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Self-balancing Scooter Product Specification night, self-balancing scooter product specification waiting for Xiaoyi Yang self-balancing scooter product specification s phone until the morning, and what did not wait, she opened the phone, received numerous micro letter, the students are asking her what happened, news What is the meaning of the headlines, she opened the news, instant sober cherish company intern Su Chenxi, plagiarism Sara Lee s chief designer Lisha Li works , beside the photograph from her hand with the design. Flipped through the online responses, all self-balancing scooter product specification abuse young age do not learn, shame design hotpink self balancing scooter community, Get out of the design world, not tarnished brush Phone call comes in, a strange number, after Su Chenxi turned opposite said I ask you today is Miss Su Aspect reporters want to know about online plagiarism incident preached Su Chenxi immediately hung up the phone, but there is a strange number kept playing over and pulled her off the phone cards, phone thrown in the distance, only to resume a quiet hostel. Su Chenxi hands were trembling, Cai Zhengyu said he would not investigate it Why come to this She d.thes that self-balancing scooter product specification pleasing to the eye to accept, and now in addition to skin care products she felt the only thing can be classified as cosmetics is lip balm, so she decided not to be so tired, do not bother to dress up, unsettled, she had to go to make yourself more of a fresh face. Su Chenxi in mind wondering, this is the first date and Xiaoyi Yang, though not a date, but this is considered in her mind is to make you happy for a long time appointments, and suddenly a little nervous and shy, she complained too good slow, less than half past nine, and had to come up with a novel point of view, to divert attention, the elimination of tension, but also spend just about time. She read the novel being ecstatic, the phone rang in the next song, I thought it must be Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi, excited to pick up the phone, and she did not let her 2 wheel self balancing scooter reviews down, Su Chenxi efforts to calm their mood, pick up the phone Hey, you ll finish it Xiaoyi Yang gentle voice Yes ah, just ended, is now ready to go to the playground, you.

is not, the weekend I live to school. Xiaoyi Yang Well, I want to see you every day. Su Chenxi After we graduated together every day, you ll see I see a lot of trouble. Xiaoyi Yang It will not. Su Chenxi Well look forward to the future life, ah, how long before I come ah, actually have become accustomed to life here, without the slightest self-balancing scooter product specification suited. Xiaoyi Yang Why is this Su Chenxi Because you ah Xiaoyi Yang how do you always accidentally received a confession Su Chenxi I do not care for you The so called new life, soon became a familiar routine, have you where I never felt strange. Very special familiar In the evening, Su Chenxi nest on the couch watching TV, Xiaoyi Yang at her side at the computer, desk phone ring tones sounded, Su Chenxi Xu Yang with peripheral vision to see the show, Xiaoyi Yang picked up the phone and said Yes, I yes, send me the address. Hung up the phone, wearing clothes from Xiaoyi Yang, said. Xu Yang drunk, his girlfriend called, I pick him up. Su Chenxi.k a bunch of flowers, but she is also somewhat understand this moment, Xiaoyi Yang just do not go to the bathroom, this is not a box to retrieve of. He saw her doubts, she said Su Chenxi, in fact, you are really stupid, stupid people can not help but want to protect, downstairs hall, is where we first met, first times to see you, you do not feel anything special, but the more venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews time I met you, the more I can not see his own heart, so you give me a confession, I do inen self balancing scooter not know how to respond to you, make you sad for so long, I m sorry, then I will never let you sad. He paused, seriously said Su Chenxi, please be my girlfriend. Su Chenxi been surprised speechless, and there is no sign of this happening, she even have time to react, watching the confession Xiaoyi Yang, his hand so confident blooming roses, she can not believe these it is true. She has also been stuck in Xiaoyi Yang did not like her in fact, this is not their dream many times declare it Although he dreamed many times, self-balancing scooter product specification and imagined countl.erson a big hug before we rush to the table, my mother hurried to wash their hands before the first one stuffed full of food, because her back home, except for the addition of a past warm and lively. Su Chenxi until after dinner to think of it that self-balancing scooter product specification they have not told Xiaoyi Yang home, pick up the phone to say get out, my mother sat on the sofa suspiciously asked his father. You say we 2 wheel self balancing scooter reviews are not a boyfriend Dawn Dad You do not guessing at that, let her tell self-balancing scooter product specification us what things will be said. Mom You do not trust my instincts, look at it, this is certainly. Su Chenxi saw self-balancing scooter product specification two missed calls, patted his head and said. I m so stupid how, even forgot to phone, whatever the outcome, but also send a message ah. Downstairs was assured to Xiaoyi Yang called, there is a familiar voice Fool, you are home more than three hours ah I just think of it Su Chenxi How can I remember it, um, I just wanted to call a family man goldenrod self balancing scooter anxious to eat so I thought I would get back to you. Xiaoyi Yang Did you lie, I know one. leray self balancing scooter battery Su Chen.

Self-balancing Scooter Product Specification self-balancing scooter product specification dry, brush micro Bo, watching TV, or come up with fiction. Su Chenxi looked at his messy desk, decided to give their self-balancing scooter product specification own living environment to a large order, she had moved to the bench, standing on a stool excess debris will be pink self balancing scooter first on the bed, up and down busy. I heard boom sound of screams and Su Chenxi passed together everyone s ears, self-balancing scooter product specification my dorm mates have turned to see the dawn lying on the ground. Stool slip, Su Chenxi also fell down from the bench, my dorm mates hurried over to help her, she would like to take excellent Xuan arms stood up, held out his hand but saw palm full of blood, screamed and asked excellent Xuan you throw where were we Su Chenxi feel whole body hurts, she self-balancing scooter product specification said. My head hit the floor with her head a little dizzy, do not know which throw more serious. Excellent Xuan poke her hair looked, could not find the wound, Su Chenxi also touched the head with the other hand, there was no blood, it seems that is not the head wound. Trevor Nunn and Zhao Xiaojie Su Chenxi quickly to.i said seriously South self balancing scooter You should not need to review such a genius, right Xiaoyi Yang looked at her serious look, laughed I m kidding, you are so serious. She laughed again, but she really think Xiaoyi Yang heart is very smart, she said. I m going to go to the classroom to study hall tomorrow, the weekend before the exam, we have the review, the library too many people. Xiaoyi Yang said Well, I find you in the afternoon. The thought of tomorrow to seeing Xiaoyi Yang, Su Chenxi mood suddenly become very clear. The next afternoon, she found an empty location in the classroom after Xiaoyi Yang sent a text message to tell him where their classroom number, after half an hour, Xiaoyi Yang did come. Although all afternoon study hall in the classroom, Su Chenxi did not learn anything, her heart had been in his body, she looked at him quietly, that he seriously or joking, are handsome mess. Xiaoyi Yang threw a piece of paper, she opened to see, which read Take everything away, go out to eat, self-balancing scooter product specification and then learn to.

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