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Cadetblue Self Balancing Scooter eople, every night, many nights, to see you, wake up, burst into tears. The past is only really over This life, I can not see you again Recovered the Su Chenxi, facing continued cadetblue self balancing scooter drawing started drawing, day after day, impetuous heart will always be precipitated placid, since this life you love a person, it would put you in my heart, do I do. Two cadetblue self balancing scooter years later, the World show floor in London, after the curtain call Su Chenxi figure appeared, caused quite a stir, she appeared dressed, had faded Sentimental and tender, like a queen, overlooking the entire world. One year later, she once again boarded the star studded stage, flash, fashion has become a focus of her latest work, Tears colored fragrance, the Chinese classical elements and modern fashion the perfect integration, creating a feast of fashion industry, leading the self-balancing scooter specification retro spread, many viewers see this series of works have shed tears, as if such works tell enduring beauty. Because she declined all interviews, so after a fashion show in the pas.iment is not well for you. Su Chenxi heart worries do not know how to say, this time in the stomach just called, she embarrassed to say. I m just so hungry. Xiaoyi Yang how much to eat dinner is not any good not to eat, we have recently busy, forget to remind you cadetblue self balancing scooter to eat. Su Chenxi quickly explained. I ve eaten segway self balancing scooter fails dinner, I might think too much, consume cadetblue self balancing scooter too much self balancing scooter energy. Xiaoyi Yang the car, I take you out to eat, what to eat. brown self balancing scooter Su Chenxi school gate to eat barbecue. Xiaoyi Yang Well, but, today, look at the parts you are not happy to cadetblue self balancing scooter cadetblue self balancing scooter let you eat first, and later allowed to eat. Su Chenxi Why ah Xiaoyi Yang cadetblue self balancing scooter Because not brown self balancing scooter clean ah, skewers of poor health, to eat less. Su Chenxi Yes, sir, your excellency. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi quietly leaning back, cold wind of the night she seemed to have some sober, she told herself cadetblue self balancing scooter Do not cadetblue self balancing scooter think such a thing before, and everything will have a final result, in any case the decision, they do not You will regret it on the line, to have a good every day now, do every thin.

vitality. Another small lake beside the gravel path and pavilion, there are several sets of tables and chairs stone texture, often have students gather there to chat. There is a small lake in the middle of lush plants rockery summer when passing always hear frogs, Su Chenxi viewed frog sitting on the rockery watching the new world. Su Chenxi unknowingly went to the lake, watching the lake in a daze, just turned his head, she felt the world almost quiet down, the sound of his own heartbeat accelerate gradually more and more clear, as far Xiaoyi Yang is coming in this direction. She hoped that the time stopped at this moment, because the people around the lake, flowers, gazebo, almost melted into a rosy picture, casual black coat, blue jeans, both stylish and sunny, like hair than the last to see when a little short, so fully revealed deep eyes, bright eyes of many, his face still did not look too obvious, so she can not help but think of the noble words, although Xiaoyi Yang skin is not white, the time, so the cafeteria empty wheat self balancing scooter inside, I think dorm excellent Xuan and Trevor Nunn, Su Chenxi eating breakfast will also give them some packaged to take home, standing at lavender self balancing scooter the window in front, she does not think the band chose their favorite breakfast. Walking on the way back, her heart helpless We are obviously so good sisters, once how close, mutual understanding, more than two years time, the number of day and night, ah, mutual affection in daily life, may never return not passed it, connected to the heart with cracks, can never heal, intellectually, I know these things, and perhaps make Lingfield sad, not like the response, is unspeakable pain, but I also ordinary people, I can not do as nothing has happened, I m sorry, Trevor Nunn, these things happen too suddenly, and now I can do the maximum tolerance, that is, and you do the students in general, I find it cadetblue self balancing scooter difficult then as you like Xiaoyi Yang sisters, I hope the time will be able to take each of these sad events of the past, so th.hearts kindled anger, said So quickly girlfriend, gifted Michelle broke up with him was so right, why should you have a girlfriend to pick up. Xiaoyi Yang his girlfriend said Xu Yang broke talk to her, out of humanity, what I notice her before leaving, Xu Yang has been drunk. Su Chenxi I ll go with you. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi talk with the car, Xu Yang went to the bar after work day, which was the second of his girlfriend Michelle and excellent after breaking up, he also wanted to numb myself, cadetblue self balancing scooter just got drunk all day, stop for girlfriend. After the bar, Su Chenxi not cadetblue self balancing scooter want to go into too noisy place, then wait in the car, see Xiaoyi Yang Xu Yang escorted out of the gate, she got off to help, she first met with excellent Xuan Xu Yang broke. Xu Yang saw Su Chenxi, shouted at her. You tell gifted Xuan, without her, I also alive and well. Su Chenxi Shut up, you drunk. Xu Yang I did not drink too much, what she does not like the one on the end of everything. Xiaoyi Yang looked almost could not help hi.

Cadetblue Self darkolivegreen self balancing scooter Balancing Scooter have to eat everything, said, boredom, Su Chenxi picked up the phone began to brush microblogging. Qin Rui with his team members came to the front of this bunch of girls, thank the everyone to join. Everyone is talking about Wow, so handsome ah, especially in front of that, what he called ah When will certainly be introduced ah, impatient Zhao Xiaojie put down the bread on both sides pulled down to eat bread and watching the cell phone and said Look, ah, really handsome, handsome boys ah. Even the cold and Springfield can not help but said really rare. Su Chenxi this slowly looked up, her eyes transfixed, staring at the front, it is that boys do not just call it outside the original black T shirt that piece of their team uniform clothing. She remembered just peep people caught a smart-balance wheel current, not help slightly flushed cheeks, Qin Rui introduced one by one with His name is Xiaoyi Yang, the first big guy in our school School of Business, the organizers of the game is Xiao Yu, he was a the Chairman.ths before the opening, but preferably Xuan think early in the past to adapt to the environment, parting airport, Su Chenxi fighting back tears, said. excellent Xuan you go to for a good calling card, remember cadetblue self balancing scooter to quickly take snapshots Excellent Xuan I know, we can also often video, micro channel in our hostel group complaining about another life. Zhao Xiaojie Take care of yourself, notify me back home. Excellent New self balancing scooter Michelle hugged them both, and turned to leave, waved back to them, this time, she burst into tears, the plane took off, her telephone number in front of Xu Yang said the sentence Good bye, Xu Yang , then press the delete key to shutdown. Su Chenxi also red eyes You are deliberately left together, let me sad one. Zhao Xiaojie I have time to go to Beijing looking for you to play. Su Chenxi to Chongqing, and there he is, I am assured, bless you, Xiao Jie. Zhao Xiaojie Oh, and it is still crying, I m off, often linked. Su Chenxi blankly standing in the hall, watching a crowded airport, my.

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