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Self Balancing Scooters Faq on on the library table Su Chenxi, felt the sudden task, so that my annoyance, but one will be able to self balancing scooter price test, and she decided to fight with it South self balancing scooter in the end, so all afternoon libraries do floralwhite self balancing scooter exercises. Su Chenxi such a long time without serious study too, and suddenly found a long absence, learning state, had a very full day, and decided to go outside to buy some snacks reward finally willing to learn about yourself, the way she successfully abducted are learning Montana self balancing scooter excellent Xuan, a proposal she eat barbecue, excellent Xuan also can not continue to earnestly reading, two hand in hand, happy out of school toward the grill, since the last dinner dormitory found this mediumaquamarine self balancing scooter grill, they would often patronize, the Self Balancing Scooters faq boss has now met them. Eat barbecue, two people went to the supermarket around the circle, watching Su Chenxi booty with eyes, happily watching the shopping cart of snacks, Self Balancing Scooters faq fruit passing Self Balancing Scooters faq the time, and was attracted to attractive grape, she tasted one, eyes start blinking light, could not put away a bag. are many envelopes and postcards can be sent to yourself or you can send your own years later, written mailing time, according to the owner will be sent to help determine the time of mailing. Xiaoyi Yang Su Self Balancing Scooters faq Chenxi decisions and to each other to write, send each other after five years, because they do not know the future will live in any place, in order to Self Balancing Scooters faq ensure you receive, they wrote the address parents home. Finished to a gentle female owner, the Self Balancing Scooters faq woman seems to have reached middle age, but the girl is actually a gentle smile, bright, next to a seven year old girl, was written down in the job. Shopkeeper looked at them, happy smile, repeatedly saying nice , the two envelopes into the small time division of the grid. Su Chenxi asks The owner, this is really receive it, five years seems a Self Balancing Scooters faq long time now. Shopkeeper replied Five years, a little too soon, I opened this shop for seven years, where he and I first met, these postcards are works under his camera, he often went out Self Balancing Scooters faq of the world a b.

he Mississippi self balancing scooter book, the phone on the table blinking, Su Chenxi grabbed the phone and ran corridor, Hey, how are unfamiliar number, Hello I came across Boys Hey, you are Su Chenxi it Yes, who are you I am Xiaoyi Yang, bored time to give you a call. Su Chenxi was surprised, does not seem to shock, it may be a surprise, it affects her heart that he had never realized that the seeds. The end of the fast, how boring, good review Finish the sentence, Su Chenxi regret in my heart, silently Su Chenxi, you are a pig it will mention how such a boring topic Ah, of course, you learn Pa ah It is not like you motivated boys ah. Ah Well, I do not know in the end I kind of like it, ha ha. After chatting a few, Su Chenxi looking for an excuse to hang up the phone, she felt too abnormal state, and then go on, it will only make people feel that they are not normal. Her heart could not calm why he would call me then I also like to ask what kind of guy, that he also remembered me That how he took so long to call me In t.i Yang animal in nature, while the subconscious brain are imagined to travel with him, I kept thinking thought two people how to live on the outside, not to live with it Over the years the conservative tutor Su Chenxi allowed to do so, but she did not know how to speak, and my heart Self Balancing Scooters faq began to wonder how to do. Xiaoyi Yang saw Su Chenxi frowned thought she was uncomfortable How do you, you uncomfortable. Su Chenxi hesitant to say Can we Can Xiaoyi Yang puzzled how can you what Su Chenxi Can we go for a near Shanghai somewhere Xiaoyi Yang more confused You do not want to go ah, a place that we change it, you want Maryland self balancing scooter to choose a few of your city, and we ll talk. Su Chenxi quickly explained. Do not like, go so far away, but also to live outside but also Xiaoyi Yang suddenly, Su Chenxi feel the self balancing scooter at walmart air at this moment frozen, leaving only embarrassing, though she likes him, but she still can not accept this experience, she guessed the moment deadpan Xiaoyi Yang must be very angry. Abou.later, she took the coat out of the dorm, but fortunately jacket pocket large enough, cell phone and wallet can be put to, at this point it does not conform to feel Su Chenxi girls habits, she do not like the bag, a lot of times things are stuffed into the pockets of the clothes inside. Use down time to put on the jacket, the door did not see Xiaoyi Yang figure, walked while searching eyes, the eyes Self Balancing Scooters faq turn a few Self Balancing Scooters faq laps around the square, and finally saw the man on a chair under the tree a bit like him, a little closer after that, she dared to determine who really is the familiar. Fortunately, now Self Balancing Scooters faq is the time we learn in the library, plaza road had very few people, or Su Chenxi must also need to ask him where to call in the square. Is already the second date, she no longer like last time of tension and apprehension, but easily walked in front of him. Xiaoyi Yang went to see his side of Su Chenxi, motioned her to sit next to, spoke and said. You are so stupid, I can find, it seems that my sitting po.

Self Balancing Scooters Faq e and exactly the same, how do you explain this In the back of the auditorium Springfield this time shouted Su Chenxi, you come here. After these words just export, according to the reporters the direction of her vision, the Su Chenxi crowded around, the flash kept flashing, crazy reporters, constantly asked Miss Su, Why does Lisha Li s works will be the same as yours Miss Su, you re the designer Miss Su, this is the case, you re not going to explain what that is Is the default copy it Su Chenxi chaos in bad voice, mind blank, she only self balancing scooter news heard the plagiarism word, has been in her ear, she cried and said I did not, I did not, do not ask me She was forced to pull, looked up, it was Cai Zhengyu, he belittles hugged her in the crowd, the security stopped reporters around, managed to go out from the background, Su Chenxi head down, did not speak, he was Cai Zhengyu into his arms around the office, spreading despair in her heart, she constantly asked Why is it so I do not plagiarism, that.hands more firmly, as if with the power of expressing his affection. The pavilion in the chair, hugged Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi sit, she asked You used to chase girls do, too. Xiaoyi Yang replied. I m not stupid enough to tell these things to my girlfriend. Su Chenxi Duzhaoxiaozui said I have said to you when your girlfriend Xiaoyi Yang bad with a smile too late. Su Chenxi We had just started the first day so, too quickly. smart self balancing scooter battery fires Xiaoyi Yang We are together for a long time ah. Su Chenxi How can, obviously just now. Xiaoyi Yang From the day we love each other date. Su Chenxi But I declare to you that you have not justified me. Xiaoyi Yang There is no reply is acquiescence slightly Su Chenxi But I used to dream I declare to you, does not seem at this ah. Xiaoyi Yang Fool, we are here first encounter ah. Su Chenxi But why do you like me Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi Self Balancing Scooters faq like a child with a smile, a smile full of sweet and full of happiness. On the way back, Su Chenxi asked You did not tell me, how can you sudden.

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