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Skque Self Balancing Scooter Review Yang, did not think she was good for nothing to say the truth Xiaoyi Yang, I do not like you, but I can not, I have so much fantasy, and self balancing scooter spain you happiness together, have become a bubble, bubble, you know fleeting Managed to the quarters downstairs, excellent Xuan Qin Rui asked Hearing gostwhite self balancing scooter Su Chenxi they pull back, let her sleep. Su Chenxi pulled upstairs watching, Qin Rui reluctantly shook his head and walked toward his darkgray self balancing scooter own quarters, his ears echoing Su Chenxi discourse, into a fantasy bubble, fleeting Wanton injury after accident Qin Rui back to the dorm, just met Xiaoyi Yang just come back, they live in a dormitory, in the corridor met surprising Xiaoyi Yang lived on the second floor, mini segway self balancing scooter and Qin Rui in the first floor. Xiaoyi Yang patted him on the shoulder Where, come back so late. Qin Rui replied girls in their class and went out for dinner, by the way, there Su Chenxi oh. See Xiaoyi skque self balancing scooter review Yang without a word, Qin Rui said He is a man for you in that sad it, just drunk, she managed to keep her roommate the airport, and also a few hours later, I went back to England, we have the opportunity to come back to see you Xiaoyi Yang grabbed the phone skque self balancing scooter review and immediately see the message played in the past, but to hear the reminder off, his heart was completely bisque self balancing scooter torn, four years ago, is one such tips, she is so lost in his world, how do , how do he can find her, he shook his head helplessly. Excellent Xuan said Xiaoyi Yang, on my phone, chats with the dawn, there is the address of her hotel, she would go back with the luggage. His eyes were red, holding excellent Xuan phone ran downstairs, I do not know how much is in a driving speed, but unfortunately the road always kept the weekend traffic jam, he was very anxious of the horn, said Su Chenxi, you if you dare to disappear again, I will not let you, I beg you, wait for me, okay Do not leave me, okay Came best electric self balancing scooter to the front of the hotel, he discovered that his family away from here, even so close to his heart again cramps, he frantically let the skque self balancing scooter review front desk to h.

hours to get home, cell phone, cards, money, nothing lost, that time, I really particularly want fly back, back to him, I am alone in this, is not happy, dawn, I m really sorry, I miss him, but I choose the outcome. Su Chenxi You can tell him, since you are so love each other, why separate it Excellent Xuan Oh, forget it, is over, dawn, late, I sleep, next time talk to you. Su Chenxi You there really late, go to sleep, good night. Su Chenxi think skque self balancing scooter review of college, they began to take four simple girl, then years, really wonderful ah, now everyone, had not ever look. Best friend wheat self balancing scooter Michelle far superior in other countries, Zhao Xiaojie in Chongqing, except Trevor moccasin self balancing scooter Nunn from her recent past for so long, we are beginning a new life, perhaps, she had not put down ill feelings, she can not help but regret, the last company in Xiaoyi Yang those narrow ideas. Su Chenxi all afternoon in the quarters more sleep, dream about the good scene, she was very happy smile, then, melodious voice coming out, though singing i.Xiaoyi Yang, why a person when he involuntarily think of it, not someone say that when you come to think of a person s time I must quickly put down, because there will be no thought of representing the other side miss time. Su Chenxi thought That s good, there would be no result or do not want to do, he should like the kind of singing, dancing, smart and literary figure of the goddess of it, how I would like this feature is only lazy people, but I also have the advantage, ah, I love the motherland, passionate about people, places, what I was thinking, sleep well Nice to go home ah First saw you, my heart like skque self balancing scooter review a breeze blowing gently. Most students go home with the family in addition to vacation, reunions outside, most of the time or get bored, hot weather outside, go out to play has become the greatest resistance, Su Chenxi in the heart reluctantly said Well, skque self balancing scooter review it is really boring She quietly watched the hands of the glass of skque self balancing scooter review water, so often saw her sit, do not guess, to know, and c.nd ran forward, the fear is hugely enlarged heart Su Chenxi, no, no, I beg you, God, for all the damage gave me, not her, not her And finally to the scene of the accident, the crowd gathered here, crowded around, he ran out of strength, desperately pushed forward in front of people crowded in, skque self balancing scooter review swore at the crowd Who is this crazy ah ah squeeze what looked deformed rental car, his blood seems to have been still, finally, saw the wounded on the ground that he could not help the tears. Thank you, God, thank you, not her. Now Xiaoyi Yang know, in his heart, Su Chenxi already more important than his own, what dignity, what is love and not love, than her presence, all the rest are not worth mentioning. Su Chenxi sitting in the airport hall, the sun is coming from the shed next to the floor to ceiling windows, again from the airport to leave, the former self balancing scooter bluetooth is still a kind of panic, she took out the phone, turned off, she reluctantly, must be in the car holding the phone do not know when you accide.

Skque Self Balancing Scooter Review nd you can not go to a hip hop party, you will forgive skque self balancing scooter review me for it. Students You boys it usually only for light colored friends. Su Chenxi Hey, were you guessed it, next time I ll come play with you good. Students Oh, poured out girlfriends marry out of the water, go, good fuel, even better next time he brought together, as a boyfriend, oh. Su Chenxi Meme, I try, love you, then I m gone. Su Chenxi students sent to the school gate, waiting for five minutes have not seen the bus back, she simply stopped a taxi on the way to the beginning of gifted Michelle on the phone What are you doing, oh no, whatever you re doing you will accompany me to the school auditorium and other cinema, Xiaoyi Yang invited me, I would be one stage fright. Excellent Xuan What the hell, he invited you see the film, but not the movies, what games you scared, why can I go Su Chenxi Oh, but not a date, there will be a lot of people, I was nervous, you go with me Well, look at us so many years of mutual affection, how can you r.when we married, and I give you put such a beautiful fireworks is good. Su Chenxi heard clearly than ever, just Xiaoyi Yang mouth came the words, said loudly What You say Su Chenxi mouth could not conceal a smile mercilessly skque self balancing scooter review betrayed her. Xiaoyi Yang skque self balancing scooter review can there be so easy to cheat, watching her lovely appearance, still leans her ear I say, after you marry me. Su Chenxi meet nodded, leaning into Xiaoyi Yang s arms. Trevor Nunn in the distance silently watching Xiaoyi Yang and Su Chenxi, until Zhao Xiaojie said. Trevor Nunn, look over there, it s beautiful ah, too romantic. skque self balancing scooter review Trevor Nunn his eyes pulled back from that point, slowly looked to the distant sky, and said. Yes, ah, can be with you, watching you, really romantic. Excellent Xuan looked at the sky self balancing scooter battery in a blossoming blooming chromophore, eyes closed, hands unity promised New Year skque self balancing scooter review wishes, Xu Yang quietly looked at the bright and subtle woman, fireworks light shines on her face, noisy crowd, did not cut her face calm, her mouth slightly higher.

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