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Scarlet Self Balancing Scooter eople, every night, many nights, to see you, wake up, burst into tears. The past is only really over This life, I can not see you again Recovered the Su Chenxi, facing continued drawing started drawing, day after day, impetuous heart will always be precipitated placid, since this life you love a person, it would put you in my heart, do I do. Two years later, the World show floor in London, after the curtain call Su Chenxi figure appeared, caused quite a stir, she appeared dressed, had faded Sentimental and tender, like a queen, overlooking the entire world. One year later, she once again boarded the star studded stage, flash, fashion has become a focus of her latest work, Tears colored fragrance, the Chinese classical elements and modern fashion the perfect integration, creating a feast of fashion industry, leading the retro spread, many viewers see this series of works have shed scarlet self balancing scooter tears, as if such works tell enduring beauty. Because she declined all scarlet self balancing scooter interviews, so after a fashion show in the pas.tions, Xiaoyi Yang busy with their careers you should not unconditionally support Why quarrel out of nothing, I obviously clear that they will not have any, but they always think of scarlet self balancing scooter the time can not control themselves, examination Come quickly, perhaps the end of this life, those who can not the origin of stress and anxiety because it will disappear. Month internship after Su deeppink self balancing scooter Chenxi little laugh too, and excellent Xuan Su Chenxi way to the dormitory walk, see, Su Chenxi mood is not very good, excellent Xuan could not resist opening Dawn, this month, I watched you come, I know you re sad, I say it might be a little better. Su Chenxi Excellent Xuan, you know, I doubt I have psychological problems, and every day I guess Lingfield in Beijing will go to Xiaoyi Yang, they are friends, it is impossible not to contact, although Xiaoyi Yang scarlet self balancing scooter Lin deleted Philippine micro letter, but I try to contact a person, how will there is a way, I think I m going into a morbid, but I could not help to think about. Exc.

ou what happened, you tell me Excellent Xuan Nothing is quite like you, I come here, nice is not good, do not understand anything, a bad mood not want to participate in social activities, every day back home, empty room, penetrate the body alone, I like a general air of existence. Su Chenxi You Xuan, you do not say that you just just go soon, not in the habit, it will slowly get better, you have us ah, although we are not around, but we are also very worried about you. Excellent Xuan I really want to hurry through this stage. Su Chenxi how you live far from school do ah Excellent scarlet self balancing scooter Xuan Not far there are school bus, very convenient, I address to you, you are welcome at any time to bother. Su Chenxi When I save enough money, leave it to see you. Excellent Xuan Xu Yang, I want to ask him you know what Su Chenxi He s not too good, the portrait for a pair of faces, you did leave him, his big fight. Excellent Xuan I was sorry for him, that weekend, I m back on the road wallet, I walk two.together, eat together, study together, although Su Chenxi and Zhao Xiaojie always go to scarlet self balancing scooter the library to read the novel Su Chenxi often complain about why they chose this profession of chemistry, because it is not acceptable to do experiments themselves, into a laboratory IQ was cleared, often commit low level errors, but Su Chenxi and found himself complaining about the same person is Zhao Xiaojie, two people are a bit the second element, can always find a lot scarlet self balancing scooter of pleasure that only they understand. Springfield always live in their own quiet world, happy and sad are not just saying that with others, any ideas of his heart never easily revealed, but stubborn in his own plan to do everything, n because of her determination, just insist on doing their own, will not consider the feelings of others, often let my dorm mates speechless, but fortunately the rest of good character, and she does not care about those trifles, we have chosen to remember live her good side. Xuan gifted every day about the future and not because of the passage of time and indifferent, but after a few months scarlet self balancing scooter with a trace of precipitation firm, her more clearly see his heart, fashion design school has not only for their own interest though many elements encountered in daily life, it will become her design inspiration, just six months, this second design has been completed immediately painted over, plus the previous three designs of the present, filled with countless night somersault mood, artwork every piece of clothing comes from different people or the scarlet self balancing scooter colors of the King, tells the story of enduring like. Winter weekend, the best option is to pull Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi eat hot pot, she always felt a steaming hot self balancing scooter in india pot shop bisque darkgray self balancing scooter will bring her greatest warmth, hot bath can go back later if this warm melt into heart. She looked at the point of their own food, satisfied nod, she does not just want a simple today with Xiaoyi Yang as usual this weekend to complete some appointments, but there are North self balancing scooter important things.

Scarlet Self Balancing Scooter ng would like me ah Excellent Xuan I did not understand for a long time, you do not want to go to Xiaoyi Yang grapes as an excuse not to buy grapes do you do to him not on the line. Su Chenxi more angry, he said, Ah, ah, I really Zhu, I have been tangled how suitable convince myself to see him have forgotten my scarlet self balancing scooter hand which does not self balancing scooter supplier have the grapes do, ha ha, excellent Michelle, thank you for reminding I, Mody Mody da Having darted upstairs. Excellent Xuan shook his head and said to himself It was carried away by the love of people, ah, previously carefree Su Chenxi since met him, and not the same, is that the person affects mood , Xiaoyi Yang had become Maine self balancing scooter a barometer of her mood, love this kind of thing, I did not understand how much love charm until Xiaoyi Yang saw Su Chenxi to these changes, the original of this power self balancing scooter site fr ebay amazon is really great, so happy Su Chenxi, I wish her happiness, there is always a hope Xiaoyi Yang will see behind him so fond of her Su Chenxi, and cherish her. Since love with you, al.ely prepared to depart promptly said to change the subject. They talked and talked went to the school gate, Su Chenxi thought it was just a walk inside the school, but did not go back Xiaoyi Yang mean, she keep up his pace out of the gate, outside the night really scarlet self balancing scooter is another world like, school, quiet and quiet lively ridicule noisy outside in stark contrast. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi and talk while walking along the street, not the evaluation of various commodities in the window, she rarely aimlessly scarlet self balancing scooter shopping scarlet self balancing scooter purposes, do not know which is the end, the original feeling good, perhaps because with plum self balancing scooter silver self balancing scooter the next he, so there is not the same feeling, happy It is warm Or happiness Passing a bridge, Xiaoyi Yang and Su Chenxi took the bridge, watching the coming and going of vehicles, although the November weather, but the wind was still on the bridge of the people felt so comfortable, did not feel cold, they do not speak, he stood quietly, despite the wind and chaos head. Xiaoyi Yang turned and saw hair mess S.

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