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Lime Self Balancing Scooter g, life will not always live up to the efforts of every person. Snack Street is crowded, standing in front of darkmagenta self balancing scooter Su Chenxi skewers stalls, kept Yan Zhao saliva, she knew now would be kind of embarrassing Xiaoyi Yang tease, simply put his face buried in his chest Xiaoyi Yang, the smell of his clothes fresh, but still could best self balancing scooters on the market not cover the smell floated nose skewers, she had to hurry asked almost ready yet. Hear good strategy , the Su Chenxi immediately looked up mouth watering food looked right hand, finally got the hands, Xiaoyi Yang saw her worried look promptly stopped her Be careful hot, slow down, she saw this look silly, so much could not help but smile touch her head. On the way back to the dorm, met Su Chenxi said Well happy ah, handsome guy to accompany me eat my self balancing scooter site uk favorite things, really feel comfortable too Xiaoyi Yang I am also happy. Su Chenxi What are you happy then you hungry. Xiaoyi Yang Happy you are so easily satisfied. Su Chenxi No, the next time I can not be so easy to deal with. Xi.w window seat, he and two students sitting together. She suddenly nervous, perhaps a little excited. She appears to have been staring at the front of the screen, in fact, he has been kept in the corner of the eye as seen obliquely rearward, she thought, and she was not fortunately Xiaoyi Yang a class, or classes, and she has maintained such an angle and distance, her eyes would become inclined. So until the end of the movie Su Chenxi do not know what did the movie in the end, she looked back Xiaoyi Yang, lights, her panic turned his head back, for fear of being found lime self balancing scooter Xiaoyi Yang peeking his own. Xiaoyi Yang Xiao Yu and students to the company s new product leaflets distributed to you, and take pictures, photos probably lime self balancing scooter also want to woo back to the night s bar. Xiaoyi Yang back and forth in the hallway, passing Su Chenxi, he did not see her, but staring at Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi, she thought he would say hello to her, in fact he did not even mediumseagreen self balancing scooter look at her, her smile gradually dim. After it was all o.

enxi I did not give her your number. Xiaoyi Yang see you jealous, I am very happy the way you are really cute. Su Chenxi said in his heart silly, you do not know what happened, but do the best you never know, you are my own, I will not have any sense of crisis. However, these words are only on Su Chenxi heart, she had said. Who told you so stupid, so set up a simple phone password Xiaoyi Yang Well, all my fault, forgive me Su Chenxi Young also later if there are other girls like you, how would you do Xiaoyi Yang Take her out of my world lire black, say, how can there be so many people like me think that you are stupid like you, like me Su Chenxi I m obviously because high IQ, good vision, just like you. Xiaoyi Yang ah, I like the way you praise. Su Chenxi Who praise you, I obviously boast myself okay Xiaoyi Yang Oh, yeah, but I m curious if I was robbed me, how would you do Su Chenxi If anyone audacious, dare to lime self balancing scooter rob you, I will take you wherever they rush back again. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi rubbe.ter night, she ate ice cream, look at the parts she can finally relax, Xiaoyi Yang did not stop her, but kept to the side lime self balancing scooter and grabbed her ice cream to help her eat Self Balancing Scooters faq half. Su Chenxi lime self balancing scooter former dormitory, aggrieved said You have to go back to Beijing, not another one or two months to see it. Xiaoyi Yang rubbed her face There are a segway self balancing scooter fails week winter break, to accompany you until the winter break. Su Chenxi immediately withdraw sad expression, she took a long jump Xiaoyi Yang s hand and said. Really kind of you. Xiaoyi Yang Well, go back to rest, cold outside, and tomorrow we go to the playground, and excellent Xuan Xu Yang also went along. Su Chenxi How there are so many surprises ah I will be happy to insomnia. lightslateblue self balancing scooter Xiaoyi Yang The next few days, relax with you, Miss Su exam is tough, long planned, it might affect your exam did not tell you, tomorrow have dark circles, not allowed to go oh. Su Chenxi. Then I go back to sleep, bye Then ran to the dormitory door. Su Chenxi back to the dormitory, and only gifted i.her. Xiaoyi Yang immediately put away the phone, afraid to see text messages Xu Yang, Nothing, too lazy to pull with you, leave me alone fill the job. Xiaoyi Yang from time to time to pick up the phone, looked at Su Chenxi confession SMS, also remembered and began to take her, and after intercourse, and every meet. He recalled each one has her picture in front of the message that he did not know how to reply, his heart completely confused, can not find the clue, he likes her If it is not sure. If with her, I found not so fond of how to do Su Chenxi so simple, he did not want to hurt her, but do not know how to speak to explain this thing, he reluctantly picked up and put down the phone, do not always know how lime self balancing scooter to do, simply turn off lime self balancing scooter the machine hooded sleeping. Xiaoyi Yang know, treat her, if not really particularly like, absolutely can not go try to be lime self balancing scooter with her, even he himself did not know why you do not want to see her hurt. The next day, Su Chenxi very nice feel to this all day long, she seem.

Lime Self Balancing Scooter familiar street, standing straight Xiaoyi Yang, she looked up , his eyes reveal a sweet smile, he is taller than her, she can only be looked up to see his face. Xiaoyi Yang asked smirk what Su Chenxi worship and said You saw the handsome my side, I am very happy. Xiaoyi Yang touched her sandybrown self balancing scooter head and said greenyellow self balancing scooter Ah, really dedicated lime self balancing scooter fans. Su Chenxi suddenly remembered something and said. So you are not allowed to touch the head of the other girls, so only touch me Xiaoyi Yang grin Su Chenxi children will be jealous that I was reluctant promise you. Xiaoyi Yang asked her what to eat, she said without hesitation ribs. Su Chenxi added I always made no secret of love meat. Xiaoyi Yang comfort her, she said. I also like to eat meat, we eat meat when there are differences right away. Dinner table, watching Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi of Pork no interest, and asked You do not like Pork ah Su Chenxi pouted explains This has too fat Xiaoyi Yang picked up a bit off the fat, the remaining bowl on her, told her This Pork.come of it She would be foolish to forget about it to the point where it, or she forgot the time, but what I disappointed She does not come, what does it matter I will not be disappointed. Hall s back door was pushed open, Xiaoyi Yang With dim light shone through the screen or a saw Su Chenxi, she sat not far from its own diagonally forward, he suddenly brightened up after the end of the movie, Xiaoyi Yang lime self balancing scooter for everyone when issued brochures, passing in front of Su Chenxi, he saw the corner goes lime self balancing scooter very happy smile face, but he did not look the other way she probably because youth in duplicity, it may lime self balancing scooter be because of a sense of stubborn, he pretended not to see her. Although not addressed Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi smile, but at the lime self balancing scooter moment he walked her or caught a glimpse of her bright smile gradually dim, his heart suddenly surprised, she is his indifference not happy yet Until everyone to leave, he did not see her no more exposed just smile, she walked out Arkansas self balancing scooter the back of the lecture hall are indicative of.

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