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Security Self Balancing Scooter id. Su Chenxi do not know how you go home ah I just know. Trevor Nunn for a moment before saying. Oh, that, a few days ago encountered on the road Xiaoyi Yang classmates, is that Xu security self balancing scooter Yang, he told me. Springfield quickly change the subject That Xu Yang is very humorous, very interesting to chat with him, I had not found him so easily. Excellent Xuan barely believe her, and she returned to Su Chenxi side continue to see this design, the mood to talk her out of self balancing scooter in walmart the design drawings and behind. Watching them began to talk of other topics, Trevor Nunn relieved, climbed into bed. The long awaited trip finally arrived in Shanghai on the first day, according to Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi plan to go with two people Lujiazui, Su Chenxi cheered and shouted going to the Oriental Pearl, came to the self balancing electric scooter Oriental Pearl Tower security self balancing scooter Square, packed with people, he took her He cautioned. slow down, so many people pay attention to safety. Su Chenxi raised his head and looked up into the sky as if Oriental Pearl Tower, do not fo.him, he did not attend the party, I left that day, he and Xu Yang sent me to the airport, he was at home except in the company, but strange to say, you say he does not love you, red self balancing scooter but he s looking for you all over the world, he also let me tell you, he and Trevor Nunn together, but he will not let you, I really do not know what that means. Su Chenxi Really I bless them. Excellent Xuan You love him, after leaving must have suffered a lot, right Su Chenxi did not answer, gifted Xuan added. However, are gone, but now you are famous people, they Xiaoyi security self balancing scooter Yang company is also rapidly on the rise, you each have been good, but also very good. Su Chenxi I m going to class, talk to you next time. Excellent Xuan Well, you can not disappear in the ah Su Chenxi ah, got it After hanging up the phone, Su Chenxi heart is full of pain blocking, Xiaoyi Yang, after all, is to security self balancing scooter choose the Trevor Nunn, tortured her for many years that dream into a reality, Xiaoyi olivedrab self balancing scooter Yang really like Trevor Nunn said, she robbed. Now that.

curious and asked After the financial system work is not the number of money, envy, you can count the money every day. Xiaoyi Yang speechless Number someone else s money, how would envy, just go to the bank counter after work, it may be the amount of money every day. Su Chenxi still plausibly so much money per day, it security self balancing scooter will work, life will have to pursue. Xiaoyi Yang puzzled Why do you see other people s money will work Su Chenxi smiled and replied Work can have so much money, buy a variety of delicious, but do not ask my parents to money, economic independence than good. Xiaoyi Yang did not think it would be this kind of logic, did not think she self balancing scooter likes a little more money, but to satisfy their own food goods mouth, suddenly want to tweak her face, but he did not do so, he knew that intimacy is two people across the boundaries of behavior. Xiaoyi Yang just recover their thoughts, Su Chenxi aside fear and asked We ll move to the new campus of the end of sophomore year, like most professionals will.ll the offices of the School of Design, the office met with all the teachers, Xiaoyi Yang did not find out any news Su Chenxi, just know that she left, no one knows where she went. Those destined to miss, how all escape, Xiaoyi Yang came five minutes before school, Su Chenxi just on the taxi, go orengered self balancing scooter to cherish, cherish when he arrived, she had left, he again returned to Su Chenxi hostel when she was security self balancing scooter taken away to spend the night in a dorm things Liu family, Xiaoyi Yang asked over all the teachers, but just missed the Su Chenxi mentor, Liu Su Chenxi in order to help things settle down abroad, specially invited leave at home to help them to contact each other. Fate always love to open such a joke, to seize the time, do not give up, do not know when to begin, perhaps only a miss. French window office, Cai Zhengyu at the distant end not like tall buildings, he was thinking This time, I really wrong First because of pride and miss you, because this time they ruin your own hands, kept talking like you, bu.efuse me Excellent Xuan Stop, I went to my go okay. Su Chenxi Qiexi, excellent Xuan fear her this trick, she can not stand the most spoiled and disgusting words, she knew exactly Su Chenxi this weakness. Su Chenxi coming to school when Xuan gifted a telephone call about two people in the lecture hall to see the door, she ran into a taxi at the school, running all the way, and finally security self balancing scooter see the front of lavenderblush self balancing scooter the security self balancing scooter lecture hall, into the elevator, I saw the advantages arrived Xuan, Su Chenxi glad, but fortunately not too many people crowded elevator, the door to the lecture hall, they had 15 minutes late, and in order smart self balancing scooter amazon not to affect other people, two people from the back door to find a seat to sit down. Su Chenxi sit down and began to regret that late, did not see Xiaoyi Yang speech before the movie player, so there is no mood to enjoy the movie, she was under the light emitted from the screen and looked around, searching for a figure, looked around did not find , finally saw Xiaoyi Yang in the last ro.

Security Self Balancing Scooter sition is too conspicuous. Su Chenxi retorted You just do stupid, big night sitting under a tree, you ll wake the trees the birds to sleep. Xiaoyi Yang How are the birds you every day from the tree before, the mother bird was afraid you affect the bird s IQ, it does not home in this. Su Chenxi not know how to regain a bureau, only silently said to myself, You be stupid, Xiaoyi Yang picked up the next two cups of tea, and gave Su Chenxi Honey is a grapefruit, lemonchiffon self balancing scooter a longan red dates, you choose it. Su Chenxi chose honey citron tea, drank Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi left to their own tea, said Not security self balancing scooter to say that the girls drink red dates longan relatively okay. Before Su Chenxi openings, he added. Come on, go for a walk. In fact, he is deliberately searched the Internet, what kind of food is good for girls, specifically to buy Su Chenxi longan jujube tea, but is security self balancing scooter not sure if she likes this kind, so let her election, did not think she really is not interested, he was afraid Su security self balancing scooter Chenxi see that they are deliberat.end very poor way For ah, is to be a fan like this, people did not dare to tell the truth Well, if he does not like me, would not that be embarrassing, alas, think feel very embarrassed. Springfield has been silent listening to share, Zhao Xiaojie said. You like to decide, you are so beautiful and so lovely, security self balancing scooter he might like you. Su Chenxi hear this sentence and excitement darkcyan self balancing scooter jumped up Really, he would like me when will he like me Zhao Xiaojie frustration I heard that, everything eventually security self balancing scooter will be satisfied with the result, if you are not satisfied, because it is not the end, you will surely make you like a satisfactory answer, I quite envy you, brave to like someone, since like so long, it is brave to say come. Su Chenxi look of worship ah, the good sense of the way, but I still can not, I m going to wash and sleep, dreams continue to see Xiaoyi Yang. Su Chenxi lying in bed, and Xiaoyi Yang together picture has been spinning in my mind, she can not hide the truth of such a person, but in front of p.

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