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Seashell Self Balancing Scooter e, Su Chenxi four years did not open the door of the heart, this moment also melt seashell self balancing scooter in the warmth of reliable security self balancing scooter a long absence, because she was like the lively, thought those lonely day, had become a habit, no one thought, just got into the pain of his own cage. Until nightfall, in order to allow excellent Jiaxuan tomorrow a good condition, Su Chenxi decided to leave early, looked at the little drunk and a little drunk Su Chenxi Zhao Xiaojie, excellent Xuan want to leave them, new house several bedrooms enough they live seashell self balancing scooter together, taking into account Zhao Xiaojie away, and they did not decline, but worth refused Su Chenxi, who do not understand why she is so stubborn, only she knows, the heart of the stars to move that point of hope. Sure enough, Su Chenxi appeared in Xiaoyi Yang downstairs, countless days, she reminded herself not to fuss, endless night, she vowed never Prison, all self righteous relieved, are not far away from him, defeated. Upstairs window watching the dark, she thought, Xiaoyi Yang not like my life, I tried to run, want flies across time, after going to forget you, but no matter how I do not escape, mind you , how are lingering in front of you, I lost all self esteem and pride. If you can forget that nice ah In the evening, four dormitories, haunted voice of English listening, they are sitting at the table, seriously doing exercises. No matter who, after many years will be incomparable miss their time at university, no matter what your college years spent, fun is easily four years, or four years seashell self balancing scooter of hard work, you will think it seashell self balancing scooter is the most beautiful life of a memory, it carries your youth, your energy, your positive and your ideal real or unreal when young, for a future of unlimited imagination have also been recorded in the corner of this time. Two hours later, four girls also completed the task of learning English today, have put down the book exercises with each other Tucao ,, not the last step of his own difficulties after the burst of noise, we began each being to.

t change is good, there is no pressure on the lime self balancing scooter college entrance examination, we are happy, cheap 2 wheel self balancing scooter relaxed, but the laughter then how can compare between classes and playing jokes pleasure, perhaps during that lightsteelblue self balancing scooter full and busy day, simple pleasures will be precious. Each person s life, there will be millions of people, these people can also be called passing, they accompany you through that period of years, either side by side with you or make you disgusted, and finally a memory are left smiling faces, the approximate time you will know, in fact, everyone is a wonderful individual, past will all leave cherished part time flies, whether immediate or future, all the unpleasant experiences will be pass someone said that if you are not satisfied for the existence of life s emotions, self-balancing scooter battery charging because it is not yet the end. So, do not be sad, everything, to always forward all the years. Many girls are all emotional animals, Su Chenxi is no exception, long after the memories of the past, will always feel tired, she self balancing scooter cheap climbed.ed directed Cai Zhengyu, said. Chuah, where That should be his personal assistant, right, Su Chenxi positive thought to myself, very clever, Caizheng Yu saw her, and walked straight in front of her, Su Chenxi had mentally abused yourself how can you be so inconsiderate, I do not know to teacher a carafe of water, the teacher said so long, it must be uncomfortable. Su Chenxi then I thought, mineral water in their hands and handed Caizheng Yu Teacher, it is tough. Cai Zhengyu Look what you look like, not like high school students. Su Chenxi I have a junior, but is a chemistry. Cai Zhengyu Unfortunately, your design talent, but, if they wish to show their ability, not late at all times, you say seashell self balancing scooter it Su Chenxi I have not thought about, if finally chose to continue to do this, I will work hard. Cai Zhengyu Your bloom , I really like. Su Chenxi from the bag and pulled out askew FIG handed teacher, said. Since the teacher like it, send you to do to commemorate it. Cai Zhengyu your drawings, so just to.o read Xiaoyi Yang, do not know when to begin, all of seashell self balancing scooter her feelings, because of Xiaoyi Yang and transformation. Friday night, Su Chenxi really do not want to who makes the best self balancing scooter continue to practice English, so want to be lazy to give himself a vacation, excellent Xuan in front pretend uncomfortable, a lot of persuasion to convince the actor Xuan not force her to go to the library, she was pretending aggrieved look, excellent Xuan also no way to get her, let her rest in the dormitory, carrying their own bags went out. Su Chenxi easily open the computer, opening the long miss TV shows, helped myself come noon not eating dessert, this comfortable life to make people relaxed, the story is probably not let her nerves strained that messages after a few tips, seashell self balancing scooter Su Chenxi was slow to pick up the seashell self balancing scooter phone, he saw a text message Xiaoyi Yang, her whole person sober him, and instantly disregard the drama, Xiaoyi Yang said doing Su Chenxi watching the news a little trance, is I want you means you, even though you are saying, but it.

Seashell Self Balancing Scooter the arrival of it, I do not how so reserved, oh my God, my daredevil, but I will definitely go Xiaoyi Yang and seagreen self balancing scooter classmates arranged the scene and they are based on the number of applicants to participate in the activities of the estimated number of scene, leaving few vacancies. Xiaoyi Yang took out the phone was about to limegreen self balancing scooter ponder Saturday afternoon at the school who, my mind came out of the first person is seashell self balancing scooter Su Chenxi, he smacks her mouth, do not hesitate to send a message to Su Chenxi. He is also a bit seashell self balancing scooter puzzled why think of Su Chenxi, she wanted to come. After the invitation after seeing her reply, Xiaoyi Yang smiled, his heart is still with the original expectations, expecting she will come, do not understand why there is such a feeling himself, he told himself, it must be because it is estimated that should Su Chenxi free, so she thought, no steelblue self balancing scooter extra reason. Su Chenxi elated at the moment have to pretend poor way, with the students, said Honey, I m sorry, I have something to go back at night a., and finally, he realized that he was very sure you really have to like the Su Chenxi, and liked him, had this time the intention busy campus told her that he wanted to hold her down on the way, good to take good care of her, not let her suffer any damage. Xiaoyi seashell self balancing scooter Yang and like yesterday, like the Su Chenxi back to the dormitory, and told her You go tomorrow afternoon when dressing give me a call, or just to you today that I have time to wait for you downstairs, and, you dare lie to me at your peril. Su Chenxi sheepishly asked What consequences ah Xiaoyi Yang said You try Su Chenxi concede I can not, well, I ll call you tomorrow. Xiaoyi Yang gave a satisfied smile, said Then I go back, you take a rest, see you tomorrow. Su Chenxi hastily nodded Well, bye, see you tomorrow. The next few days, Xiaoyi Yang Su seashell self balancing scooter Chenxi go to school every day to accompany hospital dressing, a hand around her shoulder, the other seashell self balancing scooter hand on the other side of her arm, as if to hold her in his arms, after the end of delivery.

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