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Self Balancing Electric Scooter o not learn to do housework, her husband s family after marriage will be disgusted. Su Chenxi I am a genius, without learning, today updated TV series I have not seen, you first busy ah. Having quickly returned to his room, at the door overheard my parents would say. Mom and Dad had to blame the head are you, her pet in such a way, it is spoiled. Mom Speaking of spoiled, I m less of it than you. Dad But our house children sensible, never let us down before. Mom That is because most of the hereditary me. Dad I like a little more clearly Su Chenxi parents self balancing electric scooter hear dialogue was assured shut self balancing electric scooter the door, took out his mobile to Xiaoyi Yang micro letter. Today the weather is nice, early ah, Mr. Shaw. When she realized immediately have twelve, and hurried to withdraw the news when it was too late, I did not respond, she supposed Xiaoyi Yang must have been busy, I did not expect twelve one time, Xiaoyi Yang replied We are working people have to eat lunch early, ah, Miss Su. Su Chenxi clutching his forehe.rnoon, when you re not, yes, I took a souvenir to you, put you on the table , yes, there are some snacks. Su Chenxi said while out of the bag and give them snacks, Zhao Xiaojie boyfriend and Chongqing had eleven, and she did not forget to Zhao Xiaojie remain on the table, see the table attached to convenience, self balancing scooter change she suddenly realized like Back own table, picked up Xiaoyi Yang photos turn back, and saw behind Xiaoyi Yang says all the contacts, she wry smile, the original Trevor Nunn find contact information Xiaoyi Yang is so simple. Lingfield on her desk holding Su Chenxi souvenirs, whispered self balancing electric scooter Shanghai, it is beautiful. Su Chenxi Zheng steelblue self balancing scooter Zhu, hesitated a moment, replied. Ah, very beautiful. Trevor Nunn seemed to want to say something, but did not re open all night. Su Chenxi on the book and showing a pair of new works, in the long dress in beige as the basic colors, coupled with light blue embroidery patterns, seemingly simple, but beautiful low key, Su Chenxi wrote next Hide mood, wise men. As if al.

, and finally, he realized that he was very sure you really have to like the Su darkorenge self balancing scooter Chenxi, and liked him, had this time the intention busy campus told her that he wanted to hold her down on the way, good to take good care of her, not let her suffer any damage. Xiaoyi Yang and like yesterday, like the Su Chenxi back to the dormitory, and told her You go tomorrow afternoon when dressing give me a call, or just to you today that I self balancing electric scooter have time to wait for you downstairs, and, you dare lie to me at your peril. Su Chenxi sheepishly asked What consequences ah Xiaoyi Yang said You try Su Chenxi concede I can not, well, I ll call you tomorrow. Xiaoyi Yang gave a satisfied smile, said Then I go back, you take a rest, see you tomorrow. Su Chenxi hastily nodded Well, bye, see you tomorrow. The next few days, Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi go to school every day to accompany hospital self balancing scooter at walmart dressing, a hand around her shoulder, the other hand on the other side of her arm, as if to hold her in his arms, after the end of, but he disappointing shy, so short lived such a happy end. Su Chenxi know, back then, they would go back in the afternoon and live their own lives, not related to each other, it will not contact, after all, she can not change the fact that Xiaoyi Yang does not like her, she s very clear about her Xiaoyi Yang the concern is out of a common friend s concern and sympathy, for as the Su Chenxi, saw the injured students will adhere to accompany her. miss you These, Su Chenxi eyes can not help but dim. Xiaoyi Yang gradually calmed like to see her smile, concern and asked. How, is not leg Youteng Su Chenxi quickly explained. No, no, I was just thinking, excellent dinner when Michelle would help me what to buy rice. After hearing Xiaoyi Yang smiled You have space to eat what navajowhite self balancing scooter ah leg you want to eat what I take you to self balancing electric scooter eat. She was not intended to let him take her to dinner, found that added insult to injury, can only say You did not accompany me dressing Xuan already guilty enough, and if I can after graduation formal work, we became colleagues, and they can be the same as before We meet every day. Su Chenxi not yet open, Cai Zhengyu office door opened, just coming out of Caizheng Yu saw them, he saw Su Chenxi doubts, explains On a secretary because of errors in the work, transferred to self balancing electric scooter other departments, and her resume writing graduate school and you are just the same school, a question really is your classmates, leaving her. Su Chenxi Trevor self balancing electric scooter Nunn, you got a job, I feel happy, but how did you come to this firm Trevor Nunn Although this is a branch, but Indiana self balancing scooter in the domestic apparel industry is second to none, I can have the opportunity to do the president secretary, do not you happy for me Su Chenxi Congratulations Cai Zhengyu Dawn, you are bringing good news, right Su Chenxi Oh, I have completed the theme of the work, I would like to hear your opinion. Cai Zhengyu Go said. After the door, Cai Zhengyu sit down and pointed to the sofa next door, he said. Sit down. Su Chenxi said thank.

Self Balancing Electric Scooter case of the design department, not involved in the design work, every day deeppink self balancing scooter at noon break, Cai Zhengyu will allow her to go to his office, because she knows that she will be very like him office, there cherish every company from the founding date of a design. Su Chenxi on the couch watching the self balancing electric scooter one page work, eyes full of worship and surprise Caizheng Yu is on the side of the self balancing electric scooter sofa, or talk about your galaxy board self balancing scooter reviews ideas for these works, or those self balancing electric scooter designed to talk about his past life, Su Chenxi listening attentively, she said Royal College of Art, listening to the school s name, there is a momentum awe people, there must be heroes gather it. Cai Zhengyu Although their self balancing electric scooter high demands, but your ability to go it was easy. Su Chenxi I do not intend to go abroad to study. Cai Zhengyu Why do you really love the design work. Su Chenxi Because reluctant to leave the country, ha ha ha, yes, Mr. Cai, I have a few of the design, there are all my works, they all have a story tomorrow brought over, Cai saw not laughed. Cai Zhen.cellent Michelle, looked at her slightly swollen eyes, excellent Xuan guess she should be remembered Xiaoyi Yang, did not ask anything. Zhao Xiaojie had disappeared, a lot of students out there waiting to greet them, until the wedding is about to self balancing electric scooter begin, Zhao Xiaojie was elated to come back. darkslateblue self balancing scooter Su Chenxi has not been out and not want to see old friends, but fear that they will in one corner of the hotel and saw that she heartbreaking scene, she thought, as well as a few hours, just to get through the wedding, she will leave this place, no matter how the future, she did not want to hear any news here, she encouraged himself in the heart Su Chenxi, you are a little disappointing, insisted after a few hours. Wedding march sounded in the ears, Su Chenxi and on both sides accompanied by excellent Xuan New self balancing scooter Zhao Xiaojie back, slowly from the red carpet to the stage, under self balancing electric scooter the guest field, Su Chenxi a saw sitting on stage recently that she thought toward the twilight people think, four years, to see him again.

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