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Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter ties. The next day, Xuan Su Chenxi and advantages according to plan, take up the bag and began a long planned graduation trip, the desert has always had excellent feelings Xuan, under previously tried to persuade, just let Su Chenxi nods went to the desert. June weather coupled with fiery sun, standing in the desert Su Chenxi, dry mouth, said excellent Xuan ah, I will never forget this trip for the first time to see this endless spectacular. Excellent Xuan This is my favorite reason, the vast desert, without the hustle and bustle of downtown, is also a desolate landscape. Su Chenxi long run disappeared, standing next to camels best self balancing scooter kept taking pictures, excellent Xuan came to her, she said. We go in on camels electric smart self balancing scooter A darkhaki self balancing scooter caravan, slowly walked forward, Su Chenxi camel s back, see the excellent Michelle absent minded, and asked Excellent Xuan, how do you Excellent Xuan Nothing, I think about the future and Xu Yang s. Su Chenxi What I miss, plans keep up with changes to make sure you know what it was like, and.ut, but only he came back, did nothing more to say, Xu Yang had confessed today, too, do not mention in front of Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi, he sat on the sofa without a word, Trevor Nunn in the side, said also soared, dawn to go yet. Xiaoyi Yang I feel like I was wrong, I should not treat her like that. Springfield She is sorry to you, I have seen in cherish, but, you see it. Xiaoyi Yang saw it, it skque self balancing scooter reviews is not necessarily true, no, I m going to find her. Trevor Nunn Xiaoyi Yang, you awake alright business owners to work overtime to get through this now without a break, for a while How about you betray your people, wasting time here, you should do now It is and they fought together. Xiaoyi Yang No, electric smart self balancing scooter she won the world, what is the point. Trevor Nunn also soared, the company let it through this crisis, that is, as usual, you fight it, talk to her two days to explain, you can, and you will return to the previous. After a long, Xiaoyi Yang back to the front desk, as if he recognized the Trevor Nunn said, he is.

e I want to electric smart self balancing scooter greet the car window light Firmly remember your electric smart self balancing scooter smile shot from the side I will not say a sad farewell This is my only deceive you Because I like your eyes So the United States is not suitable for tears You do not need to be good to fly I miss I will quietly leave the seat right hand side One day when you ve seen the world. Then decide you landing site And I will continue to run through the long street Who left my heart there is no right hand side To you then I can fulfill lonely Because I believe, saying goodbye Will certainly goodbye Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi feel more and more of a bit different, but do not quite understand that electric smart self balancing scooter he is what kind of feelings he never daring to doubt that they will not like the Su Chenxi. He talked about first love, so subconsciously think should be ivory self balancing scooter tempted to make their own and they have similar interests who will not be so nonsensical Su Chenxi, baffling every day happy person. Xiaoyi Yang can not understand why when bored mind will emerge out o.come to Beijing, I ve never really had to accompany you. Su Chenxi I want to go to the flower market, can you Xiaoyi Yang Of course you can, ah, I ll get to check the route, I have not been to. Su Chenxi That s what I can buy flowers and back to keep it Xiaoyi Yang Dawn, although this is our temporary home, then I want to give you a better living environment, but now you re the hostess, these little things, you decide to like. Su Chenxi hearing can raise some plants and flowers, maybe you can also raise small animals, would have no concerns around the bedroom to change clothes. A whole street of colorful plants, Su Chenxi feel very brilliant, after visiting two stores, she saw one of their favorite lavender, joy of watching the big tub plants, no other Su Chenxi opening, Xiaoyi Yang has already paid the money to the store, looked refreshing Xiaoyi Yang, the owner picked up a Xiaopen cactus handed Su Chenxi said. girl, this for you, next time come to buy flowers ah electric smart self balancing scooter Su Chenxi took the cactus,, Xiaoyi Yang new software, you can immediately listed. Su Chenxi Really Great. Trevor Nunn I go, bye. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi took a phone call, telling the good news through his work, and sent her back Xiaoyi Yang also a good news, electric smart self balancing scooter the company s new software contract has been signed electric smart self balancing scooter at night, and the hands will stop working, the whole company dinner together, she can go home and rest. She thought, after co Xiaoyi Yang will often see Trevor Nunn, was somewhat strange, but do not know what went wrong. Su Chenxi home electric smart self balancing scooter to lavender poured water on electric smart self balancing scooter smart electric self balancing scooter the balcony, suddenly remembered Xuan month did not superior and his own contact, before she went to the computer to send the message superior Xuan, after finished, she patted his head , he said you are a pig it is now the United States is electric smart self balancing scooter the middle of the night. Surprisingly, excellent Xuan sent a video invitation, after Su Chenxi accepted, not to see the excellent Michelle, asked How do you sitting up so late. Excellent Xuan I work in a hurry, in the a.

Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter erance, and it was self-balancing scooter USA only his family, and Su Chenxi vowed in his heart my parents, I will not let you down After moving finished, Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi to send a message Done. Although only two words, but she knew he would not understand how. Sure enough Xiaoyi Yang replied. For you to feel happy. Su Chenxi With the support of his family, will not have any concerns, until after the New Year, this winter also very successful, she designed this first page blank space to write a line of words Unexpectedly, you will become my important decisions Busy stage The arrival of Colorado self balancing scooter the new semester, Su Chenxi no longer like before, there is no purpose in the face of each semester, just live in the moment, and now she does not have the same dream, to get everyone s support, she did not want anyway anyone down, it is necessary to accomplish the professional courses, but also for her design dreams slowly begin preparing. Su Chenxi came to the library, whitesmoke self balancing scooter look for the examination to test all of the courses, the dormit.u Chenxi thrifty is not it Xiaoyi Yang the car so long, I will feel bad. Su Chenxi colored car can meet people, it is also very interesting. Xiaoyi Yang Tell me home. Su Chenxi Well, I m gone. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi gently smart-balance wheel news self balancing scooter importers kiss on electric smart self balancing scooter the forehead and said. Careful on the road, pay attention to safety. Su Chenxi still in the car when it has received Xiaoyi Yang home phone, looking out the window fleeting landscape, that she missed him, they were separated for a long time, thinking about the experience between them bit by bit, thinking of electric smart self balancing scooter his good, Su Chenxi said to myself Xiaoyi Yang, in this life, I will be with you. Finally arrived, Su Chenxi to export saw waiting outside the father, she is much shouting, Daddy, I m here, she finished happy father flew into the arms of her coquetry asked mom prepare meals should be about right, hurry back. Su Chenxi father carrying her suitcase, distressed, said. We see the small Chanmao hungry, go eat your fill. Her grandmother and mother into the house give a p.

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