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Cyan Self Balancing Scooter he still did not leave, she says Su Chenxi next from the name bloom , the teacher said What bloom, good name, you are a fashion design student bar Su Chenxi No, the teacher, studied painting before the weekend, free time and later taught himself some design knowledge. Cai Zhengyu You are the most talented I ve seen students learning design is not even really a pity. Su Chenxi been recognized by well known designers, cyan self balancing scooter although already elated, but only in my heart, we all have completed their work, Cai Zhengyu, said rest for ten minutes, and then ask each student to share with their own hands works and design. Rest time we all have to cyan self balancing scooter crowd Su Chenxi works, after all, has been recognized by well known designer, and then we saw all have exclaimed wow, so beautiful, which if finished, I certainly can not buy, the students, Hello powerful self study can learn such a state. Su Chenxi modestly said No, probably because I often design it, a cyan self balancing scooter long time Maryland self balancing scooter you may be in. And another student said You must Exam.t. Zhao Xiaojie My future boyfriend does not know where it Su Chenxi Perhaps, this holiday season you met him, arranged after the new campus there is summer vacation. Excellent Xuan Do you have any plans for the holidays Zhao Xiaojie My classmates and I m going to Chongqing to play cyan self balancing scooter for some time, Louisiana self balancing scooter and then go home and then plan, you are definitely taking advantage of the excellent Xuan holiday learn it Excellent Xuan You guessed it, I want to take refresher courses, but also continue to learn English, only comprehensive ability to apply to good schools. Su Chenxi The next semester you plan to test it, really ought to prepare. Excellent Xuan The next semester to take a look at once, even if the results are not so good to know yourself which part is weak. Su Chenxi You learn English for two years, and certainly a good examination scores. Excellent Xuan I hope it, Dawn how you spend your holiday arrangements. Su Chenxi I m going to study fashion design, my parents cyan self balancing scooter do not trust me alone here.

lose Quiet night, the Su Chenxi close your eyes, force yourself Nebraska self balancing scooter to stop and take a break, do not know how long, she barely sleep. Fountain Square in front of the canteen, is still coming and going, Su Chenxi walked toward the dormitory, inadvertently cyan self balancing scooter looked up, her heart slightly surprised Xiaoyi Yang opposite that person is not it How he looked at me laughing Hands holding roses. She looked behind him, determined not to rest girls and Xiaoyi Yang on the TV, she stood there, he approached her, and handed flowers said Su Chenxi, I like you a long time, will you be my girlfriend. How there came the familiar music has also been repeated constantly segway self balancing scooter for sale ringing, so noisy, how to switch off Su Chenxi struggling in the noise for a moment, and finally opened his eyes, the sound of the alarm clock While untold sorrow and grief in my heart, just about everything is so real, she clearly remember just my own heart beat, all just a dream, everything is false. cyan self balancing scooter The next day s lesson, Su Chenxi nothing heard inside.but at least there is no cause for heavy awkward atmosphere, so maybe we can be considered a good model for interaction. You do not say, I do not ask do not close, far away. Just Xiaoyi Yang heart only me, you suddenly near or far, I can accept. Important decisions In addition to professional courses, everyone s life because of the experimental task becomes busy and full, Xiaoyi Yang and Xu Yang are constantly challenging the company increasingly difficult task, in this flat, everything in accordance with established during the course, with the passage of time unknowingly. A month later, the daily grind of life kept repeating, suddenly, Su Chenxi hostel again because Springfield has a boyfriend become very noisy. Experiments done at night, Su Chenxi at the table in front of the design of the trance, she wanted to give my dorm mates design something, to do it for you all personally, but steelblue self balancing scooter do not know what to draw go, so put down the hands of pen, excellent Xuan walked behind, mediumseagreen self balancing scooter saw her practicing wri.are their work, it seems that many of them are high school students, in order to test the costume design professional university came here to learn, and some even basic painting skills nor how Thus, Su Chenxi secretly glad that did not say much to their own situation, or have to lead the crowd in an uproar. After class, Cai Zhengyu surrounded by everyone, in consultation with their difficult problems, Su Chenxi watching these excited about the future, eyes firmly high school, thought of her own high school, the only school in the classroom in the sea issues shuttle himself, for three years, warp ah Commentary looked busy teacher, cyan self balancing scooter Su Chenxi know that they should not have the opportunity to communicate with the teacher, then carrying a bag out of the classroom, ready to cyan self balancing scooter go downstairs self balancing scooter segway to buy mineral water, just go back to the next class one small classroom. Holding a mineral water just walked into the hall to see the positive Su Chenxi came down Cai Zhengyu, lobby lounge sitting stand up and beckon.

Cyan cyan self balancing scooter Self Balancing Scooter onal world is always so complicated, obviously is a very simple question, but always like to use a deeper emotion to guess, to conjecture, unrequited love that is considering others, best self balancing scooter brand but I do not know, you do not say, I do not know, this is the farthest distance, the number of disputes, have their origins in not to be frank. No class in the morning, met with Liu Su Chenxi, discuss their previous work, Liu praised for her designs, adding best self balancing scooter brand that she did not understand that the teacher before she left office, said the sentence Dawn, on Cai Zhengyu times I saw you eat together, you do not go too close cyan self balancing scooter to him, first do not ask why. Su Chenxi surprised, but can not say anything, had nodded, her heart suspicion they cherish the internship Liu know something, say so now, is it Caizheng Yu Liu and understanding, all the problems can not be found the answer, when most people crazy, but also helpless. Su self balancing hoverboard 2017 Chenxi did not think so, one night to Beijing more than two months later, Trevor Nunn received a phone ca.e, I will pay you fair. Su Chenxi heard these words, cyan self balancing scooter and suddenly said. Chuah, you trough my intelligence, I underestimated your means. Caizheng Yu stunned, said. Dawn, I do not understand what you are saying. Su Chenxi but laughed I wish you can use their own means to embark on your life subversion Then they turned away. Cai Zhengyu dawn, so you will destroy yourself. Su Chenxi Please remember, ruined my man, is you. Cai Zhengyu watched her leave the back decisively, resolutely said. Countless people accused of, I do not believe, you do not come back. Su Chenxi back to school, the people around her are pointing That is the Su Chenxi, even copied to Lisha Li went to the head teacher. I heard her relationship with executives generally do not cherish it, no wonder you can go in practice. This thing came out, then she is no longer easy to survive in this circle of Su Chenxi rapidly go back to the dorm, closed the door, cyan self balancing scooter she crouched behind the door, hold their own, crying, said Why did t.

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