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Peachpuff Self Balancing Scooter oothly slipped, saw a lot of chat window, she did not look Xiaoyi Yang chats habit, in her mind, she does not want to interfere too much Xiaoyi Yang peachpuff self balancing scooter s life, she wanted to give tan self balancing scooter him enough personal space. She withdrew from the micro letter, but quit the moment, Su Chenxi if he saw a familiar picture, Trevor Nunn Su Chenxi heart can not peachpuff self balancing scooter help but hesitated, frowning. Previous gifted Michelle reminded her, this time all in Michigan self balancing scooter the ears, although not excellent Xuan said Trevor Nunn s what is not, but not once reminded her that Trevor Nunn and Xiaoyi Yang too concerned about her feelings, she even at peachpuff self balancing scooter the moment some are afraid to go back to look again, hopefully just saw that the screen was his blurred vision. Su Chenxi gently wrinkled brow gradually, after a moment, she did not hesitate to point to open a micro letter icon, a downward slide. Sure enough, a little below the location of the phone inside his own head and some, indeed Trevor Nunn, because her head is her own photos. Trance is on the edge of t.u Yang You girlfriends come ah you do not know, I thought you made an appointment for it Su Chenxi people first thought is Springfield, but she turned out to be unable to speak at this time, my mind kept playback of the night, Trevor Nunn said If I rob him, you do not hate I stole him away with his High morning That man you know ah Xu Yang more than just understanding, they used to be peachpuff self balancing scooter roommates. High morning That sister in law did not know how ah Xu Yang No wonder, she was down to business today to work, it was too late to tell sister in law, sister in law, how A peachpuff self balancing scooter long time, Su Chenxi recovered, tension, said What does she do. Xu Yang There is an Internet company, took a fancy to our new financial management software, want to cooperate with us, today sent the Secretary of the contract, about Xiao Shuai meet another day go into the details. Su Chenxi like what they do the Trevor Nunn is not Caizheng Yu s secretary Internet companies is how is it She seemed to react something, ran Xiaoyi Yan.

to see the. She want to see Michelle premarital busy being gifted but also to pick her up by himself in a hotel, not to mention, here, she too familiar. Even she can not exactly explain why she set cyan self balancing scooter the hotel, only one street away from home Xiaoyi Yang distance, no matter how you do not want to admit, but also no match revealed within the heart wants to close. A short break at the hotel, with excellent Xuan Su Chenxi they rush to meet and Zhao Xiaojie, excellent Xuan Su Chenxi do not want to embarrass, of course, there will be no bridesmaid in Springfield, four years no girlfriends, they are no longer that once innocent children, who have traces of life, the original did not know each other in time, experienced so many unexpected story. Zhao Xiaojie desperate and had to be separated boyfriend went to the long, her eyes mediumseagreen self balancing scooter without the slightest remorse, brought in the past, she has long been clear sky, all experienced, have long been a part of life, no need to repent, for to do now, will have the ch.Xiaoyi Yang called and reminded to bring Su Chenxi coat, weather forecast Shanghai a few days there will be continued rain, and give Su Chenxi explains Xiao Yu peachpuff self balancing scooter companies have other plans for him there peachpuff self balancing scooter they may have to come back early, only three or four days, so he peachpuff self balancing scooter chose some famous places, let her see they fit. In fact, for self balancing scooter samsung battery the purposes of Su Chenxi, where to go is not important, it is important in the side, shoulder to shoulder with his trip, have a special meaning people in love. No amount of fantasy, probably all about a charming landscape, a smile for you, some of our journey together. After hanging up the phone, Su Chenxi traveling bag and stuffed into a coat, give excellent Xuan sharing their joy and said Xiaoxuan child, we will leave tomorrow, you, you go out to play, or you can first learn I come back again to play with you, and I m going to Shanghai Xiaoyi Yang, I want darksalmon self balancing scooter to quickly take a look at what peachpuff self balancing scooter more romantic place, we went to those places, imagine all feel so happy. Excellent Xuan.and later every day until Su Chenxi fell asleep on the couch, failed to see peachpuff self balancing scooter the door Xiaoyi Yang s home was open, and he ordered her not to fine the darksalmon self balancing scooter sofa, sleep for himself, she had to compromise. The new semester has finally arrived, given that they often come Xiaoyi Yang, after school, Su Chenxi only moved some things. After a summer internship, Caizheng Yu Su Chenxi ability to think, enough to start work, I did not expect to Su Chenxi school refused him, but she just did not want to continue to listen to all the arguments, just after graduating from the formal into the company, that day she left, deliberately went to say goodbye to his office Caizheng Yu, also promised free will see him, as Caizheng Yu Su Chenxi mentally friendly big brother, he could understand her mood, he could read her work, he was the first one to see all the emotions of the people on her design. Su Chenxi think, originally, he is a wise and peaceful man. After school, Su Chenxi met his mentor Liu, a gentle middle aged.

Peachpuff Self Balancing Scooter hat youth in the crush once, tasted his little mood to chew their own little secret, though like you, become my own thing, but I still hesitate, known only to themselves, secretly like those years, pure and beautiful. Wrote in the crush you. The arrival of spring flowers will bloom, I believe. Eventually encounter when Sleeping all the way, and finally to the already somewhat familiar with the city, back to the dorm already in the afternoon, Su Chenxi the door they saw a seal on the door no longer, it seems someone has to. He opened the door and saw the excellent Xuan smile goes a long absence, his eyes shining with the familiar light. Su Chenxi like excellent Xuan eyes, deep and clever, as if there had curious story, with her whenever Su Chenxi mediumvioletred self balancing scooter instituted where there is the newly opened restaurant, can see the twinkle in her eyes, their common interest is eat, eat two cargo ideas are always able to achieve a high degree of consensus in this regard about to eat. Because Long time no see,, everyone s memories of youth, near the school as if there will be a street belonging to the school, there are different types of shops on the streets, perhaps humble restaurant, perhaps there are many small wares, jewelry stores, or maybe sweet cake house, everyone in such streets, leaving a lot of memories. In such a general, he also co exist with some memorable stories, those memorable fragments in later life seemingly no place to place, but it is difficult to erase the memory of peachpuff self balancing scooter that time has been fixed in the corner, to pay homage to peachpuff self balancing scooter the profligacy Love. The dinner table, Xiaoyi Yang self balancing scooter battery Su Chenxi has to take their food, do self balancing hoverboard 2016 not know when to begin, he remembered her preferences, Xu Yang in the side, said. Xiao peachpuff self balancing scooter Shuai, my plate is empty. Xiaoyi Yang I did not remember correctly, you can support themselves. Xu Yang sister in law can also take care of yourself ah. Xiaoyi Yang You know sister in law ah Xu Yang Well, I shall punish you say but, I tell you ah, Xiao Shuai before their own have no.

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