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Lightslateblue Self Balancing Scooter thank you, Xiaoyi Yang was the first to speak, said. Next time there is time to play together, go back to bed earlier, oh thank you. Then he shook the hands of the grapes. Xiaoyi Yang after she heard these words, I feel my heart filled with a burst of warmth again, and said. Ah, you are, smart balance wheel start go to bed earlier, bye. She leray self balancing scooter battery turned and walked a few steps, or stopped, looking back Xiaoyi Yang walked lightslateblue self balancing scooter in the opposite direction, his back toward her, said Xiaoyi Yang, I love you. After a few seconds, she answered a God, and turned onto the floor, afraid she might be more Kanji Yan back he found. Su Chenxi back to the dorm, self balancing scooter samsung battery dorm mates just like the song being played Su Chenxi, Michael Wong s right hand side more obvious smile on her face, my dorm mates saw his face, she can probably guess occur What, Zhao Xiaojie asked dawn ah, confessed, why go so much fun. In fact, lightslateblue self balancing scooter her smile says it all, but she was reluctant to admit that he went to see the Xiaoyi Yang. Why not, ah, I m just happy to see you feel warm i.imbued with a social success that some people mature and charm. Due orchid self balancing scooter to this class of people are learning studied art, so he s straight to the point, he said Hello everyone, I am Cai Zhengyu, I am glad to be here, and we hope to spend a pleasant morning. He added I think we come here to learn, not to play, and to play with people who already take advantage of the holiday to go to the rest of the world, but also a hot day to come here from morning to evening classes, tan self balancing scooter either really like or is has its own design dreams, whether it is because of what I have always admired you, at least you enjoy a relaxing holiday when everyone chose to do a meaningful thing. Some people say that inspiration by eating these industries have no way to give too much of a sense of security, it is because they do not understand, come from inspiration, creativity comes from, it is definitely not sitting and daydreaming can think it, you need to get out more to see, to get out to the see the presentation of thought combined.

ve over to see what I got. Su Chenxi recovered, watching as he lifted the bag, she had good taste lightslateblue self balancing scooter boast that restaurant, she asked You go to that dinner. Xiaoyi Yang Yes, this is that your favorite dessert. Su Chenxi I like to ask the aroma, fast drooling. Xiaoyi Yang there are two, enough for your taste. Su Chenxi It seems that you already know our lightslateblue self balancing scooter hostel collective nature of the goods to eat this up. Xiaoyi Yang You are the gas field is too lightslateblue self balancing scooter strong, well, go back, eat an early night. Su Chenxi ah, good night. Xiaoyi Yang Good night. Su Chenxi the door, you can see the back of Xiaoyi Yang is still in place, she knew he d been watching her, until she walked in the door. Years later, she is still very difficult to get rid of the habit, that is, think of him suddenly turned around, and behind him he will no longer appear. When the time to sneak away and never see people s face, the thought would catch the spring, summer has already arrived. Someone cheered the arrival of the summer in turn, was bat.close the car Caizheng Yu Chuah, I can not want. Cai Zhengyu a little token, it is not turned down. Su Chenxi Chuah, I do not want this, you do not embarrass me. Cai Zhengyu After that my colleagues, but also friends, so do not see outside, that sentence do not mind, passing just to buy, well, I m going to catch the plane, see you later. Before Su Chenxi spoke again, the car had started, but unfortunately, she had stuffed into her bag, ready for the next time to see Cai Zhengyu, lightslateblue self balancing scooter and then back to him. Is preparing to taxi back and saw the door just out of Springfield, Su Chenxi positive and she did not know what to say, Trevor Nunn spoke first only to best self balancing scooter 10 inch favorite people, dawn, so where are you still hiring like. Su Chenxi Not like that, but just buy Cai total, and I ll pay her. Trevor Nunn I did not say anything, dawn, your response so excited, in fact, you know very well, well, I want to go and Chuah darkblue self balancing scooter Send contract to his lightslateblue self balancing scooter uncle, lightslateblue self balancing scooter and Xiaoyi Yang company contracted to do cailiqun lightslateblue self balancing scooter has helped his uncle.t, as if every day see the light of hell, I m sorry, dawn. Su Chenxi emotional thing, not a first come lightslateblue self balancing scooter first served the final say, fate, nor can barely fight. Trevor Nunn I tried to find a person like me, but with him, I was more painful, I did not accept him, I learned a finance professional in all subjects, although the school is not good, but at least skque self balancing scooter so that I can close to him, I do not want him how, just far looked at him, grabbed him you have a good morning. Zhao Xiaojie So you like the Xiaoyi Yang ah, Trevor Nunn, it is not right, how can you do, Dawn is so good for us, how can you covet her boyfriend a good halo ah, I would first lie, give you reason with them. Trevor Nunn I know that all people will accuse me of this, I do not think I m wrong. Su Chenxi Really Trevor Nunn I am also very painful, you listen to the daily well being, listening to him how much I love you, all the pain, such as Oath, but I very want to hear you talk you hear only in your mouth, I can know his daily chores of.

Lightslateblue Self Balancing Scooter covering her face, saying Dawn, I m sorry, I did not want to hang him, you saw him at noon today he went to the bar drunk, I just send him back, since you caused troubled, I go like, then they have to leave. These words fell poke in Xiaoyi Yang heart key, everything happened at noon in the eyes are clear, he pulled Trevor Nunn, said. You are not wrong, do so. Trevor Nunn arms looked Xiaoyi Yang pulled experienced emotional fluctuations in one day, Su Chenxi finally lost his mind, all the pain of the heart burst, tears fall from the face, the phrase snatched him in her mind gradually emerge, she smiled and said so, you are successful you right away that he, really robbed him. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi did not understand what to say, but he has been looking forward to noon she will explain things to him while standing in front of him but makes no mention Su Chenxi, he said your arms when not in Cai Zhengyu very happy Su Chenxi Yes, I m very happy. Xiaoyi Yang nails because of his hard, stuck.erance, and it was only his family, and Su Chenxi vowed in his heart my parents, I will not let you down After moving finished, Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi to send a message Done. Although only two words, but she lightslateblue self balancing scooter knew he would not understand how. Sure enough Xiaoyi Yang replied. For you to feel happy. Su Chenxi With the support of his family, will not have any concerns, until after the New Year, this winter bisque self balancing scooter also very successful, she designed this first page blank space to write a line of words Unexpectedly, you will become my important decisions Busy stage The arrival of the new semester, lightslateblue self balancing scooter Su Chenxi no longer like before, there is no purpose in the face of each semester, just live in the moment, and now she does not have the same dream, to get everyone s support, she did not lightslateblue self balancing scooter want anyway anyone down, it is necessary Ohio self balancing scooter to accomplish the professional courses, but also for her design dreams slowly begin preparing. Su Chenxi came to the library, look for the examination to test all of the courses, the dormit.

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