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Saddlebrown Self Balancing Scooter should also come from the Qin Rui game the lecture hall. Can only see his profile in Su Chenxi angle, the boys are about one meter eighty, wearing a black T shirt, saddlebrown self balancing scooter deep eyes, eyes clear, slanting front let some bangs nose look more , it seems to have a little unruly, but just right so that the people seem chic. Su Chenxi in the heart sighed and said This guy is really handsome ah, if in excellent Xuan and Zhao Xiaojie, will anthomaniac screaming. Are thinking, the boys turn over, are facing Su Chenxi, Su Chenxi was going to sigh when saddlebrown self balancing scooter the front is also very handsome, and his gaze turned on, Su Chenxi immediately lowered his head, embarrassed to continue to feed the cat, whispering with how can you be so humiliated, so handsome nor see, seen by others, more humiliating ah. Kitten probably had enough, did not continue to eat the navajowhite self balancing scooter meaning, Su Chenxi thinking inside roommate still waiting, he was ready to go, he got up and saw the boy has walked away from Su Chenxi this big corridor the back door and.ertainly his thoughts drifting into the distance, but I do not know what strange things in the inquiry. She opened a mental activity mode I do not know Xiaoyi Yang doing Do you want to contact about it, but texting seems too direct, or micro channel is a good choice, but it seems not to have been before the number you about friends, Hey, Qin Rui should not know Ha ha, I m so smart Su Chenxi Qin Rui, ah, um, Xiaoyi Yang the number is how much ah Qin Rui Ha ha, you should be doing, ah, people will not fancy it. Su Chenxi What are you thinking, it will not do, I just But, how can it be met alumni, making friends is not always saddlebrown self balancing scooter your slogan Qin Rui Oh, you do not tease you, give you skque self balancing scooter 8 wheels a number. Su Chenxi tense enter the number waiting for their consent, and soon passed the verification, she was both happy and excited, suddenly do not know what saddlebrown self balancing scooter to talk about good, so, after a few minutes Su Chenxi Xiaoyi Yang Xiaoyi Yang ah, you have a lot of characteristics that food ah, hot pot Su Chenxi.

at night, she took saddlebrown self balancing scooter the phone call Xiaoyi Yang, pick up the phone long after, they heard the voice of Trevor Nunn. Hey, Su Chenxi, Xiaoyi Yang drunk and fell asleep. Su Chenxi feel that their world has totally collapsed, her trembling asked. Where you Trevor Nunn s actually very easy to answer The Company. Su Chenxi run again, just out the door, careful not to fall, she got up and continued to run, managed to block the car she kept urging the driver a little faster, the company downstairs, upstairs looked bright from the lights, only some peace of mind. Xiaoyi Yang micro awake, looking at sitting next to Trevor saddlebrown self balancing scooter Nunn, rubbed his head and said. How do you here. Trevor Nunn suddenly sat up, leaned over and hugged Xiaoyi Yang, said. Yang also, I m sorry, I do not know Cai Zhengyu conspiracy, I do not see it as soon as possible, so you get into this situation. Xiaoyi Yang slowly pushed Trevor Nunn, said. Thanks for your attention, you know, do not blame you. Trevor Nunn Caizheng Yu Su Chenxi also.of daily life, of course, to love each other. Toss so long, back to the dorm already more than eleven, Su Chenxi no way active as self balancing-scooter before to jump to climb, only wash finished obediently sitting on the bench, watching the busy wash roommate, her heart face is deeply touched and warm, out of this design, a beautiful painting of flowers, self balancing scooter 2 wheels flower sea four saddlebrown self balancing scooter girls holding hands grinning next to the words Thanks for the most beautiful years, met you, I never felt the sisterly love. The design did not, she did not think well, how you want them saddlebrown self balancing scooter to draw the most beautiful dress. saddlebrown self balancing scooter The embrace of lust Su Chenxi dorm mates agreed that the speed of walking, went to the classroom from the hostel should take half an hour or longer, but to help her make a week off to rest in the quarters, she did not want trouble with her to school roommate hospital every day, first days dressing deliberately chose the afternoon class time, not taking advantage of all that he slowly moved to the university hospital. Su Chenxi limpin.close the car Caizheng Yu Chuah, I can not want. Cai Zhengyu a little token, it is not turned down. Su Chenxi Chuah, I do not want this, mediumpurpul self balancing scooter you do not embarrass me. Cai Zhengyu After that my colleagues, but also friends, so do not see outside, that sentence do not mind, passing just to buy, well, I m going to catch the plane, see you later. Before Su Chenxi spoke electric self balancing scooter unicycle segway again, the car had started, but unfortunately, she had stuffed into her bag, ready for the next time to see Cai Zhengyu, and then back to him. Is preparing to taxi back saddlebrown self balancing scooter and saw the door just out of Springfield, Su copper self balancing scooter Chenxi positive and she did not know what to say, Trevor Nunn spoke first only to favorite people, dawn, so where are you still hiring like. Su Chenxi Not like that, but just buy Cai total, and I ll pay her. Trevor Nunn I did not say anything, dawn, your response so excited, in fact, you know very well, well, I want to go and self balancing scooter for sale Chuah Send contract saddlebrown self balancing scooter to his uncle, and Xiaoyi Yang company contracted to mistyrose self balancing scooter do cailiqun has helped his uncle.

Saddlebrown Self Balancing Scooter again left the distressed tears, until Caizheng Yu guarding him left, he finally understood why in the office saw crying in the arms Caizheng Yu Su Chenxi, See far apologize news in the UK Su Chenxi when Liu also received a teacher s phone, she said Dawn, you ve lost once, and I know you ll want to saddlebrown self balancing scooter come back, but you think about it, you come back , what can we do If we have a similar thing, so you still can only cry as before, waiting to be redeemed it I can protect you once, but you can not always have time to prepare for you, you have to cherish the opportunity so that they become strong, only you can protect yourself. Su Chenxi I know sir, I will not go back. She was facing the window, he stared spellbound, though here soon, but she is like here. The school is located in a small town in England, she likes the town, quiet and noble, is in line with her mood, as if isolated in general, do new phone card only contact with the family, and she looked away calm lake, still remembered the familiar p.o the stomach. Young we always easy to ignore a feeling, probably a lot of boys in front of the feelings are belated, whether they like her, or her own likes and can not perceive, so emotional, we are easy duplicity. How I wish you would know how much I miss you, love love to laugh so I do not know when to start, so that I love you into a phrase, then keeping everything. The courage to tell the truth Su Chenxi increasingly watch their cell phone, she has been looking forward, I hope there will Xiaoyi Yang news at night in the library doing English exercises, she still kept picking up the phone, and then put down. Michelle looked at her superior status, had snatched her cell phone into his bag, said sharply You want to test do not want to Guo Siji you really look into it so that the confiscation of two hours, you finish this set of questions and then back to you. Su Chenxi had bowed his head began to practice from a good hearing, but it felt very moved, there is saddlebrown self balancing scooter such a nice friend, no matter how.

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