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Lavenderblush Self Balancing Scooter art scars continue to be opened, but she did not want to see even more sad still powerless themselves. Xiaoyi Yang woke up the next day, I think the phone last night, Su Chenxi sad and tears, he feel a little writings to be finished, he can imagine her crying eyes swollen look, must be very distressing, really want to call him her head hurts to ask you, is there a little better, but he can not do that, he has not decided how to deal with her feelings for him. Previous Su Chenxi, life is so simple, every day is very happy, but he let such a girl, in tears. If you want to own in Xiaoyi Yang and Su Chenxi together, will not be like last time love it, just start to feel embarrassed to refuse, so I agreed and the girl exchanges, there is no feeling in the past two weeks, only to end up breaking up, he was afraid kind of thing happen again, more hurt Su Chenxi. Has been calm in Xiaoyi Yang, this time is very crazy for Su Chenxi, he really did not know how to do. Like you, I do not know how to face you.morrow. Before the exam one self balancing electric scooter walmart week plus four month period before the final exam, find a seat is a very difficult thing, we all used books and materials remain in their seats, had dinner and then come back, and will not be no meal seat. Su Chenxi packed his things and followed Xiaoyi Yang lavenderblush self balancing scooter out of the classroom, her bright smile can see how happy she was, indeed, she was very happy, so get along in her view, is dating. Out of the gate, he gets Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi hand, let her tight pace is a little messy, she who makes the best self balancing scooter was thinking about this in the end is how the case, why Xiaoyi Yang will pull his hand, obviously they are not what relationship, is she organize lavenderblush self balancing scooter your thoughts when Xiaoyi Yang asked what to eat, just do not say, what you self-balancing scooter specification want to eat what we eat. Su Chenxi hear a word, to the mouth of the phrase may be changed to Su Chenxi spicy pot , in fact, not particularly want to eat, but then my mind just come out of such a kind, so to blurt out. After dinner and then back to school, Xiaoyi Yang Su Chen.

$txtArray[] = trim($text,\"\\r\\n\");thes that pleasing to lavenderblush self balancing scooter the eye to accept, and now in addition to skin care products she felt the only thing can be classified as cosmetics is lip balm, so she decided not to be so tired, do not bother to dress up, unsettled, she had to go to make yourself more of a fresh face. Su Chenxi in mind wondering, this is the first date and Xiaoyi Yang, though not a date, but this is considered in her mind is to make you happy for a long time appointments, and suddenly a little nervous and shy, she complained too good slow, less than half past nine, and had to lavenderblush self balancing scooter come up with a novel point of view, to divert attention, the elimination of tension, but also spend just about time. She read the novel being ecstatic, the phone rang in the next song, I thought it must be Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi, excited to pick up the phone, and she did not let her down, Su Chenxi efforts lavenderblush self balancing scooter to calm their mood, pick up the phone Hey, you ll finish it Xiaoyi Yang gentle voice Yes ah, just ended, is now ready to go to the playground, you.he book, the phone on the table blinking, Su Chenxi grabbed the phone and ran corridor, Hey, how are unfamiliar number, Hello I came across Boys Hey, you are Su Chenxi it Yes, who are you I am Xiaoyi Yang, bored time to give you a call. Su Chenxi was surprised, self balancing scooter reviews does not seem to shock, it may be a surprise, it affects her heart that he had never realized that the seeds. The end of the fast, how boring, good review Finish the sentence, Su Chenxi regret in my heart, silently Su Chenxi, you are a pig it will mention how such a boring topic oldlace self balancing scooter Ah, of course, you learn Pa ah It is not like you motivated boys ah. Ah Well, I do not know in the end I lavenderblush self balancing scooter kind of like it, ha ha. After chatting Illinois self balancing scooter a few, Su Chenxi looking for an excuse to hang up the phone, she felt too abnormal state, and then go on, it will only make people feel that they are not normal. Her heart could not calm why he would call me then I also like to ask what kind of guy, that he also remembered me That how he took so long to call lavenderblush self balancing scooter me In t.

Lavenderblush Self Balancing Scooter ling, he should go to gym class, right, white T shirt, light blue sports jacket, this would never temperament good, now more eye catching, he laughed really nice, smiled, no past cold, but has not the slightest frivolous, never seen, lavenderblush self balancing scooter will laugh at him, he did cheap smart self balancing scooter not see me I m just so sad, certainly does not look beautiful, oh good I hate myself. However, the lavenderblush self balancing scooter United States does not beautiful what meaning, he does not like me, do not know his former girlfriend look like After a while cranky, Su Chenxi took out a cell phone, lavenderblush self balancing scooter found the Qin Rui s picture. Su Chenxi Qin Rui, you have golenrod self balancing scooter not seen Xiaoyi Yang s girlfriend ah Such a long time did not reply Qin Rui, is probably busy, and she went to sleep in the waiting. The same playground, at the door of Xiaoyi Yang back, smiled and waved to her, or as fascinating smile, good fun, Xiaoyi Yang saw me told me to say hello, ha ha, good fun. Su Chenxi opened his eyes, the reaction of three seconds wondering how I fell asleep The original is just a dream a.rget to sigh wow, good high ah, we really want to do but stand up so high so high where I would be afraid. Xiaoyi Yang carefully consolation You do not always say you want to best self balancing scooter brand go to have come, I heard it s the height of the fifth in the world, let s go, afraid, there is me He Chongni rubbed her head, holding her and went inside. The ball, Su Chenxi courage looked lavenderblush self balancing scooter down, surging panoramic view of yellow self balancing scooter the Huangpu River and many buildings, suddenly felt did not imagine so terrible, Xiaoyi Yang grabbed her arm and said I am not afraid, here is so beautiful, you can see such a spectacular sight. Listening to the waves of screaming people, Su Chenxi holding Xiaoyi Yang, said We go now vacant corridor. When they do come out, Su Chenxi did not lavenderblush self balancing scooter dare move, across the foot of transparent glass, you can see everything below, her eyes closed tightly holding lavenderblush self balancing scooter Xiaoyi Yang I do not want to go, so terrible, I want fall, hum, how do Xiaoyi Yang hugged Su Chenxi, patting her on the back not afraid not afraid, I m here.

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