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Forestgreen Self Balancing Scooter t to play with them. Xiaoyi Yang heard him say on the balcony hair, was suffered a cold sweat. What, you in the balcony, do not stand high ah Su Chenxi Ha ha, you re afraid I jump it, mediumvioletred self balancing scooter but the third floor is not high ah. Xiaoyi Yang was going out of forestgreen self balancing scooter self balancing scooter news the dormitory, Su Chenxi said the sentence But our three quarters have a balcony security net ah. Having heard this, Xiaoyi Yang hanging in the heart finally put down. Su Chenxi I do not like you, I m dizzy, I do not like you, you are the bad guys, you look handsome and quiet, great great ah ah you are the best you I do not like How about you. Xiaoyi Yang You go to bed earlier, please do not wake up tomorrow dizzy. Su Chenxi Start cried You are so not like me, do not want to talk to me and let forestgreen self balancing scooter me go to sleep. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi heard crying, he was tough, he did not mean, trying to explain, Su Chenxi also said But now I can talk to you, ah, I woke up dizzy head is not you can not talk to mediumpurpul self balancing scooter you a. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi want to tell when you can tal.h him way, reading the content there, she kind of sense of satisfaction in the phone search to that song, right side , accompanied by singing, Su Chenxi fell asleep. A man at home in the afternoon, Su Chenxi designed this on a cold drawn cartoon boys quiet hilltop in front will refreshing woods next to a casual style men s sweater, diamond dotted reveals youthful atmosphere, Su Chenxi in thought, wearing this dress Xiaoyi Yang would like a noble prince. She would also like a good place to look Xiaoyi Yang visited, she wanted to remember any details about him a little, recall will feel as if my heart with the sun, meet and warm. Probably every girl crush a first experience will have such feelings, insist others do not understand the behavior, only they understand, because I like you, so are you in my heart. I hope I can see you, I hope you can understand the life of all, let me forestgreen self balancing scooter have the opportunity to fantasy, the days after I accompany you around the screen, maybe we ll go for a walk, eat ice cr.

d his head, full of affection, said That s a relief, I thought you would wish me happy free and easy to say it. Su Chenxi But no, I do not easily let go of you, unless you personally to say, you do not love me, I will leave you. Xiaoyi Yang This is life, we do not miss each other, never be separated. Su Chenxi In fact, today was my fault, obviously you have no relationship with, how forestgreen self balancing scooter you did not like, I get angry. Xiaoyi Yang I do not love you enough to give a sense of security, in the future, I will change, but also good to coax forestgreen self balancing scooter you angry Su Chenxi reconciled, said That is because I am sensible, no way, I was so large number of adults. Xiaoyi Yang Well, fast asleep, a good place to go tomorrow. She said that someone snatched him, wherever they will win back he said that they never can be separated they remember each other s words, convinced that their love is forever. The next day, with Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi went to a town, on the street, there is a company called time in the corner, the shop, t.m refueling, if our college and business school than which side you stand Su Chenxi Ha ha, let you down, and inside the group stage, our college forestgreen self balancing scooter and business school do not match, but time is not the same time, I can go two games refueling School Thursday, Friday we have. Excellent Xuan cut, I do not know in your heart that point thing even if it is really time conflicts, you must be in a good mood Xiaoyi Yang to your house over there. Su Chenxi I know on the palegreen self balancing scooter line, why are you even say it, Xiaoyi Yang play basketball a certain handsome, yes, you do not go with me together Excellent Xuan I m doing it to have class Thursday afternoon, but full lesson. Su Chenxi Ah ha Xiaoyi Yang is not only basketball team, as well as Xu Yang Oh. Excellent Xuan I am very familiar with him Su Chenxi Do you not familiar with it She grabbed the gifted Michelle s arm saying Well go go Well, what elective nice ah, we first two Alice, when is come with me, the way to Xu Yang refueling. Excellent Xuan Well, well, I see.fternoon out of work. Su Chenxi see a screen where excellent Xuan, and compared to the last, lost a lap and said How you lost so much work that you do not have a scholarship. self-balancing scooter product specification Excellent Xuan Yes ah, but most of the scholarship for tuition, so I want to resolve this issue before forestgreen self balancing scooter their own economic crisis. Su Chenxi Look, you have lost so much, smart balance wheel fastest a person must be very hard over there, and I cherish now been involved in design work, each will get the corresponding reward, I ll make to you, I where the money is not much. Excellent Xuan First do not, I have money, I ll tell you when needed, working out can also exercise their own spoken language, very good, nor very hard, thin is not used here since the beginning of lifestyle. Su Chenxi You must take care of yourself, ah, I do not think I saw that one pole to come back from abroad, you have to come back when my maid of honor it Before she finished, excellent Xuan have started sobbing over his face. Su Chenxi nervous, said excellent Xuan, how do y.

Forestgreen Self Balancing Scooter t because the idea of hubris, took you all, Su Chenxi, seemingly weak you, this is the original stubborn, rather Stick to your guns, I m sorry, if you want to come back, I will not let you get hurt. forestgreen self balancing scooter Cai Zhengyu Back to the table to pick up the phone and called the secretary, said Help me meet with Lisha Li Secretary position on longer Trevor Nunn, and after Su Chenxi leave, Trevor gear best self balancing scooter Nunn was Caizheng Yu out of the company, he tried to control his anger, said Get out of here, you said Su Chenxi dream to see the design more than anything important Trevor Nunn Yes ah, but your plan to destroy her dream, is not it Cai Zhengyu Do not you think this plan feasible Trevor Nunn Yes ah, your goal is to not let her leave Xiaoyi Yang, with you it completed at orchid self balancing scooter least one target ah Cai Zhengyu I Suanlaisuanqu, but you lost you, if you so forestgreen self balancing scooter choose Xiaoyi Yang vicious you, I would like for people who fancy Su Chenxi worth. Trevor Nunn Speaking of vicious, comparable to but you. Cai Zhengyu Go brass self balancing scooter Soon after, the heart o.her dormitory, even dormitory aunt have known him, that he later escorted her back to the forestgreen self balancing scooter dorm aunt do not have to explain his reasons into the dormitory, only aunt gave a smile, you can directly upstairs. To accompany me through the way you are with a warm embrace to support me, so I can rest assured forestgreen self balancing scooter that all the focus is on your arms, a forestgreen self balancing scooter little selfish glad his injury, can confidently accept your care. I hope the same time as the wounded, go slowly, do not want to let us closer to finally close, and dashed into the memory, you do not want to see you go so fast, away from me. All of sadness, because you are Xiaoyi Yang ah, your arms, I could be so eager for. Author has to say tired heart, the next chapter, let them together, ha ha ha ha ha ha. Heart just A week later, with the Su Chenxi leg wound healing, and finally in the last dressing, the doctor removed the gauze affixed Band Aid, said. Well, do not come back after forestgreen self balancing scooter dressing up This should be happy Alaska self balancing scooter news, Su Chenxi heart was flashed a little.

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