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Self Balancing Scooter Change ed the invitation cherish is still not mind because four years ago, the company did not prove your innocence you Su Chenxi I m sorry, you said those things, I have already forgotten. Reporter watch over self balancing scooter change the Chinese clothing culture into modern design, how do you think this is Su Chenxi Chinese culture is a long history, and I love this country, more people will naturally want to see those fantastic things. Reporter Ms latest focus is bisque darkgray self balancing scooter to continue to stay in the new spring series of court, or other plans Su Chenxi Recently in the design of the wedding, because my best friend is getting married Reporter to watch over their friends wedding design, wedding design after ever thought to yourself Su Chenxi smile Besides it, maybe this time attending her wedding, I would have inspired, after steering the wedding dress series Xiaoyi Yang, looked blankly in front of the TV this video, two years ago, saw in the news when the curtain goes Su Chenxi left photo, he immediately flew to the United Kingdo.xt to him, removed the bottle in his hand, eyes half open Xiaoyi Yang looked at her and said You, how do you come. Trevor Nunn Yang also, do not drink, drink down you will have trouble, I send you back. Xiaoyi Yang I m not drunk, I self balancing scooter change do not go back. Trevor Nunn You do that all right I ll be sad. Xiaoyi Yang Why are you sad, you do not believe Dawn abandon our feelings, right Trevor Nunn Su Chenxi all this to you, she was not worthy of your love, you simply inappropriate, to dream she can betray you, she self balancing scooter battery do not deserve to be with you. Xiaoyi self balancing scooter change Yang You shut up, she s not that kind of person, she will not, she must have difficulties. Trevor Nunn Well, I do not say, let s go, I send you back, everything, say tomorrow, what is self balancing scooter change your home address Xiaoyi Yang I do not go back, I did not drink enough. Trevor Nunn did not ask out of the address had to send him back to the company, she said. I can help you smart self balancing scooter battery fires get back to drink wine. Xiaoyi Yang stumbled nodded his head, Trevor Nunn held his staggering walk, ma.

sometimes small friction, we will be the darksalmon self balancing scooter fastest forget unpleasant, five minutes after they began to be happy chat which class the most handsome boys, which the boys have a girlfriend, and sometimes talk about history, so hot after all through the drama of the moment, how can we avoid chasing the truth, each time after talking with history or encyclopedia, Su Chenxi will animal in nature, said Oh wow, we look darkseagreen self balancing scooter good culture like dorm mates have become accustomed to the second element but sometimes a little humorous Su Chenxi, although the surface careless, but her heart is filled with no people can and careful and considerate, always take into account other people s feelings, her kindness, though not high profile, but we can also gradually be understood. At this time the ordinary disappeared, we also recognize that a growing number of students, a man named Qin Rui classmate of the boys, not only looks handsome and sunshine, humor, girls liked deserting him, nor Su Chenxi exception. Qin Rui many fr.rnoon, when you re not, yes, I took a souvenir to you, put you on the table , yes, there are some snacks. Su Chenxi said while out of the bag and give them snacks, Zhao Xiaojie boyfriend and Chongqing had eleven, and self balancing scooter change she did not forget to Zhao Xiaojie remain on the table, see self balancing scooter change the table attached to convenience, she suddenly realized like Back own table, picked up Xiaoyi Yang photos turn back, and saw behind Xiaoyi Yang says all the contacts, she wry smile, the original Trevor Nunn find contact information Xiaoyi Yang is so simple. Lingfield self balancing scooter change on her desk holding Su Chenxi best self balancing scooter 2015 souvenirs, whispered Shanghai, self balancing scooter change mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter it is beautiful. Su Chenxi Zheng Zhu, hesitated a moment, replied. Ah, very beautiful. Trevor Nunn seemed to want to say something, but did not re open all self balancing scooter change night. Su Chenxi on the book and showing a pair of new works, in the long dress in beige as the basic colors, coupled with light blue embroidery patterns, seemingly simple, but beautiful low key, Su Chenxi wrote next Hide mood, wise men. As if al.

Self Balancing Scooter Change t, and disappeared in the vision of all, people can only be dug up her past news, relish. A self balancing scooter change full two years, Su Chenxi life, except with Xiaoyi Yang immersed in memories, is the creation of a closed door, her performance quickly into everyone s sight. Su Chenxi sitting in front of the computer, hesitation, signed himself never used the past two years and the rest of self balancing scooter change the mailbox social software, she saw countless messages, a lot of friends, she gave left numerous messages, of course, including Xiaoyi Yang and advantages Xuan. All he can contact her place, said a lot, until a few days ago, still adhere to the mail to her, looking at those Dawn, where are you so long, and you still have darksalmon self balancing scooter not forgiven me Dawn, you come back okay, except you, I do not want anything. You tell me where you are, OK Today we went to the old school, everywhere we have the shadow, so we still love each other. I traveled the streets of Beijing, has not met you No matter where you are, I have in our home, waiting for you, you.t half a minute later, Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi hand to hold up the hand, and said. So you worry about this, before you really accept me, self balancing scooter change I do not how you like, rest assured. Su Chenxi touched do not know what to say. Xiaoyi Yang looked daze Su Chenxi, he said softly self balancing scooter change Now I can go to Shanghai it Su Chenxi recovered nodded, he sat down next to her position, she gently Louguo, she leaned against the side of his shoulder, suddenly had a strong sense of security, Xiaoyi Yang bowed his head leaning against the Su Chenxi on his head, gently said something I love yellowgreen self balancing scooter you Then every day Su Chenxi are extremely looking forward to the arrival of the National Day, she was looking forward to traveling together and Xiaoyi Yang, she never cherish the time with him. For Su Chenxi, the happiness finally mediumseagreen self balancing scooter come, she will feel doubly valuable. With about the future direction, with people like beside everything, she is grateful for his own good fortune. Travel side by side And finally to a day off before the National Day.

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