicate mood in panic, the front of the car, Su Chenxi said. There are new campus seniors to help us, do not worry. Xiaoyi Yang OK I do not have in the past to help you Su Chenxi No, steelblue self balancing scooter we have so many people together, not too tired, you should go back to solve their own thing. Xiaoyi Yang Well, the new campus to see. Su Chenxi ah, then we go. In the car, looked at Su Chenxi has bow does not gifted Xuan, said. How the overbearing president Xu Yang also immersed in just the momentum of Excellent Xuan How, Freeze said he just wanted to help it. Su Chenxi I have to say he is not to help but do not have a purpose Excellent Xuan You best self balancing scooter 2015 Su Chenxi No way, so I always know everything. Zhao self balancing scooter Xiaojie aside exclaimed how important it is to find a high color steelblue self balancing scooter value and considerate boyfriend ah, you can watch, also can help you swept trivia, good envy you, ah, the dawn. Su Chenxi You say, I am a bit envious of my own ye.

Steelblue Self Balancing Scooter lame, if not met today, he might never know, this is very important for their own people injured, although he not realize that they care about the heart of the Su Chenxi, but he knew that when he looked at her pretending to be a strong person to the university hospital, obviously hurt sweat Wisconsin self balancing scooter and sweat even pretend relaxed, his heart and chaos. See Su Chenxi bleeding wound, his mind was palevioletred self balancing scooter steelblue self balancing scooter slightly startled, but can not do anything for her to relieve her pain, he just wants to stay with her, but was refused. His chagrin muttered Do I really like her In the evening, back to the dormitory excellent Xuan, Su Chenxi told her what happened today, excellent Xuan said steelblue self balancing scooter I do not understand the two of you, he obviously care about you, your feelings but then turn a blind eye, you obviously want him to accompany you, have he or she says. Su Chenxi light, said But he does not like me ah, he cares for me just ordinary friends standing position, I have decided to put him up, but steelblue self balancing scooter it has not done, one day, I w.dry, brush micro Bo, watching TV, or come up with fiction. Su Chenxi looked at his messy desk, decided to give their own living environment to a large order, she had moved to the bench, standing on a stool excess debris will be first on the bed, up and down busy. I heard boom sound of screams and Su Chenxi passed together everyone s ears, my dorm mates have turned steelblue self balancing scooter to see the dawn lying on the ground. Stool slip, Su Chenxi also fell down from the bench, my dorm mates hurried over to help her, she would like to steelblue self balancing scooter take excellent Xuan arms stood up, held out his hand but saw palm full of blood, screamed and asked excellent Xuan you throw where were we Su Chenxi feel whole body hurts, she said. My head hit the floor with her head steelblue self balancing scooter a little dizzy, do not know which throw more serious. Excellent Xuan poke her hair looked, could not find the wound, Su Chenxi also touched the head with the other hand, there was no blood, it seems that is not the head wound. Trevor Nunn and Zhao Xiaojie Su Chenxi quickly to.

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