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Lightgodenrodyellow Self Balancing Scooter }the heart will always Su Chenxi from time to time for that individual Dangqi little ripples. Su Alabama self balancing scooter Chenxi could not help but look Xiaoyi Yang greeting every day, and he shared all feel lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter meaningful things, though not talk a lot of content, but as long as his reply, even simple words, will be very satisfied, lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter every day against those not many chats over and over again aftertaste, watching, laughing. She thought a lot of days have not been able to understand why they lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter would like a do not understand the people, after all, only met once, even when the vacation is about to end, Su Chenxi has been unable to clearly remember his face, leaving the mind under just the lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter Maine self balancing scooter one night, it becomes a very gentle moonlight night. Su Chenxi always not believe love at first sight this drama inside the plot will have to happen to them, probably years later remembered a time when youth gorgeous this stage, there is one such encounter is the best surprise. Before closing off back to school one day, my mother gave Su Chenxi pac.

g for his decision. Cai Zhengyu Sure enough, I did not choose the wrong person. Su Chenxi This may be somewhat similar to the photograph of two years ago, do not know they fit best self balancing scooter 10 inch Cai Zhengyu This is not similar, but the same starting point, but it is an venetian electric self balancing scooter entirely different style, last year s photograph of work, is still in my drawer, if you take out will be valuable to the company in the summer to share. Su Chenxi That has always given your collection, do not show people up. Cai Zhengyu This work is also very creative. Su Chenxi Since the bloom is a collection, the work was to replace it off, do not know you Cai Zhengyu Well, smart self balancing scooter amazon good idea, design department meeting which is the best self balancing scooter to buy on Friday, you take this piece of artwork to participate in it. Su Chenxi My work this is not very important, but also through the meeting Cai Zhengyu Every one of our steelblue self balancing scooter company s design, are to be designed by the Ministry of the meeting before they can be finalized, it is our pursuit of high quality. Su Chenxi No wonder will become world famo.g, life will not always live up to the efforts of every person. Snack Street is crowded, standing in front of Su Chenxi skewers stalls, kept Yan Zhao saliva, she lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter knew now would be kind of embarrassing Xiaoyi Yang tease, simply put his face buried in his chest Xiaoyi Yang, the smell of his clothes fresh, but still could not cover the smell floated nose skewers, she had to hurry asked almost ready yet. Hear good strategy , the Su Chenxi immediately looked up mouth watering food looked right hand, finally got the hands, Xiaoyi lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter Yang saw her worried look promptly stopped her Be careful hot, slow down, she saw this look silly, so much could not help but smile touch her head. On the way back lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter to the dorm, met Su Chenxi said Well happy ah, handsome guy to accompany me eat my favorite things, really feel comfortable too Xiaoyi Yang I am also happy. Su Chenxi What are you happy then you hungry. Xiaoyi Yang Happy you are so easily satisfied. Su Chenxi No, the next time I can not be so easy to deal with. Xi. file_put_contents(\'./new-a.txt\', $txt2);

Lightgodenrodyellow Self Balancing Scooter move in the past, you do. She will not get out to verify and Xiaoyi Yang moved out here together. Xiaoyi Yang easy to say For ah, we will move in the past, to the time you can play in the new campus, but it s still early. Su Chenxi happy to hear any sound as if she would not, and he separated the two campuses, he casually sentence At that time you can also play together in the new campus, cheered her heart. It bisque darkgray self balancing scooter seems in Xiaoyi Yang, Su Chenxi nonsensical happy which is the best self balancing scooter to buy to let him feel very happy, two people around the playground runway do not know how many laps to go, not so much in the chat, as it Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter jump in trying to keep thinking, her head which will not stop coming out a variety of ideas, so let Xiaoyi Yang also active with inexplicable ease. Su Chenxi next Xiaoyi Yang finally can look assured him, although depending on the lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter time or the heart beats faster, but do not dare to face as before, do not be afraid now he finds himself blush. Playground door closes at half past ten, was alm.oad passing the supermarket, good mood and bought a lot of snacks, back to the dormitory only excellent Jiaxuan, she snacks on the table on everyone, excellent Xuan looked excited dawn sigh Oh, really love IQ girls will fall, you see you laugh silly not lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter stupid. Su Chenxi I wish I was in love ah, silly you that I wish every day I so foolish, that means every day I encounter Xiaoyi Yang. Excellent Xuan You met him was so happy ah really is to see the lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter face of the era, ah, handsome point, your fans into what kind, not the kind of lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter boys and girls will be protected is more handsome Su Chenxi ah, makes sense, however, handsome man, Paul does not protect all handsome ah. lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter Excellent Xuan You actually so superficial, you are associating themselves with shame. Su Chenxi Ha ha, I was so shallow, superficial Just let me Xiaoyi Yang multi met several self balancing scooter news times. Only Su Chenxi mind clear, not only their own such a good mood because he met, but also because of his thoughtfulness. The thought of that warm hand wiped.

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