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Purple Self Balancing Scooter u Chenxi lying lazily watched it, he took out buns broke it and gave it kitten probably afraid, has not come out, she peachpuff self balancing scooter purple self balancing scooter had to squat down purple self balancing scooter and forced to move to the buns into them, this kitten did not hesitate to eat mediumslateblue self balancing scooter it, looked at the little Su Chenxi cat greedy kind, smiled and said hungry, right, eat slowly, and a lot of it. Has maintained this position, Su Chenxi feel more uncomfortable, to see no one around, simply pull the purple self balancing scooter skirt, sitting on the edge of the garden, but fortunately the skirt long enough to sit down and not have any effect, so go to the kitten food delivery much more convenient. Su Chenxi been immersed in communication with the kitten, I heard someone speak, did not purple self balancing scooter look up, but continued stroking already familiar with her kitten, after a long time, voices have not disappeared, just curious looked Su Chenxi , the door stood a boy, leaning against the window is the name of the phone, as if saying in forty minutes before the start, you do not worry, Su Chenxi think to yourself this. foreach($txt as $text)

l the mind, only because of you, and look forward to every time you meet, I can look forward to a little bit closer to you. Perhaps in sorrow and happiness, back and forth, but I will not be tired, because I like you, even if exhausted all efforts, but also like you. Cangzaixinli words Su Chenxi back to the dorm, and immediately put things, I can not wait to come up with a cell phone to Xiaoyi Yang micro letter What are you doing it free now smile She has been accustomed to micro channel reminder muted, Xiaoyi Yang to miss the news, she kept looking at the phone, afraid to miss what his reply. Finally, the top of the phone prompts the Xiaoyi Yang sent purple self balancing scooter a message in a meeting, it should be the end of it half past nine, how Su Chenxi disturbed and asked, What you end up with after, I can go to you I went out today to buy a super delicious grapes, I want to share with you cute. Fortunately her heart, is the Internet s excellent Michelle did not come back, or will see her face flush. See skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels Xiaoyi Yang.table in front of the Soviet Union dawn shot with the camera numerous photos, start to record their time together, graduated a few months, never be the same, that the carefree college years. After school again, she was busy in the new company signed internship was self balancing scooter change busy to favorite school to participate in re, but the main focus had to be placed on top of graduation. Su Chenxi no suspense admitted to the School of Design big day, re examination, she again saw Cai Zhengyu out teaching building, Cai Zhengyu facing surprised face, purple self balancing scooter she said Companies come here every year to outstanding graduates choose, I the following people do not trust the vision come purple self balancing scooter personally saw today in the re examination, the way to come look, your choice is right. Although no longer a training school, but Su Chenxi still respected for his heart, she said. Thank you, my initial recognition, gave me great courage. Caizheng Yu Su Chenxi handed the phone leave your phone number, summer vacation to cherish, internship opportun.knows the Soviet Union, a heart that has paleturquoise self balancing scooter to be put in the bud, the moment, in full bloom. She recalled the earlier scenes, from the lake to see his moment, everything was as good enough. A pair of slender hands, clear joints, Dawn purple self balancing scooter boys have rarely seen such a nice hand, and that his hands had just shook his hand, her face slightly flushed, was puzzled, even if the color value is high, why even the hand so good. Su Chenxi said in his heart the first time he gets the boys hand, and that person happens to be my favorite person, though he did not know I like him, but I know enough, even if in my heart, feel good well, I finally changed his distance a little purple self balancing scooter closer, want to see you, and you just met, you feel the temperature of such a small happiness, just good. Crush day will probably be so shy with, do not be afraid of his little mood to see through each other, more afraid of their own like the lack of response, but want them to know, hoping to get an answer, and thus has been contradictory. On the.

Purple Self Balancing Scooter n the dorm friends. But she has a love defeating good friend, always let her prudish quickly defeated, excellent Xuan mercilessly exposed the truth Oh, what time it was enough to send me grapes slightly. In fact, Su best self balancing scooter Chenxi simply can not wait any longer any truth, even if she sometimes want to hide feelings, but her face would betray her, she will share with you how do I can khaki self balancing scooter not save myself, I more and more like him, and how he can be so handsome, handsome laugh, do not laugh too orange self balancing scooter handsome, too handsome to see the phone, speak handsome, handsome to walk Michelle looked excellent start of praise Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi, have imagined that she would not stop, only interrupted her Stop, we know that he is three hundred sixty degrees without dead guy, okay, really spend crazy enough, though I think I ve seen Xiaoyi Yang is the most handsome guy, but really get you into a fan like this ah Now why did not like him to tell him that confession in this matter, how are you so counseling Su Chenxi pret.he summer time, I did not go to class training yet reported to me you name it a good review I will continue to test time should be no problem, I was in the training school, purple self balancing scooter the teachers do not believe that I am not a professional, and they say my work is very good. Dad If you think it over, and we all support purple self balancing scooter you, that you worry so much suddenly span inevitably encounter a lot of problems. Mom yes ah, you are so big, already an adult, it has to think clearly, make decisions as to when responsibility later. Su Chenxi So, you are accepted Dad Do you really like purple self balancing scooter purple self balancing scooter this profession, then we have no objection whatever, your mother and I, ah, self balancing scooter quality specification have not you want to become famous overnight, or that rich, as long as you are perfectly healthy, happy life on the line. Su Chenxi parents heard this self balancing scooter at walmart speech, I do not know what to say, has been, no matter what they do, uncomplaining parents support, she worried that parents might object, are themselves too narrow, this world , so give her unconditional love and tol.

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