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2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter $100 yi Yang kissed her face, good, to go. Su Chenxi That happy to mediumaquamarine self balancing scooter say This is more like it. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi help wearing a seat belt, and set off. Su Chenxi see Xiaoyi Yang just rub their lips lipstick laugh, Xiaoyi Yang said helplessly Quick to help me wipe Su Chenxi naughty said I do not, so it was beautiful. Xiaoyi Yang Come on, Cawan have a reward. Su Chenxi quickly come up remover cotton, Xiaoyi Yang also help wipe up the mouth rub lipstick, reward it Xiaoyi Yang nasty smiled When will you know. Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi looked like a serious car, fell into obsession, the time off really fast, then understanding Xiaoyi Yang when he was a boy sun handsome cool, can now work independently on the job for himself in life a sense of security, so more attractive to him, Su Chenxi whispered 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 I like your past, your present 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 and your future. Xiaoyi Yang held out his hand and touched the face of dawn I know ah, I m so handsome, and so talented, is not it Although avoid the smart balance wheel fastest congested road, but still ten m.ria to eat breakfast, she had no appetite, but excellent Xuan insisted bought her bread and milk put into the bag, looking at such close friends around, Su Chenxi nose acid began to cry, excellent Xuan handed over the paper, said. sobbing, crying after the carefree Su Chenxi came back. Su Chenxi confession that night, and my dorm mates as Xiaoyi Yang is buried up to pay for tomorrow s jobs, SMS tips, he did not see the air, after a while child, he suddenly remembered that this point in time will be Su Chenxi looking to chat with him, thinking for a few seconds to pick up the phone, she really is, opening the SMS will see it as Su Chenxi confession book, Xiaoyi Yang was the sudden confession get overwhelmed after reading he imagined now Su dawn, some bowed his head waiting for him to reply, I feel cute and funny. Xu Yang and curious roommate came over Who SMS ah, looking so happy, you are not close to Su Chenxi recently told her to go ah, listen to the students and say see you out shopping with.

asleep quickly, and that night, she was not dreaming, I sleep very reassuring. Morning, Su Chenxi sleeping 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 face, the smile still not faded, as if still pondering Xiaoyi Yang s words, heart, exactly. Author has to say finally together, ha ha ha, love the people will be together. To give you a sense of ceremony We prepare more than a month, finally ushered in the CET, before writing 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 the exam, Xiaoyi Yang Su Chenxi rubbed his shaggy hair, gently said. A good test, refueling. Suchen Xi also said You are together Come on, we certainly can test too. CET is over, but we did not remove the burden easily, because there is a final exam two weeks, still need every day immersed in the sea crazy review the book, whether it is confident school gangsters, or equal to review prep school residue, frayed nerves did not dare have any slack. Although Christmas Eve and Christmas coming soon, but students to prepare for the final exam, only simple celebration as an excuse to relax slightly. Su Chenxi with Xiaoyi Yan.robably too campus, and the 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 campus or they appear in the same time a place of no agreement, even sanway smart self balancing scooter once have not encountered before. Every evening after class, in addition to practicing English Su Chenxi, micro letter is sent to harass about Xiaoyi Yang, chat every day experiences and feelings. Some people say the phrase, What are you doing actually means I want you means, but each can only say that the former Su Chenxi understand his dynamic, she s better at this time to imagine what he place, with what kind of expression, perhaps in this fantasy, she thought she was with him of. Her favorite is a day 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 in the evening, probably because 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 in the night time period will be more intense impulse that, or is it every night, often emotional excess snow self balancing scooter rational, so she can do anything to find Xiaoyi Yang chat in the evening. She could read his 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 answer was whether his busy, whether happy, she would be evacuated 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 in his busy time, but also to listen to him share in his good mood, do not know since when she learned t.ut it seems a healthy complexion this is a pretty face with the best. Finally, Xiaoyi Yang saw Su Chenxi. self balancing motorcycle His mouth slightly higher, and it is in front of me to laugh, how to do, do not blush, do not blush, Su Chenxi heart command myself not to blush, but they obviously feel cheeks hot again. Xiaoyi Yang went to her and said How here in a daze, going out. Su Chenxi No, I just came in, had to get money, How about you, she forced himself 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 to maintain calm. Xiaoyi Yang I went out to see a few students, and talk the next planning marketing campaigns, it is diagonally opposite the cafe at the school gates, you are interested to have a look. Dawn was surprised ah, I am now Xiaoyi Yang Oh, yes, almost black sky, and that next skque self balancing scooter time, now go sit in the pavilion He went to the pavilion, on the steps when Su Chenxi hand accidentally ran Xiaoyi Yang s arm, into the pavilion, two people sit opposite. Xiaoyi Yang You hand how so cold, I ll give you point temperature. Then, naturally he grabbed her hand on his p.

2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter $100 hole afternoon, he sat in the corner, in front of several bottles already, my mind kept repeatedly recalled, Su Chenxi in his ear like a baby and angry pursed mouth, and today she has time and time again in his eyes flashed Caizheng Yu s arms are kissing picture. She said, would always love him, everything is happening now and what counted, he did not know these unexpected things, why he came along, his ordeal is it I just feel distressed about to burst, he was filling a bottle after bottle of wine, alcohol to numb myself through. Not far from the table, people sitting far looked at him, like him where to buy leray self balancing scooter sad, Trevor Nunn after blanchedalmond self balancing scooter noon from behind him, came here they have been sitting in that position, she had some faint remorse To do so, is not it wrong hurt them, and I will heartache Then she thought, she persuaded myself. Trevor Nunn, how can you regret it, like you people for so many years, soon successful, as long as no Su Chenxi, 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 will be with him. Springfield Xiaoyi Yang went to the table, sitting ne.not enough ah, the guy did not come after me, Hey, morning how not to speak. Su Chenxi I heard 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 you say, ah, ah love this respect, I am now in prison, you can not give what you constructive advice. 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 Zhao Xiaojie You have not forgotten Xiaoyi Yang ah, you this looks, what kind of quality ah find thousands and thousands of men, it is not let s change. Su Chenxi forget, so we chose a tree, identified, handsome three thousand, just take one person self balancing scooter usa to recover. Zhao Xiaojie You did not tell the truth, how to dodgerblue self balancing scooter count to chase a woman is really troublesome, sleep, good night, pro. Su Chenxi eyes open, think again met with Xiaoyi Yang twice, though lost, but more of a hope, next time, they will once again encounter on campus. Contemplated many times you met with, but when you really meet, did not recognize you. But, fortunately, to finally meet you. Author has to say like years, always wanted to meet you, but afraid to see you, and look forward to tension, always co exist. You have such a heart Gradually c.

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