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Navyblue Self Balancing navyblue self balancing scooter Scooter you navyblue self balancing scooter can try to open your eyes looks into the distance, do not look at the foot, or fear, then we go, OK Su oldlace self balancing scooter Chenxi sheepishly opened his eyes, because the station s high, the distant scenery is not bad, she slowly looked to the foot, while the heart is still nervous, but not afraid to face the just the kind of mood. See Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi accepted, in a gentle kiss on her forehead and said Look, is not so afraid, the main ah, handsome or because I m next to you, is not it Su Chenxi not convinced Well, it was magenta self balancing scooter my own efforts to overcome. Xiaoyi Yang pretended to go Then I go, you yourself in this. Su Chenxi hastily pulled him ah, no, I was wrong, because you are, okay Xiaoyi Yang in the heart can not help but chuckle, fool , then Su Chenxi into her arms, said I will always navyblue self balancing scooter be by your side, we are navyblue self balancing scooter always together, OK Su Chenxi just received the shock, finally calmed down, the sudden confession to make her forget also stood on the vacant corridor, is in the hundreds of meters of altitude, she can.the heart will always Su Chenxi from time to time for that individual Dangqi lightblue self balancing scooter little ripples. Su Chenxi could not help but look Xiaoyi Yang greeting every day, and he shared all feel meaningful things, though not talk a lot of content, but as long as his reply, even simple words, will navyblue self balancing scooter be very satisfied, every day against those not many chats over and over again aftertaste, watching, laughing. She thought a lot of days have not been able to understand why they would navyblue self balancing scooter like a do not understand the navyblue self balancing scooter people, after all, only met once, even when the vacation is navyblue self balancing scooter about to end, Su Chenxi has been unable to clearly remember his deeppink self balancing scooter face, leaving the mind under just the one night, it becomes a very gentle moonlight night. Su Chenxi always not believe love at first sight this drama inside the plot will have to happen to them, probably years later remembered a time when youth gorgeous this stage, there is one such encounter is the best surprise. Before closing off back to school one day, my mother gave Su Chenxi pac.

do not like my life, I tried to run, want flies across time, after going to forget you, but no matter how I do not escape, mind you , how are lingering in front of you, I lost all self esteem and pride. If you can forget that nice ah In the evening, four dormitories, haunted voice of English listening, they are sitting at the table, seriously doing exercises. No matter who, after many years will be incomparable miss their time at university, no matter what your college years spent, fun is easily four years, or four years of hard work, you will think it is the most beautiful life of a memory, it carries navyblue self balancing scooter your youth, your energy, your positive and your ideal real or unreal when young, for a future of unlimited imagination have also been recorded in the corner of this time. Two hours later, four girls also completed the task of learning English today, have put down the book exercises with each other Tucao ,, not the last step of his own difficulties after the burst of noise, we began each being to.xi still holding hands, and said. I ll show you a place. Su Chenxi followed Xiaoyi Yang came to the student activity center, there are several large lecture hall, usually have a lot of speeches or party held here, Su Chenxi puzzled Why come here ah Xiaoyi Yang said When will you know Once inside, Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi took the elevator to the top floor, which is the sixth floor, Su Chenxi only been downstairs hall, never come up before, came out a few offices. Xiaoyi Yang with her, passing all the offices, to the corner, then turned the corner and is a large glass wall, the wall is wide roof, there are gravel roads, as well as flower beds full of flowers, the middle is a gazebo , Su Chenxi exclaimed this is so nice, how previously never know Xiaoyi Yang smiled and said. We often organize activities here, a chance discovery here, then we would come more often to meet, quiet and nice view Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi holding out the door to the roof, she ran at the fence around, continues laments From.thank you, Xiaoyi Yang was the first to speak, said. Next time there is time to play together, go back to bed earlier, oh thank you. Then he shook navyblue self balancing scooter the hands of the grapes. Xiaoyi Yang after she heard these words, I feel my heart filled with a burst of warmth again, and said. Ah, you are, go to bed earlier, bye. She turned and walked a navyblue self balancing scooter few steps, or stopped, looking back orchid self balancing scooter Xiaoyi Yang walked in the opposite direction, his back toward her, said Xiaoyi Yang, I love you. After a few seconds, she answered a God, and turned onto the floor, afraid she might be more Kanji burlywood self balancing scooter Yan back he found. Su Chenxi back to the dorm, dorm mates just like the song being played Su Chenxi, Michael Wong s right hand side more obvious smile on her face, my dorm mates saw his face, she can probably South self balancing scooter guess occur What, Zhao Xiaojie asked dawn ah, confessed, why go so much fun. In fact, her smile says it all, but she was reluctant to yellowgreen self balancing scooter admit that he went to see the Xiaoyi Yang. Why not, ah, I m just happy to see you feel warm i.

Navyblue Self Balancing Scooter Xi an in December, did not disappoint, it really is surprisingly cold, Su Chenxi just under a taxi is a shiver, her body wrapped in his coat, walked to the door A colonel, probably left too long, actually I wanted to come back. Removed to this, she was naive to think, to taste memories of the past, perhaps a better farewell, after five hours, she will have to fly to Beijing, to attend a friend s wedding gifted Xuan, that had her heart broken city, afraid of her, and yet look forward to. She knows that the wedding will see the verses will heartache Xiaoyi Yang, after all, she did not dare to admit, in fact, deep down want to see him. Four years, still could not forget, never thought so much about the memory of happiness, she turned into a night of torture, numerous night, she will be curled up in bed, think of him. Su Chenxi into the campus, the thought makes her eyes have changed again into unbearable pain, but now let her calm, also was surprised. Evergreens blowing wind rustling, but no day, he climbed up about as destined for suburban car. The car, the immediate landscape people have time to go think about something else, canyon between two peaks, clear streams in chunks of rock above flowing slowly, after taking photographs, we put up with hands grill. In such beautiful scenery, no matter who will forget all the troubles, fly in the ointment is that, due to the lack of experience, grilled things are half baked, barbecue abandon them together away from the bustle navyblue self balancing scooter to enjoy this beauty. Back near the school is in the afternoon, did not eat barbecue they went to a nearby school house grill, Su Chenxi suddenly want to drink, excellent Xuan stopping her. Drinker you can 2 wheel self balancing scooter with bluetooth not, navyblue self balancing scooter do not drink. Su Chenxi still insist, look at her in a bad mood parts, Qin Rui opening to accompany her to drink together, my dorm mates are also compromised, everyone is worried that the navyblue self balancing scooter scene took place, Su Chenxi drunk. The Su Chenxi looked drunk, excellent Xuan quickly pulled her to the school, Su C.

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