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Bisque Darkgray Self Balancing Scooter eam together, talk together around us story, perhaps we can look at different seasons darkcyan self balancing scooter in different kind of scenery, maybe we can go to the beach you have ever walked through in the soft sand under our hand painted look. Sometimes imagine will be pleasing, but quartz self balancing scooter his thoughts back to reality when the sad but is not put into words, all the emotions are known only to themselves, no matter how much I self balancing motorcycle like, after all, you can not see the place, but I still want been standing behind you, you can see a turn around the place, maybe one day you look back at the time inadvertently, you will see it like me. Xiaoyi Yang is a piece of text messages received after the bath, he felt a little funny. How there is such a lovely girl, I even dream about falling off a cliff, but also send text messages asking me is not really any danger, the Su Chenxi, bisque darkgray self balancing scooter very interesting. Just keep repeating this summer but a little dull to stimulate the days passed, because every day is a nice flat is somewhat similar, is to stimulate.tently, suddenly I realized that the holidays have been depleted, want to hurry to see the Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi, for holidays not bisque self balancing scooter too much sadness, but more bisque darkgray self balancing scooter for a better look of the new semester, this holiday season, she benefited, even I do not dare to believe there is a bisque darkgray self balancing scooter thought in my mind flashed, adhere to give up now Suddenly, she shook her head again, remind ourselves sober, how can there be so many lucky people self balancing scooter in india still do take the road ahead. This holiday season, bags full self balancing motorcycle of harvest, windfall, all the efforts, Su Chenxi selected in my heart. Summer vacation is over, back to school, Su Chenxi is already a junior, and moved to the new campus did not have time to walk around, started school now finally have time to look at the entire campus, Su Chenxi and roommates together appointment pm campus sauntered along, she could only take advantage of noon time and Xiaoyi Yang dinner to see the movie. Evening, Su Chenxi and the remaining three quarters roommates school hand in hand climbed a small h.

lking on the road back to school, she suddenly remembered, just buy the grapes time to buy a few Xiaoyi Yang Why does she have to scold myself I am a fool you, of course, good things to share with him, I actually forgot a. Excellent Xuan heard her remorse, reluctantly said You really fall in love, can not be dialed from, and why are thought Xiaoyi Yang, you ve changed, you do not love me, you are full of heart before And me Su Chenxi not empty then gifted Xuan words, still entangled said But maybe he does not like grapes, it does not like what, send grapes can also be used as an excuse to see him, how wonderful, not and other excellent Xuan speak, she came out one No, reserved to the girls, I can not find him first Michelle had a little louder to excellent excellent Xuan Piaoyuan thoughts pull back Your mental activity can slow down a bit, we really can not keep up this mortal you bisque darkgray self balancing scooter this wonderful Su Chenxi wronged looked bisque darkgray self balancing scooter excellent Xuan, said How self balancing scooters do excellent Michelle, I m so stupid, how Xiaoyi Ya.eporter also spoke up Yes ah, like five minutes ago, out of the cocoon heart fashion update on the bisque darkgray self balancing scooter Morning Post, Sara Lee s spring new design. Su Chenxi do not know what happened, only to hear Sara Lee, is very familiar, the audience of reporters who have began to talk What s ah Plagiarized works also out, who Su Chenxi is how previously heard of. Released simultaneously on both sides of the photo, in the end is how is it So creative work, is certainly the company s chief designer Lisa bisque darkgray self balancing scooter Li Shali it, I could not even name Su Chenxi never heard. It is also very panic stage, design director looked Caizheng Yu, Cai Zhengyu motioned him to continue to go on, Su Chenxi phone out into the heart of fashionable cocoon Morning, It s a huge design on the first page, it is her bloom , looked at the design director has been referred to the end, she did not listen to what she did not know why their works, written on someone else s name, after the end, the reporters continued unrest Cai total, your work Sara Le.g mouth up, spoiled, said. You re still here, how I ll go, you lose, there is no equal to half of the world Xu Yang to the side pretending to be exaggerated, said You should not be so nauseating, I have goose bumps. Having lightgreen self balancing scooter excellent front Xuan said Come on, we go over there bisque darkgray self balancing scooter to look at bisque darkgray self balancing scooter the way the milk to get past both of them, in which when the light bulb, the brightness is too strong. Soon, the big screen appeared a countdown clock, as well as thirty seconds to 0 00, Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi hug, she leaning on his shoulder, still holding the cold night has given way to douse hot air tea, as well as ten seconds, when the sky bursting out of colorful fireworks, everyone cheered, together with the countdown ten, nine, eight, seven three, two, one , is also a fireworks blossoming diffusion, as if pulled by its enthusiasm in the bright sky, to meet with promising new year. On the crowded square, and already Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi kissing together. Xiaoyi Yang noisy sound of shouted Dawn, later.

Bisque Darkgray Self Balancing Scooter atching downloaded a lot of vintage fashion show, she gave a satisfied smile, given that there is not downloaded, and Su Chenxi stretched, we decided to go enjoy carefully prepared lunch with his parents. The remaining holidays, Su Chenxi every day in front of the computer, watched a fashion show after another, some popular elements written in different years, and some of their own feelings in the book from lightpink self balancing scooter time to time, even she herself said, Why not come out normally sit still, she would sit at the computer for a few hours, of course, also in this process, see the works of Cai Zhengyu screen where he seems to be more than the reality of his attractive. Has been at the screen to see the tired eyes, she would go for a walk in each mall, Su Chenxi visit a lot of clothing stores, bisque darkgray self balancing scooter there are well known brands, but also humble shop, she will not care about the high end stores where the clerk looked at her from head to toe, because she put all eyes on the front of the finished garment. Always inadver.ths before the opening, but preferably Xuan bisque darkgray self balancing scooter think early in the past to adapt to the environment, parting airport, Su Chenxi fighting back tears, said. excellent Xuan you go to for a good calling card, remember to quickly take snapshots Excellent Xuan I know, we can also often video, micro channel in our slategray self balancing scooter hostel group complaining about another life. Zhao Xiaojie Take care of yourself, notify me back home. Excellent Michelle hugged them both, and turned to leave, waved back to them, this time, she burst into tears, the plane took off, her telephone number in front of Xu Yang said the sentence Good bye, Xu Yang , then press the delete key bisque darkgray self balancing scooter to shutdown. Su Chenxi also red eyes You are deliberately left together, let me sad one. Zhao Xiaojie I have time to go to Beijing looking for you to bisque darkgray self balancing scooter play. Su Chenxi to Chongqing, and there he is, I am assured, bless you, Xiao Jie. Zhao Xiaojie Oh, and it is still crying, I m off, often linked. Su Chenxi blankly standing in the hall, watching a crowded airport, my.

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