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Sanway Smart Self Balancing Scooter n Xuan and Zhao Xiaojie, Trevor Nunn things all salmon self balancing scooter incorporated into the cabinet, including the covers of the bed, she did not ask anything, but excellent Xuan see her puzzled and said Lingfield He says stay in school did not do, on the yellow self balancing scooter first home, ahead of the winter break. Su Chenxi Oh. Zhao Xiaojie was puzzled and said She did not know how, these days does not seem happy, I say today, in the quarters, if my boyfriend like Xiaoyi sanway smart self balancing scooter Yang flew back to stay with the same special look, I will marry him immediately, she heard after accidentally broke the cup, they may think of their own feelings right. Excellent Xuan She went back and relax is also quite good. Su Chenxi For ah, looking for work pressure getting bigger. Zhao Xiaojie went to the sanway smart self balancing scooter bathroom, Su Chenxi suddenly remembered no concern recently gifted Xuan situation, asked. Excellent Xuan, recently busy with exams I forgot to ask you, how about the school application Excellent Xuan do I have to do, and also to apply a lot of school, and so sanway smart self balancing scooter the.unn cheated, so poor, I wanted to comfort her. Xiaoyi Yang I know, next time you want to come out at night, remember to tell me that I accompany you, you just do not see the home, scared me. Su Chenxi I know you worry about what I have no money. Xiaoyi Yang you grown too unsafe. Su Chenxi This is the beauty of it haha praise me, gone, do not be angry, I want to go home Xiaoyi Yang launched this car. Thought it was a new beginning, I did not expect, old acquaintances appeared one by one, Trevor Nunn, Caizheng Yu, Su Chenxi the curious, who followed, it was just a very special kind of familiar. Love is a circle cherish the company s all too busy working, although not yet winter, the company has to begin preparations for the spring of next year the main push Idaho self balancing scooter of the series, which the designer was responsible for a series self balancing electric scooter of temporary quit, took a series of works that he has prepared. Now a series of positive sanway smart self balancing scooter theme of the work is missing, Cai Zhengyu not hesitate to put this task to Su Chenxi, by he.

t a few days before the bike is, Xiaoyi Yang smile He said Miss Su, on behalf of Beijing, you are welcome. Su Chenxi sanway smart self balancing scooter Welcome to Beijing does not welcome, I do not want to know, I just electric self balancing scooter reviews know you welcomed me, is enough. Xiaoyi Yang opened the copilot s door, said Miss Su, please. Su Chenxi got to sit happy, smiling, Xiaoyi Yang evoke mouth shut the door to return to their positions before departure asked her opinion Miss Su would like to go to eat it, or go home. Su Chenxi surprised and asked Go home Xiaoyi Yang My parents that house too far from bronze self balancing scooter the company, they are a little further I found a place for apartments, help me to pay a down payment, you cherish is also nearby, Miss Su mind if there will on it Su Chenxi I worried for a long time, so far away from the school cherish, I want to play more early to get on the subway. Xiaoyi Yang No way, I always had a halo appears. Su Chenxi Then you go over there to see it, the way to put my things to sort out. Just shortly after leaving the airport, Su C.appear She saw the phone on the table Xiaoyi Yang, two wheel electric self balancing scooter my heart is still complaining about how not carry a cell phone, if not find the way back But how could he find the way He s IQ high EQ Xiaoyi Yang ah Su Chenxi pick up the phone and saw a message appears on the screen Xu Yang said, Xiao Shuai, I plan to send the book to you later, you see if there are problems, the company there urging you to hurry back to my reading. Su Chenxi hesitated, still intend to sanway smart self balancing scooter reply to Xu Yang, tried Xiaoyi Yang s birthday, the password is wrong, and tried with them dates or wrong. She used her birthday to unlock the phone lock that moment, the mood became sanway smart self balancing scooter clear, open micro channel, Su Chenxi typing speed obviously a lot slower, after all, accustomed to using their mobile phone, she politely replied Xu Yang , hello, I m sanway smart self balancing scooter Su Chenxi, Xiaoyi Yang went out, and so will come back to get back to you. Xu Yang touches seconds back Oh, good, he came back to tell him, I find him, thank you. Return and Xu Yang chat, Su Chenxi, deliberately quipped How to see there are many topics to chat between you Oh, Xu Yang who is also good, you do not think about ah Xuan gifted boys alone mediumorchid self balancing scooter and do not often live close, a bit embarrassed, said You say, we are a normal chat, you be so nosy, next fuchsia self balancing scooter sanway smart self balancing scooter time do not come out with you, ah. Su Chenxi had to beg for mercy OK, so really, I do not open your joke is not on the line, Having two people chasing slapstick. Xiaoyi Yang Xu Yang came back and saw the two girls are chasing each other, Xu Yang exclaimed. Previously only know to play games with you or the company s busy, but now has a girlfriend suddenly felt good. Xiaoyi Yang still no extra expression, slowly opening I feel good to give it a try. Xu Yang and learn to understand each other talk about it. See Xiaoyi Yang came back, Su Chenxi trot over toward him, he opened his hands and wanted to take her into her arms, her face sweet drilling Xiaoyi Yang embrace, growled how to go for so long, I I think you secretly ran away. Xiaoyi Yan.

Sanway Smart Self Balancing Scooter probably a desire now seems very happy sanway smart self balancing scooter now. Excellent Xuan eyes opened Kentucky self balancing scooter instantly, Xu Yang gentle overflowing eyes are watching herself, she slowly lowered his head, cheeks flushed. This night, no one will forget it s gorgeous, sanway smart self balancing scooter just think, the hearts will be brilliant. Ever since you and I no longer look forward to the arrival of the festival, because of you, every day will be a romantic Valentine s Day Festival before the final exam for all students is probably the best excuse to relax, the end becomes the ultimate New Year s Day invitation studying pro forma, the Library resumed its former crowded, but Su Chenxi was kept in pressure for library expectations and vision. There, every day there are around Xiaoyi Yang, not their own courses to this day, reading together, review together, looking at each other every expression of transformation. Su Chenxi always inadvertently look to Xiaoyi Yang, watching his serious look, sometimes scowled sometimes face relaxed, Xiaoyi Yang although looking at th.curious and asked After the financial system work is not the number of money, envy, you can count the sanway smart self balancing scooter money every day. Xiaoyi Yang speechless Number someone else s money, how would envy, just go to the bank counter after work, it may be the amount of money every day. Su Chenxi still plausibly so much money per day, it will work, life will have to pursue. Xiaoyi Yang puzzled Why do you see other people s money will work Su Chenxi smiled and replied Work can have so much money, buy a variety of delicious, but do not ask my parents to money, economic independence than good. Xiaoyi Yang did not think it would be this kind of logic, did not think she likes a little more sanway smart self balancing scooter money, but to satisfy their own food goods mouth, suddenly want to tweak her face, but he did not do so, he knew that intimacy is two people across the boundaries of behavior. Xiaoyi Yang just recover their thoughts, Su Chenxi aside fear and asked We ll move to the new campus of the end of sophomore year, like most professionals will.

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