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South Self Balancing Scooter h him way, reading the content there, she kind of sense of satisfaction in the phone search to that song, right side , accompanied by singing, Su Chenxi fell asleep. A man at home in the afternoon, Su Chenxi designed this on a cold drawn cartoon boys quiet hilltop in front will refreshing woods next to a casual style men s sweater, diamond dotted reveals youthful atmosphere, Su Chenxi in thought, wearing this dress Xiaoyi Yang would like a noble prince. She would also like a good place to look Xiaoyi Yang visited, she wanted to remember any details about him a little, recall will feel as if my heart with the sun, leray self balancing scooter balance motion meet and warm. Probably every girl crush a first experience will have such feelings, insist others do not understand the behavior, only they understand, because I like you, so are you in my heart. I hope I can red self balancing scooter see you, I hope you can understand the life of all, let me have South self balancing scooter the opportunity to fantasy, the days after I accompany you around the screen, maybe we ll go for a walk, eat ice cr.lking on the road back to school, she South self balancing scooter suddenly remembered, just buy the grapes time to buy a few Xiaoyi Yang Why does she have to scold myself I am a fool you, of course, good things to South self balancing scooter share with him, I actually forgot a. Excellent Xuan heard her remorse, reluctantly said You really fall in love, can not be dialed from, South self balancing scooter and why are thought Xiaoyi Yang, you ve changed, you do not love me, you are full of heart before And me Su Chenxi not empty South self balancing scooter then gifted Xuan words, still entangled said But maybe he does not like grapes, it does not like what, send grapes can also be used as an excuse to see him, how wonderful, not and other excellent Xuan speak, she came out one No, reserved to the girls, I can not find him first Michelle had a little louder to excellent excellent Xuan Piaoyuan thoughts pull back Your mental activity can slow down a bit, we really can not keep up this mortal you this wonderful Su Chenxi wronged looked excellent Xuan, said How do excellent Michelle, I m so stupid, how Xiaoyi Ya.

dawn, do not mind one bit Eight characters, to Xiaoyi Yang unprecedented expectations, once South self balancing scooter again gave him the same despair, after this reply, Su Chenxi indeed, as he feared, as never appeared. He frantically back asked South self balancing scooter Dawn, where are you Please tell me, where are you wheat self balancing scooter okay And two seasonal cycle, he finally until this day, Su Chenxi finally willing to come back, excellent Xuan and Xu Yang s wedding, she will come back. He did not know at the moment is really the heart of what it feels like, a time of despair had made him numb, his company already like a star, in this era of the rise of the Internet, but he was not a happy moment, dreams and career without her share, what is the point, he sometimes extremely abhor myself, I could not put her down. She was so spare no pains to leave, give up their feelings, which obviously hates her, but the thought of her, only suffocating heartache and sadness. Su Chenxi left in the third year, Xiaoyi Yang s parents had slategray self balancing scooter brought him a letter, written on.disappointed. As usual, Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi escorted her back to the dormitory, in fact, she has wound scab, had not as pain, can find their own path, he did not let go of her, she did not say the phrase I can own mediumaquamarine self balancing scooter go. Her heart despised yourself Su Chenxi, you re selfish, you can obviously find their own path, obviously have It does not hurt South self balancing scooter anymore, let Xiaoyi Yang still leaning on you every day. Disappointment slowly hit this is the last time you sent me back to the dorm, so forgive me selfish, keep your concern and caring in this manner, after today, we will never be like these days so intimate, but thank you, I felt your warmth. She looked Xiaoyi Yang, she wanted to remember him earnestly protect her appearance, she wanted him so deeply engraved in my heart, be like him for so long been the most memorable thing. With her back darkblue self balancing scooter to the dorm after Xiaoyi Yang asked her not doing anything dangerous thing, after they left, the moment dormitory door, and she also seemed like his heart heavy brain are experiencing the collision of dreams and happiness cruel reality, dinner time, she ran bakeries vent, ate cake and drank a few yogurt, she touched his bulging belly, met walked to school, because at night there will be classes, Su Chenxi have to accelerate South self balancing scooter South self balancing scooter the pace. She sat on the seat rearward brush microblogging no intention concerned about the situation on the podium, like classes will share their activity is relatively boasts unforgettable experience. Qin Rui podium when South self balancing scooter Su Chenxi was slowly raised his head, just to play on the big screen PPT to the second page, her eyes horde, Qin Rui told exactly that planning competition. Memory, flocked, she did not spare some joy and sadness, goes to see at night and think of your own face on the big screen, Qin Rui Team where he of course, rare photos of life, of the Su Chenxi All thoughts fixed on the big South self balancing scooter screen, next to the girls are whispering they wear a suit, looks great temperament, handsome ah, especially in the middle of that

South Self Balancing Scooter run, Xiaoyi Yang new software, you can immediately listed. Su Chenxi Really Great. Trevor Nunn I go, bye. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi took a phone call, telling the good news through his work, and sent her back Xiaoyi Yang also a good news, the company s new software contract has been signed at night, and the hands will stop working, the whole company dinner together, she can go home and rest. She thought, after co Xiaoyi Yang will often see Trevor Nunn, was somewhat strange, but do not know what went wrong. Su Chenxi royalblue self balancing scooter home to lavender poured water on the balcony, suddenly remembered Xuan month did golenrod self balancing scooter not superior and his own contact, before she went to the computer to send the message superior Xuan, after finished, she patted his head , he said you are a pig it is now the United States is the middle of the night. Surprisingly, excellent best self balancing scooter brand Xuan sent a video invitation, after Su Chenxi accepted, not to see the excellent Michelle, asked How do you sitting up so late. Excellent Xuan I work in a hurry, in the a.u. Xiaoyi Yang pulled her hand on his pocket, and said. Miss Su no matter what, are the most beautiful. Su Chenxi heard this was assured to follow Xiaoyi Yang started off, and in the moment to see him, all her grievances have vanished. His presence, to make up for all her sense of security, no one has brought them apart this time all the unpleasant, perhaps forgotten, perhaps everything is over, love the people, there is no need to care about so much. After this time, Su Chenxi understand when remote from each other should not take emotions to communicate, see each other, it is best not to say anything offensive, all the doubts and understand, only South self balancing scooter to see the other side will not get an answer at the moment. Love, this is not so fragile, real fragile, just people. Xiaoyi Yang from Beijing to fly back specifically to accompany Su Chenxi examination, Xu Yang had also finally leave, but came back and South self balancing scooter have excellent Xuan disappeared, probably all day appointments. While there is some confidence, but.

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