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Darkorenge Self Balancing Scooter r, Xiaoyi Yang said Aunt, you have the right key, you can open the door. Aunt I can not do, not just the students secretly open the door. Xiaoyi Yang Auntie, I was her boyfriend, she was in trouble, I m afraid she gear best self balancing scooter take things too hard, aunt, I beg you. After listening to the aunt, that seems to be very serious, they opened the door, did not see Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi, only to see the ground still to be Shuaikai phone, he picked up the phone, asked Su Chenxi, Where were you in the end Look Dormitory aunt no one, he said. Not in the dorm, you go somewhere olivedrab self balancing scooter else to look for it, the school is so big, maybe somewhere else. Xiaoyi Yang She ll go, design, copy, how I did not think she will go to cherish the He rapidly ran out, shook his head and closed the door the rest of the aunt, said. Today s young people, ah, really strange. Crowded cherish company Xiaoyi Yang Cai Zhengyu directly to the office door, and Trevor Nunn apparently surprised Yang also, how you came here. Xiaoyi Yang completely i.pull up lying on the ground, although it is almost December, but the dormitory heating temperature did not let the feeling of winter, everyone in the hostel were wearing summer pajamas, Su Chenxi legs from under the table the following extract comes, they know where the blood comes from. Su Chenxi fell off in the process across the corner of the self-balancing scooter useful hint table leg, pulled out a wound has been bleeding, skirts were dyed a piece, she saw blood in his lap scared to cry, and Trevor Nunn also Zhao Xiaojie sudden loss. Xuan Su Chenxi excellent to put on coats, eager said. Rush to the hospital, Su Chenxi, one darkorenge self balancing scooter of the most you wear baggy pants, do not rubs the wound. Although roommate leaning, but due to the leg wound, she could only limp along, anxious excellent Xuan said What time are you so go go Zhao Xiaojie I called to Qin Rui, Rui Qin help by bicycle, the university hospital of the road is not really close, darkorenge self balancing scooter carrying her walk past is not a good idea. Downstairs, with Rui Qin Su Chenxi went to the universit.

s to be some numbness, as if my heart was hollowed out like, without expression, class time staring at the book, after the two classes are always still in that page. Probably my dorm mates know that she will be darkorenge self balancing scooter sad, and her classes are sitting together, eat together, school together, go to the library, just like a puppet general Su Chenxi always removed along with everyone in the cafeteria, classrooms and libraries. She lifted her head and looked out the window, thinking Autumn is over, ah, most of the trees are bare, the campus are so depressed, and winter is coming, so I hope my bad mood will be gone along with this season , after all, love is scarce. If fantasy is doomed to come to nothing, then I hope that they can embrace, love and not love, you will be at the Four Seasons reincarnation, quietly leave. Watching every day listless Su Chenxi, Qin Rui darkorenge self balancing scooter probably guessed what springgreen self balancing scooter happened to her dorm mates to understand the situation. In the evening, Su Chenxi received Qin Rui micro letter Su Chenxi.enough strength in numbers. Xuan Su Chenxi first identify gifted and luggage in a mess bedding, beds are made up, and said. Tired ah, I sleep for a nap, recharge your batteries and then struggle with these things. Su Chenxi Our thoughts are always so similar, good afternoon. Complete these manual labor, darkorenge self balancing scooter in respect of home to enjoy the holiday, but also a parting station, because of the summer school expectations, Su Chenxi sadness become less intense, Xiaoyi Yang said to her Go back a good school design I have a good practice, we refuel Su Chenxi Sorry, I could not convince self balancing scooter walmart my parents to darkorenge self balancing scooter stay in it. Xiaoyi Yang Never mind, when we got married after graduation, there will not be together for the holidays. Su Chenxi You darkorenge self balancing scooter have to go back to Beijing I think every day, every day and contact me. Xiaoyi Yang Yes, sir Su Chenxi You re home earlier than I do, what to call out to chocolate self balancing scooter the aircraft. Xiaoyi Yang airplanes, not rockets, how can there be so fast, you want to buy air tickets were you refused ah., Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi heard the cry, darkorenge self balancing scooter he pushed open rushed in and asked she Mody Road up When Su Chenxi trying to hide her bleeding wounds, darkorenge self balancing scooter but it was too late, Xiaoyi Yang saw the wound, his brow furrowed. She had felt like an illusion, because in darkorenge self balancing scooter Xiaoyi Yang eyes to see a glimmer of affection, he asked How will bleed, it is not much better. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi a stare, as if by criticizing her eyes What did you run After changing finished drugs, the doctor added the sentence Your boyfriend is nice, so care about you Su Chenxi blushed to the ears, and she just did not really regret explain clearly their relationship with the doctors. Xiaoyi Yang helped her out of the hospital wing, a door, hold up her sideways. She was surprised, the body vacated, and other after darkorenge self balancing scooter she could react, he had his arms in Xiaoyi Yang of the few pedestrians passing look to them, she excitedly said No, no, I was allowed to go, you quickly put me down. Xiaoyi Yang did not seem to hear her, to continue walking alon.

Darkorenge Self Balancing Scooter r game ah Xiaoyi Yang within the company, but we also can participate in the school s agent. Su Chenxi That you do not eat it Xiaoyi Yang We can takeout, these days you can stroll tired, darkorenge self balancing scooter first go back and cheap skque self balancing scooter rest, she finished in the face, leaving a kiss. Su Chenxi looked around, although not to the closing off day, no pedestrians around, green self balancing scooter but there are still far from passing students, she burst into said simply I went back, bye. She then grabbed the bag and ran up the floor, no one came back to face Trevor Nunn s concerns, she full of joy back to the dormitory. Entered the dormitory was excellent Xuan Su Chenxi hug, this time to say what words can not self balancing scooter match a hug more people feel warm, excellent Xuan immediately asked How do you find Trevor Nunn like Xiaoyi Yang, ah though I had I have guessed, but after all just speculation. Su Chenxi rummaging in the drawer, said. First, and so, my inspiration for a long time, I have to record, or forget darkorenge self balancing scooter I will regret for a long time. Excellent Xuan said helples.d it. Xu Yang It s the old fox. Strictosidine Tell us more about ah, why the sudden change of the situation, I thought I saw a lot of food was thinking I waved. Xiaoyi Yang good mood. Everyone knows not to ask also asked to go out any important news, but to begin to discuss where to go hard knock Xiaoyi Yang meal. Xiaoyi Yang how connected the phone waiting for me so fast it Su Chenxi How can, I m just playing games, you just called up. Xiaoyi Yang Really Is it really Su Chenxi Guess Xiaoyi Yang I know. Su Chenxi eyes smile into a crescent, only love people will be so shy but happy smile. Xiaoyi Yang Where are you library or hostel We just came back, I was in the school gate. Su Chenxi I was in the dormitory. Xiaoyi Yang Well, I went downstairs to you, after you come downstairs in twenty minutes. Su Chenxi start timing at the mobile phone, for fear of a minute late, and immediately wanted to go downstairs, but did not want to expose not so reserved Shayang, I had to look to change phone time is.

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