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Gainsboro Self Balancing Scooter that was at the ceremony to say good graduation to get married people, but yet so far away distance. White shirt, high end suits, face crushing those bangs hair gel is secured to gainsboro self balancing scooter the front, empty eyes looked at the front, Xiaoyi Yang who had no youthful atmosphere, into a feeling does not seem cold blooded businessman, his life only one thing to work, perhaps, from the day she disappeared, his world, all the reasons to be cheerful followed disappeared, leaving him only endless regret and heartache, only the crazy work, to get his relieve the pain a little. It Xiaoyi Yang sat next to Springfield, makeup failed to eliminate fatigue tell at a glance, there is no happiness in love, on the contrary, there are some absences. Blankly see Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi appeared, mouth twitching slightly, he looked at her pink dress lined with gainsboro self balancing scooter white skin, sharp eyes, face goes on day and Iowa self balancing scooter night in his mind, at the moment there is no any fluctuations, he remembered, she always smiled with his eyes, looked up at him. $txt2 = str_replace(\',.\',\'.\',$txt2);

sorry ah, I did not gainsboro self balancing scooter see. Xiaoyi Yang replied quickly Nothing, love learning boy, self balancing scooter change to go back soon. Su Chenxi watching brief few words, but it is difficult to hide his face shine, quickly said. Yes, sir, which go back Guzuoshenchen excellent Xuan shook his head Well, the only woman and the villain is also gainsboro self balancing scooter difficult to raise, missed a piece of information only, even so soon with my enemies, that good love it Xuan Su Chenxi have to pretend to hold excellent comfort her I re wrong, little Wen Wen, I still love you, Meme da, you are good to other people, people remember the deep heart, good friends, questions are done, there are a half hour on the library closed again, and we go back, go to the supermarket to buy food by the way, give me a chance to ask you to eat ice cream. Satisfaction excellent Xuan said This is more like two men carrying a bag packed stuff back. Su Chenxi spend every gainsboro self balancing scooter day looking forward, looking forward to encounter Xiaoyi Yang somewhere on campus, he will come looking for her. gainsboro self balancing scooter P.sweet sense of her heart, emotion took all of her sleep, had to continue browsing the circle self balancing scooters uk of North self balancing scooter friends, Xiaoyi Yang sent a message said go to bed early, not allowed to stay up late ,good night. After completion Xiaoyi Yang reply, we received excellent Michelle message Do you think, Lilin Fei strange today, and the past is not the same. Su Chenxi recalled a moment, did not find anything unusual, excellent comfort Xuan how do I not see it, you do not firebrick self balancing scooter want more, good, go to sleep, tomorrow morning you do not even the word back, good fuel, you must you can go where you want. She can not sleep over and over again, only as usual, gainsboro self balancing scooter can not sleep when out design of this painting, she depicts the actor, depicts the heroine, also painted roses, next to clothing, chest pattern , there is no suspense to reveal that this is lovers, the bottom reads After each day, I will love you, on the way, I am willing to go along with you. Unfinished already late at night, as if to complete a major event, Su Chenxi fall.reply, Su Chenxi delighted, his reply was Well, you dormitory from the nearest playground, so will we see the playground, and I ended up here to call you. Su Chenxi afraid of exposing their feelings on the phone, so keep replied. You end up send me a micro letter is self balancing scooter battery like, do not gainsboro self balancing scooter waste the phone bill, anyway, I ve been playing phone Xiaoyi Yang thought would readily say good, did not think he said No, I ll call you, you do not play phone, and bad for the eyes, you just outside the back, to rest. Su Chenxi heart burst of warmth, but after a moment she went on to ask I know how you are just outside the back of it. Xiaoyi Yang Go out to buy the grapes, it is your own say. Su Chenxi quietly put down the phone, because she felt that the current intelligence or do not bother Xiaoyi Yang meeting. She opened the closet to start thinking about what you want to change a piece of clothing to see Xiaoyi Yang observed five minutes, she failed, she seemed clothes, no interest in make copper self balancing scooter up these things, buy clo.

Gainsboro Self Balancing Scooter shed, now half past six p.m., Su Chenxi you refuse a clever way too. Su Chenxi uh, I did not mean gainsboro self balancing scooter it. Cai Zhengyu a joke, you come out, and I wait for you across your school. Su Chenxi had to compromise, and she does not like to be alone together outside Xiaoyi Yang any man, since with him, her eyes had never seen more than any other guy, only he occupies all her heart. After the meal, Caizheng Yu insisted on sending Su Chenxi back, she repeatedly refused, but always without success, she has some unpleasant, but in the future and once in front of the boss, she will be ended in compromise. After getting off, Cai Zhengyu left, and Su Chenxi stood watching the car away, helpless, said really do not understand why gainsboro self balancing scooter there lemonchiffon self balancing scooter is such a difficult person, why should such a small staff in my wasting time, do cherish the company can be so powerful, not only because of the top teams, but also because the people inside are so loving it Forget it, or do not want these things not associated with anything, to go day of school, how was Su Chenxi tired ah, but I met my mentor, and I hit it off with her, talked a lot. Xiaoyi Yang ah, you are such a student, she is also very fond of. Su Chenxi After school I went to school across the dinner. Xiaoyi Yang more remorse just narrow heart, Su Chenxi life, only he has been, she has to take the initiative to explain to him. He casually asked And who He New self balancing scooter was curious that he did not seen who. Su Chenxi almost blurted out, Cai Zhengyu, but think of the decision just gainsboro self balancing scooter gainsboro self balancing scooter downstairs, he continued. I am a man. Xiaoyi Yang Zheng Zhu, in fact, they have figured out, even if Su Chenxi dinner with others, is understandable, but why Su Chenxi not telling the truth. Xiaoyi Yang in the heart to remind myself Maybe, but she did not want to say, I absolutely can not bisque self balancing scooter so narrow minded He said I went to take a bath. Su Chenxi This let go, sweet smile, and said. I went to help you with your clothes. Xiaoyi Yang rubbed her head gainsboro self balancing scooter toward the bathroom. As a senior animal human, emoti.

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