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Floralwhite Self Balancing Scooter xt to him, removed the bottle in his hand, eyes half open Xiaoyi Yang looked at her and said You, how do you come. Trevor Nunn Yang also, do not drink, drink down you will have trouble, I send you back. Xiaoyi Yang I m floralwhite self balancing scooter not drunk, I do not go back. Trevor self-balancing scooter USA Nunn You do that all right I ll be sad. floralwhite self balancing scooter Xiaoyi Yang Why are you sad, you do not believe Dawn abandon our feelings, right Trevor Nunn Su Chenxi all this to you, she was not worthy of your love, you simply inappropriate, to dream she can betray you, she do not deserve to be with you. Xiaoyi Yang You shut up, she s not that kind of person, she will not, she must have difficulties. Trevor Nunn Well, I do not say, floralwhite self balancing scooter let s go, I send you back, everything, say tomorrow, what is your home address Xiaoyi Yang I do not go back, floralwhite self balancing scooter I did not drink enough. Trevor Nunn did not ask out of the address had to send him back to the company, she said. I can help you get back to drink wine. Xiaoyi floralwhite self balancing scooter Yang stumbled nodded his head, Trevor Nunn held his staggering walk, ma., her heart whack, everything turned upside down in an instant took place, she was tired. Xiaoyi Yang see results, out of the crowd, ran to the airport lobby, he was running in a crowded hall, his eyes constantly search around until you see the floor to ceiling windows in front of the seat, the position of the innermost people, sitting sideways, was looking out the window a daze. He smiled, the tears stop flowing, for four years, he finally revealed the long lost smile Warm afternoon, Su Chenxi balcony, in front of a large lavender, she indulge in their fragrance, the neck, cute leray self balancing scooters kittens shimmering in the sun, the hair or the butterfly card, wallet in Xiaoyi Yang s Lane see these two things, she finally admitted that her departure was really wrong. So sunny, lavender blooming more brilliant, she remembers she only kept a pot, but now almost filled the entire balcony Xiaoyi Yang from behind holding her head against her head, she turned and said also soared, these flowers are you keep it Xi.

ver, the audience leave, the Su floralwhite self balancing scooter Chenxi see what Xiaoyi Yang also discuss with classmates, lost out of the lecture hall, excellent Xuan at the door, saw the slow Su Chenxi out, his face filled with not happy, took her and said. Come on, we go to the supermarket to buy food, I ask you to eat ice cream. Su Chenxi nodded and said nothing and walked excellent Xuan supermarket, she was suddenly very moved, very lucky in college met so many good friends, although sometimes different hobbies, although sometimes there are small friction, but in fact we hearts are in love with each other, some feelings, you do not say, but we know every heart will cherish. After the beginning of the film, the lecture hall Xiaoyi Yang and students sitting near the window, he looked out the window from time to time like, lecture hall on the first floor, so you can see the front door from the window of the entire building, or longer distances, he a little lost, himself, Su Chenxi how has not come yet, she has promised will.on on the library table Su Chenxi, felt the sudden task, so that my annoyance, but one will be Ohio self balancing scooter able to test, and she decided to fight with it in the end, so all afternoon libraries do exercises. Su Chenxi such a long time without serious study too, and suddenly found a long absence, learning paleturquoise self balancing scooter state, had a very full day, and decided to go outside to buy some snacks reward finally willing to learn about yourself, the way she successfully abducted are learning excellent Xuan, a proposal she eat barbecue, excellent Xuan also can not continue to earnestly reading, two hand in hand, happy out of school toward the grill, since the last dinner dormitory found this grill, they would often patronize, the boss has now met them. Eat barbecue, two people went to the supermarket floralwhite self balancing scooter around the circle, watching Su Chenxi booty with eyes, happily lightgodenrod self balancing scooter watching the shopping cart of snacks, fruit passing the time, and was attracted to attractive grape, she tasted one, eyes start blinking light, could not floralwhite self balancing scooter put away a bag. like me do not you ever do not like me Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi the holding of hands on his chest, said. Your heart, to just be floralwhite self balancing scooter together. Although Su Chenxi did not understand, but as long as Xiao Yiyang like her on the line, she yearned for so long love, and finally came to her, like Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi, would be darkmagenta self balancing scooter sufficient. Back to the dorm, dorm mates saw holding roses returned Su Chenxi, dorm seemed raged, Zhao Xiaojie squeezed Su Chenxi face, and said Come talk about, how, how so suddenly together Su Chenxi coyly said I also feel very suddenly, and I always thought he did not like me too. Michelle also excellent for Su Chenxi happy Finally rain comes, and tomorrow go celebrate Su Chenxi meet hugged excellent Xuan I wait for my love, floralwhite self balancing scooter you have good fuel, to achieve your ideal. Trevor Nunn echoed and said Congratulations to you, ah, got his wish, after the finish climb his own bed, and no one saw her eyes loss and grief. Su Chenxi bed still pondering what happened today, has been among the.

Floralwhite Self Balancing Scooter school in addition to practicing calligraphy is the word back, her goal is to study abroad after graduation, so as to lay a solid foundation behind the English exam, four people, she loved Su Chenxi, she likes the Su Chenxi cheerful and appealing, it is an integral part of her own. Zhao Xiaojie one side and the people around them do not forget slapstick side stressed the need to find a boyfriend, but we also like her straightforward and lovely. Little girls are always tall people have the desire to protect, not to mention still so cute. Su Chenxi and excellent Xuan soon became good friends talk about anything, they surprised even himself, two people have different hobbies to enjoy each other with affection girlfriends between the original is not like the others said the same frequency It will cause resonance , even if the character is different, but we can also intimate. Four quarters sometimes lively, sometimes quiet, but probably blessed his children, but they have born optimistic character.him, he did not attend the party, I left that day, he and Xu Yang sent me to the airport, he was at home except in the company, but strange to say, you say he does not love you, but he s looking for you all over the world, he also let me tell you, he and Trevor Nunn together, but he will not let self balancing scooter uk you, I really do not know what that means. Su Chenxi Really I bless them. Excellent Xuan You love him, after leaving must have suffered a lot, right Su Chenxi did not answer, gifted Xuan added. floralwhite self balancing scooter However, are gone, but now you are famous people, they Xiaoyi Yang company is also rapidly on the rise, you each have been good, but also very good. lightblue self balancing scooter Su Chenxi I m going to class, talk to you next time. Excellent Xuan Well, you can not disappear in the ah Su Chenxi ah, got it After hanging up the phone, Su Chenxi heart is full of pain blocking, Xiaoyi Yang, after all, is to choose the Trevor Nunn, tortured her floralwhite self balancing scooter for many years that dream into a plum self balancing scooter reality, Xiaoyi South self balancing scooter Yang really like Trevor Nunn floralwhite self balancing scooter said, she robbed. Now that.

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