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Best Self Balancing best self balancing scooter Scooter For Kids ess times, but this scene was not a shred of inconsistent with her understanding of reality. Su Chenxi mind still doubt the authenticity of it all, Xiaoyi Yang has landed a kiss on her forehead, so that real feelings to get her to believe that she was not dreaming, she took a gift in his arms, enjoying the roses, Xiaoyi Yang flowers on the table next to her pulled sat down gently in her ear, said I m sorry, before I give you so much sadness best self balancing scooter for kids and grief, then, I will not let you get hurt up. She best self balancing scooter for kids has some moist eyes, she was six months since the pressure of this moment it finally dissipated. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi gently kissed on the lips, it was her first kiss, so do not panic she know how to do, can only close your eyes motionless, followed by Xiaoyi Yang rhythm, Xiaoyi Yang again took her into her arms, gently asked do you like me as before Su Chenxi faint, said do not like. Xiaoyi Yang shocked, she added. Already do not like you, because mediumslateblue self balancing scooter I seem to fall in love with you. Xiaoyi Yang holding her.erson a big hug before we rush to the table, my mother hurried to wash their hands before the first one stuffed full of food, because her back best self balancing scooter for kids home, except for the addition of a past warm and lively. Su Chenxi until after dinner to best self balancing scooter for kids think of it that they have not told Xiaoyi Yang home, pick up the phone to say get out, my mother sat on the sofa suspiciously asked his father. You say we are not a boyfriend Dawn Dad You do self balancing scooter 2 wheels not guessing at that, let her tell us what things will be said. Mom You do not trust my instincts, look at it, this is certainly. Su Chenxi saw two missed calls, patted his head and said. I m so stupid how, even forgot to phone, whatever the outcome, but also send a message ah. Downstairs was assured to Xiaoyi Yang called, there is a familiar voice Fool, you are home more than three hours ah I just best self balancing scooter for kids think of it Su Chenxi How can I remember it, um, I just wanted to call a family man anxious to eat so I thought I would get back to you. Xiaoyi Yang Did you lie, I know one. Su Chen.

hat is truly beautiful, original and get lost is proportional model there, later, I would learn to face the sun with your heart in this world. Su Chenxi just returned to the residence, they received excellent Xuan phone, crying sound came, she was surprised that any best self balancing scooter for kids misfortune wedding, originally received her return to the group wedding and bridesmaid dresses, excellent Xuan this is your work, I can not guess it s worth a lot of money, but you re a great man ah best self balancing scooter for kids Su Chenxi You do not Yong vulgar Excellent Xuan You have to come back early, when my maid of honor, rest assured, Xu Yang promised I would not have the best man in Xiaoyi Yang. Su Chenxi ah, Thank you, gifted Michelle, I m going to go home a few days, the day before you get married, I will go to Beijing. Excellent Xuan You have to go back to see the family, nothing wrong, I will not tell you any news about Xiaoyi Yang, you do not have too many concerns, at most, we will see him at the wedding. Su Chenxi Nothing, I can Excellent Xuan What.Su Chenxi not wait to come up with this design, she thought seriously of Xiaoyi Yang design clothes, there is a chance to do it the finished product, even if it is a unique gift. Recalled Xiaoyi Yang moved and brought her warm, she picked up the brush until nightfall outside her open hands to relax for a moment, staring best self balancing scooter for kids at the artwork, gave a satisfied smile, cropped leisure windbreaker is consistent with Xiaoyi Yang s handsome, simple graffiti sweater, but it is her favorite darkviolet self balancing scooter type. She picked up the thermos flask went corridor played in hot water, ready to drink milk tea, come back and see the excellent Xuan Zhao Xiaojie together around the computer is still immersed in the drama, Su Chenxi good way to help them red tea, they smell the aroma, they have picked leray self balancing scooter safety up cup. Zhao Xiaojie pretending to be moved like, said wow, Dawn, you re always so good wife and mother, I New self balancing scooter used to think you find Xiaoyi Yang lucky, after several years of observation, I found Xiaoyi Yang met our home beautiful flower, gent.e said What people like is not easy to change the thing. Xiaoyi Yang ah, magenta self balancing scooter you tell the truth, I have received. Su Chenxi Is not touched mediumaquamarine self balancing scooter something, say something sensational words Xiaoyi Yang not in accordance with defined plot to develop, not more interesting Su Chenxi Well, read, and ignore you. Then he turned round and began to read, Xiaoyi Yang smiled to see the front of their own computer. Xiaoyi Yang thoughtfully asked Dawn, you have any plans for the summer Su Chenxi I want to learn the design, I have been self those professional books, there is no specific guidance teacher, there may be a lot I did not find the problem, the summer nearly two months is enough. Xiaoyi Yang The idea is very good, and I want you lightsteelblue self balancing scooter to do something you enjoy. Su Chenxi You support me, then I must go. Xiaoyi Yang Choose the right school to learn it here, or go home Su Chenxi I have not thought about, how, do you have any good suggestions best self balancing scooter for kids Xiaoyi best self balancing scooter for kids Yang If you are here to learn, I was in this practice. Su Chenxi Al.

Best Self Balancing Scooter For Kids i Yang animal in nature, while the subconscious brain are imagined to travel with him, I kept thinking thought two people how to live on the outside, not to live with it Over the years the conservative tutor Su Chenxi allowed to do so, but she did not know how to speak, and my heart began to wonder how to do. Xiaoyi Yang saw Su Chenxi frowned thought she was uncomfortable How do you, you uncomfortable. Su Chenxi hesitant to say Can we Can Xiaoyi Yang puzzled how can you what Su Chenxi Can we go for a near Shanghai somewhere Xiaoyi Yang more confused You do not want to go ah, a place that we change it, you want to choose a few of your city, and we ll talk. Su Chenxi quickly explained. Do not like, go so far away, but also to live outside but also Xiaoyi Yang suddenly, Su Chenxi feel the air at this moment frozen, leaving only embarrassing, though she likes him, but she still can not accept this experience, lightblue self balancing scooter she guessed the moment deadpan Xiaoyi Yang must be very angry. Abou.aoyi Yang is not, I removed a piece of information. Excellent best self balancing scooter for kids Xuan You did the right thing, do not think about that for now, relax over there about these trouble, came back to say, Do not worry, there I am. Su Chenxi tears fell from his eyes, sad when I do not know how to do, friends, the phrase I am here, as if there is magic, give unlimited power. She tried to close your eyes and not think about those memories will be sad, and finally, she seemed asleep. Dream, Su Chenxi back that started school freshman dorm, we first saw, smiled and greeted her in Springfield, but she saw Trevor Nunn, smiled a smile, face becomes distorted and terrible She suddenly woke up, after sitting up there on his forehead fine sweat, probably got too much action, Xiaoyi Yang best self balancing scooter for kids best self balancing scooter for kids also followed woke up, he got up from the sofa to the bed with her arm around her shoulders and asked what happened Su Chenxi hollow eyes, shook his head and said. Nothing, had a terrible dream. Xiaoyi Yang forced to hold her not afraid, I.

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