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Gray Self Balancing Scooter month or the final exam must face, read a book when she was down, I heard a rustling outside the window, she guess, it probably rained, open the bag a gray self balancing scooter look, really no umbrella, was going to pray for the sudden heavy rain can stop for a while, there is a new message on the phone reminders are sent to Xiaoyi Yang I have come to the library to pick you up and immediately downstairs. Su Chenxi grabbed the books put into the bag, hurried down the stairs and saw the door waiting for the students, she had to be glad that they have a considerate boyfriend, who came that tall figure, is not Xiaoyi Yang , he went up the steps, and said. Let s go Having Su Chenxi will embrace in my arms, for fear she would be poured into, with their shoulders over her. Behind him came the voice of envy That girl Haoxingfua, so handsome boyfriend to pick her up, I called our family who, they said finish self-balancing scooter fastest off a game to come , the boys Xiaoyi Yang is not it sure enough, our entire business schools like people, there must be s.h dismay. Excellent Xuan saw the Su Chenxi into the room, they begin to blame and said You do not have to run out comfortable so what children like adults even told not take care gray self balancing scooter of themselves. Su Chenxi suddenly felt a bit guilty that he did not want to learn cheated excellent Michelle, she was really, still concerned about her. She confessed to the excellent Xuan, said. I went to see Xiaoyi Yang, so I m super happy, without any uncomfortable Excellent Xuan Su Chenxi looked unpromising, only reluctantly He s your strength, ah, say people in love like crazy, you re crazy not love it to be so. Su Chenxi I like Xiaoyi Yang as you love your English words as you want to go abroad as a kind of mood, well, do not Rhode self balancing scooter tell you to explain, since you have a favorite person will naturally understand. Su Chenxi stood their favorite songs right hand side , followed by humming a ditty together to wash, and she liked the song, because gray self balancing scooter she felt very good lyrics Sit quietly by your side There will be many such tim.

ting in English, she had to come up with comic books ready to adjust the mood, see if you can find inspiration. Zhao Xiaojie suddenly into the room, and excellent Xuan Su Chenxi excited to see her face, frightened and asked in unison How dimgray self balancing scooter do you Zhao Xiaojie I want to tell you a new message, you first guess. Excellent Xuan Quick said, I have been scared you, did not settle accounts with How about you. Zhao Xiaojie Trevor Nunn and our brothers together, from our brothers entered the lab soon been chasing her, and she then told me that do not like the people together is not happy about her brother gray self balancing scooter out to dinner today , heard back together, this is not a person I come back. Excellent Xuan Perhaps, to understand the future, that the brothers were good, she likes, and finally there is one thing worth celebrating. Zhao Xiaojie Yes, the brothers about Xiaoyi Yang height so high. Significantly superior to Xuan Su Chenxi looked, then, Trevor Nunn came back, he casually gifted Xuan said Congratulations Ah.together self balancing scooter again, no one wanted to say goodbye, no one wanted to, some people say this goodbye finished, after really never seen, graduation photos never quite enough, can not wait to shoot over the school all the corners, no matter how sad, I thought that graduate within the foreseeable future, or do not want to become the face of today. Because the company has just started operations, Xiaoyi Yang and Xu Yang attended the graduation of reply, even before graduation, went back to Beijing. Send them to the airport, Su Chenxi also been pouted and said. Mr. Shaw did not accompany Miss Su graduation trip together, I can only go with excellent Xuan two people, gray self balancing scooter more boring ah, that is not fun. smart-self balancing scooter Xiaoyi Yang When the company stabilized, I ll take you all the places you want to go, okay Su Chenxi You say, oh, no changes. Xiaoyi Yang Of course Xu darkslategray self balancing scooter Yang gray self balancing scooter also deeply regret the other side You Xuan, I m sorry, you can not enjoy the graduation trip together with you. Excellent Xuan Never mind, there are opportuni.henxi brain is a blank, but seems to be a myriad of thoughts, she heard the door open sound, heard it Xiaoyi Yang came, but she Touyemeihui, stared sitting on the couch. Xiaoyi Yang into the hands of a big bag of things on the table, gently sitting beside Su Chenxi, gentle concern and said I went out how long yet how unhappy Su Chenxi clinging Xiaoyi Yang said I love you Xiaoyi Yang I love you, you do not feel it, or too tired Su Chenxi may be too tired, and I think tomorrow we are going to play. Xiaoyi Yang good, do not want to, I want you to eat something, quick good rest. Su Chenxi nodded, opened the bag, which gray self balancing scooter are all she likes to eat, but this time she did not have any appetite, fear of Xiaoyi Yang worried that she had pulled out a box of milk, whispered drink this nutritious and ivory self balancing scooter healthy. Xiaoyi Yang rubbed her head, and Louguo her, let her leaning on his shoulder, she drank it up to take a bath, had left the bathroom to the door, stopped suddenly to Xiaoyi Yang said gray self balancing scooter Just now, Xu Yang micr.

Gray Self Balancing Scooter graffiti on the wall is still strange smile, she remembers, they like to sit together facing the window position, looking neat tall plane trees cover the whole street. Xiaoyi Yang promised she would bring her here again, no one thought, on leaving the campus since then, they never came, perhaps because of busy, perhaps because of the new place, and implementation of the agreement, will always live in corners, he lost his balance. Here everywhere, we have witnessed their sweet moment, once again witnessed, Su Chenxi loneliness and desolation. Su Chenxi facing the window of the plane trees said four years, you have not regretted a moment, let go of my hand Since shown signs of fine, First came to Xi an, Su Chenxi very excited, can finally go to school in this long time favorite city. Open taxi to the school, she looked out the window mediumorchid self balancing scooter of this strange and bustling city, in the heart silently fantasy, ancient capital of thirteen here, if you want to go through the ancient, gray self balancing scooter the probability here it sho.i complain, concentrate on doing one thing at a time, time flies so fast, in the dull gray self balancing scooter routine, she did not realize that the National Day is about to come. Dinner, and Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi sit opposite, Maryland self balancing scooter Xiaoyi Yang said National Day is only a week, do you have any plans. Su Chenxi hard thought, replied. How time off so fast, the National Day is coming ah ah, let me gray self balancing scooter think, I do not know why. Xiaoyi Yang satisfied smile Then we go out and play Su Chenxi think this a good proposal, pretending to worship drum applause Well, but there is a problem, where to play Xiaoyi Yang There are seven days of it, to the field now, Shanghai how kind you have not been to Su Chenxi go to gray self balancing scooter the field ah, Shanghai is not as busy Beijing and you have not been to those places I do, good looking. Xiaoyi Yang it is so palevioletred self balancing scooter decided, I go back and check routes and popular attractions, as well as gray self balancing scooter for you to eat. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi think every decisive are particularly attractive, overbearing kind of handsome, she looked Xiaoy.

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