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Blue Self Balancing Scooter again left the distressed tears, until Caizheng Yu guarding him left, he finally understood why in the office saw crying in the arms Caizheng self-balancing scooter Yu Su Chenxi, See far apologize news in the UK Su Chenxi when Liu also received blue self balancing scooter a teacher s phone, she said Dawn, you ve lost once, and I know you ll want to come back, but you think about it, you come back , what can we do If we have a similar thing, so you still can only cry as before, waiting to be redeemed it I can protect you once, but you can not always have time to prepare for blue self balancing scooter you, you have to cherish the opportunity so that they become strong, only you can protect yourself. Su Chenxi I know sir, I will not go back. She was facing the window, he stared spellbound, though here soon, but she is like here. The school is located in a small town in England, she likes the town, quiet and noble, is in line with her mood, as if isolated in general, do new phone card only contact with the family, and she looked away calm lake, still remembered the familiar p.k up, my father asked her to study hard in school, do not read because the university completely relax, watching such a nice scene, she suddenly did not want blue self balancing scooter to blue self balancing scooter go to school a little bit, home how wonderful that there are so loved his family, however, can only think about it is The next day, Su Chenxi still got into the car to go to school, then start the car, looking out the window of my parents, she smiled and waved, then drove out of sight over the parents, after all the tears shed cheek she has always been a good boy, love s children. The way forward in the car, looking out the window Su Chenxi flash across the landscape, into a deep miss, she is looking forward to in their hearts Xiaoyi Yang, school, and we are back to the same campus, this is the same, it makes me very pleased that we can live in the same place, breathing the same air, watching the same sunset, Yunjuanyunshu. In later each morning, open your eyes, I will think of you. Because I love you. Author has to say Some people say t.

want to help make decisions, she accepted Cai Zhengyu, but the heart to hurt you, so Cai Zhengyu an unwise move, also soared, with them very fit, they are a world of people. Xiaoyi Yang smile bisque darkgray self balancing scooter If she really like blue self balancing scooter him, I ll let her go. Trevor Nunn also soared, let her go, their feelings have blue self balancing scooter been for a long time, Dawn is my good friend, I wish her happiness, and Cai Zhengyu together, she will be happy. Su Chenxi on the floor and saw everyone in overtime, and now she was not in the mood to talk to anyone, directly Xiaoyi Yang went to the office door, pushed open the office door and saw Xiaoyi Yang lying on the self balancing scooter 2 sofa, he sat Springfield side, she shut the door and walked over to the Springfield a resounding slap in the face, the sound in the silence of the night exceptionally clear, she said Trevor Nunn, what are you doing Xiaoyi Yang got up from the couch, red Su Chenxi roared Su Chenxi, you know you re doing it. Su Chenxi I know, Trevor Nunn, why do you haunt haunt Xiaoyi Yang Trevor Nunn won hands.her dormitory, even dormitory aunt have known him, that he later escorted her back to the dorm aunt do not have to explain his reasons into the dormitory, only aunt gave a smile, you can directly blue self balancing scooter upstairs. To accompany me through the way you are with a warm embrace to support blue self balancing scooter me, so I can rest assured that all the focus is on your arms, a little selfish glad his injury, can confidently accept your care. I hope the same time as the wounded, go slowly, do not want to let us closer to finally close, and dashed into the memory, you do not want to see you go so fast, away from me. All of sadness, because you are Xiaoyi Yang ah, your arms, I could be so eager for. Author has to say tired heart, the next chapter, let them together, self balancing scooter change ha moccasin self balancing scooter ha ha ha ha ha. Heart just A week later, with the Su Chenxi leg wound healing, and finally in the last dressing, the doctor removed the gauze affixed Band Aid, said. Well, do not come back after dressing up This should be happy news, Su Chenxi heart was flashed a little.nd you can not go to a hip hop party, you will forgive me for it. Students You boys it usually only for light colored friends. Su Chenxi blue self balancing scooter Hey, were you guessed it, next time I ll come play with you good. Students Oh, poured out girlfriends marry out of the water, go, blue self balancing scooter good fuel, even better blue self balancing scooter next time he brought together, as a boyfriend, oh. Su Chenxi Meme, I try, love you, then I m gone. Su Chenxi students sent to the school gate, waiting for five minutes have not seen the bus back, she simply stopped a taxi on the way to the beginning of gifted Michelle on the phone What are you doing, oh no, whatever blanchedalmond self balancing scooter you re doing you will accompany me to the school auditorium and other cinema, Xiaoyi Yang invited me, I would be one stage fright. Excellent Xuan What the hell, he invited you see the film, but not the movies, what games you scared, why can I go Su Chenxi Oh, but not a date, there will be a lot of people, I was nervous, you go with me Well, look at us so many maroon self balancing scooter years of mutual affection, how can you r.

Blue Self Balancing Scooter eryone in shock, Qin Rui began to laugh As for you, you scared like that, we all laughed together. Su Chenxi seems to feel a little pressure after shouting a lot less, there is no can not bear heavy. smart balance wheel She and everyone to experience a lot of projects, but also challenge a roller coaster, the roller coaster enjoy shouted down after feeling a lot better, though a little nauseated, but Su Chenxi think this is a long lost easily. Sure enough, the playground is a magical place, whether children or adults, can be found here happy, Su Chenxi holding a big cotton candy and everyone walked towards the exit. On the way back to school, it seems to have boundless feeling, Zhao Xiaojie proposal the next day to barbecue, relax and enjoy the whole weekend, not against, so we hurried dined go back and check the route, use the contact article. Su Chenxi suddenly found busy in very good shape, whether it is busy or busy learning to play, blue self balancing scooter as long as there is not much free time, would not be so frequently cranky. The.iment is blue self balancing scooter not well for you. Su Chenxi heart worries do not know how to say, this time in the stomach just called, she embarrassed cheap skque self balancing scooter to say. I m just so hungry. Xiaoyi Yang how much to eat dinner is not any good not to eat, we have recently busy, forget to remind you to eat. Su Chenxi quickly explained. I ve eaten dinner, I might think too much, consume too much energy. Xiaoyi Yang the car, I take you out to eat, what to eat. Su Chenxi school gate to eat barbecue. Xiaoyi Yang Well, but, today, look at the parts you are not happy to let you eat first, and later allowed to eat. Su Chenxi Why ah Xiaoyi Yang Because not clean ah, skewers of poor health, to eat less. Su Chenxi Yes, sir, your excellency. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi quietly leaning back, cold wind of the night she seemed to have some sober, she told herself Do not think such a thing before, and everything will have a final result, in any case the decision, tan self balancing scooter they do not You will regret it on the line, to have a good every day now, do every thin.

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