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Hotpink Self Balancing Scooter e excellent Xuan, we will now quickly go, grab a good position. Excellent Xuan But did not eat dinner, you go now Zhao Xiaojie Or we went and took two seats, Trevor Nunn went to the bookstore to buy books, and told me that afternoon lecture hall directly See dawn dinner, help us buy with the past. Su Chenxi Well, what do you eat Zhao Xiaojie bread or buns. Excellent Xuan Do you really want to do the kind of public bun Zhao Xiaojie That s how, anyway, and no one will notice me. Su Chenxi Yes, lightslateblue self balancing scooter that to be met. hotpink self balancing scooter Su Chenxi buying buns, thinking to rest a few roommates and their own food goods are, in turn took the bread and hotpink self balancing scooter some snacks, I feel so sure enough, was assured to leave the store, looking at the earlier time, a little further around the Su Chenxi the road to the lecture hall, because it is not the shortest Vermont self balancing scooter way to the lecture hall, so no one on hotpink self balancing scooter the road. Before the back door of the lecture hotpink self balancing scooter hall a small garden, Su Chenxi stopped, she was attracted garden bushes of a kitten, it kept shouting, S.oothly slipped, saw a lot of chat window, she did not look Xiaoyi Yang chats habit, in her mind, she does not want to interfere too much Xiaoyi Yang s life, she wanted to give him enough personal space. She withdrew from the micro letter, but quit the moment, Su Chenxi if he saw a familiar picture, Trevor Nunn Su Chenxi heart can not help but hesitated, frowning. Previous gifted Michelle reminded her, this time all in the ears, although not hotpink self balancing scooter excellent Xuan said Trevor Nunn s what is not, but not once reminded her that Trevor Nunn and Xiaoyi Yang too concerned about her feelings, she even at the moment some are afraid to go back to look again, hopefully just saw that the screen was his blurred vision. Su Chenxi gently wrinkled brow gradually, after a moment, she did not hesitate to point to open a micro letter icon, a downward slide. Sure enough, a little below the location of the phone inside his own head and some, indeed Trevor Nunn, because her head is her own photos. Trance is violet self balancing scooter on the edge of t.

ew life. Su Chenxi Your IELTS preparation time is coming now more than two inen self balancing scooter years, and certainly a good test. Excellent Xuan But I have been a review of their own, never had formal training in accordance with the examination system, as well as a month s time, I would like to take the exam courses, and then surprise, I was embarrassed to ask family for money. Su Chenxi You re a much worse ah we Minato Minato, right. Excellent Xuan I have some of this, there is still three thousand. Su Chenxi I have the information forwarded to you. Excellent Xuan That you self-balancing scooter product specification still living enough Su Chenxi Do not worry about me, before enough of living expenses put aside, at worst, followed by the day, the two of us hotpink self balancing scooter together to live frugally. Excellent Xuan Dawn, you can become friends, I feel very lucky. Su Chenxi Is not lend you some money so you moved Oklahoma self balancing scooter Excellent Xuan You know, I m not talking about this. Su Chenxi I am so precious, how do I love myself, you have to cherish me Excellent Xuan Su Chenxi gave a supercil.iaoyi Yang Su Chenxi probably wondering for so long how not appeared, looked up and looked, and saw not far from Su Chenxi, he approached her You how to stand still ah did not see you, how do not you come over Su Chenxi recovered, his eyes a bit embarrassed smile. I made a ll stay. Xiaoyi Yang touch her head and said. Walk can go a daze ah They walked side by side toward the dormitory along the path, A Osato everywhere garden, which grows a variety of lush trees, hotpink self balancing scooter but in the winter, in addition to pine, the rest of the leaves are without a trace, a cold wind blowing, hotpink self balancing scooter nor the rushing sound of summer leaves, Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi asked how do you pick such a remote school building from further study ah so late to go back Su Chenxi no choice but to say Libraries Too many people can not find a seat. Xiaoyi Yang said You see, at this time, on the road even pedestrians are not, you are not afraid of a place like this again next time study hall ah remember me, I ll pick you. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi wou.uperior to others. Because of heavy rain, few people present on the road, more quiet, and looked up at Su Chenxi Xiaoyi Yang shot from the side, from his eyes, she saw tired, distressed and had said I know you have been busy, but you We have to take care of yourself, on your own time to rest. Xiaoyi Yang did not yellow self balancing scooter speak, quietly holding her as if from her to get more power, he did not say, but she knows, mature earlier than others, doomed to an early arrival burdened with the pressure and fatigue. Their busy time is always surprisingly calm, although at the same school, but with Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi weekly number of meetings but less and less common because there is not much spare time is always, or even one week in order to see two three times, Xiaoyi Yang s work, Su Chenxi pro forma, have become unavoidable obstacles, even if met, also in a hurry to eat a meal, only holidays will be more than this one movie, but did not have any complaints with each other because their hearts, more for mutual u.

Hotpink Self Balancing Scooter use you are one of us, hotpink self balancing scooter ah, ah joking matter, but also to the outside so that others will take it seriously my narcissism. Zhao Xiaojie It seems very reasonable way. Su Chenxi smart-self balancing scooter I want to Xiaoyi Yang went out to dinner, do not accompany you, remember to pack the ground postwar mess, otherwise people will mistakenly believe that our hostel was robbed, and I m gone. Excellent Xuan Oh, marry out of the water, ah, ah roommate poured out, so without looking back. Su Chenxi hotpink self balancing scooter the door spit tongue, said. I nod reluctantly back to back over, bye. After downstairs, she saw Xiaoyi Yang leaning on a bicycle, even more slender legs, prompting the girls passing by can not help but look at two, hands in his trouser pockets, so beautiful picture, is entirely fiction scene inside. Several girls passing in discussion with God, Xiaoyi Yang more handsome, but I heard he has a girlfriend, I do not know who is. Unfortunately, ah well, we moved out a year in advance, not seen him for almost a year, until he finally moved.campus overlooking yeah, if during the day will hotpink self balancing scooter be able to more clearly see our campus, like the campus virgin forest, evergreen tree so much, in azure self balancing scooter the winter you can also see so many green plants. Xiaoyi Yang said What are you waiting for me, I go to the next bathroom. Su Chenxi a man on the roof enjoying the night schools have gone ten minutes, Xiaoyi Yang did not come back, Su Chenxi looked around, promise a large rooftop she bronze self balancing scooter was alone, she can not help but have some fear, I went to the arbor sit down, I heard the sound of footsteps, she turned and saw the glass wall of Xiaoyi Yang, just afraid of the moment vanished, but how hotpink self balancing scooter Xiaoyi Yang holding a box. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi walked around, hotpink self balancing scooter she complained and asked You how to go to the bathroom for so long also retrieve a box Purple rectangular box, there are even bow, saying only love Su Chenxi heart still wonder how to retrieve such a nice box. Xiaoyi Yang opened the box, which is a bunch of bright roses, Su Chenxi shocked, how he would get bac.

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